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Welcum to the City [v0.14.1] [Quiquersson]


Welcum to the City Download Latest Version

Welcum to the City Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – you’ve decided to accept your stepmother’s invitation to move back in with her and her daughter..

Developer: Quiquersson Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.14.1
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, Male protagonist, Incest, Harem, Milf, Romance, Sandbox, Big ass, Big tits, Groping, Handjob, Teasing, Mobile game

Welcum to the City Overview

After your father’s death, things start to get difficult in your life, so you’ve decided to accept your stepmother’s invitation to move back in with her and her daughter, just like it used to be when you were just a kid.

You are a grown man now, and some things must have changed…​

WelCUM To The City is a visual novel with some RPG and sandbox features, where you can upgrade your character skills and your decisions affect the world around you. The intention is that this game is not one more linear story game where you just keep clicking and doing repetitive things again and again. The intro was also planned to be interactive and short so it doesn’t get boring.
– Cute sounds for dialogues
– Naming freedom for all characters
– Generate character names if you don’t wanna choose
– Characters have preferences of traits. You can’t be the best to everyone
– No right or wrong. Choices have consequences and it’s up to you to decide what’s best for you
– Intro/Prologue where you can choose your first traits and meet the other characters
– Stats points (intelligence; physical condition; and charisma)
– Skill points (guitar; massage; and teaching)

Available Characters

They really don’t have names. You can choose or generate a random one!


  • Personality: good boy? pervert? intimate? reserved? balanced?… you choose!

Your step-family

  • Personality: tsundere/stubborn; girly; geek;
  • Occupation: school


  • Personality: mothery; compassionate
  • Occupation: maid


  • Personality: hiyakasudere/flirty; genious
  • Occupation: doctor; psychologist


  • Personality: crazy; gaga; naughty
  • Occupation: none

School People
Childhood Friend

  • Personality: genki/deredere; energetic; naive; stupid
  • Occupation: school; sports club; swimming club

Class President

  • Personality: oujodere/yamato nadeshiko/ladylike; honorable; bookish
  • Occupation: school; student council; work (grocery store attendant)


  • Personality: kanedere/selfish; gyaru/gal; bitchy
  • Occupation: school; sports club


  • Personality: otaku; fujoshi; chuunibyou; nerd; geek
  • Occupation: school


  • Personality: dojikko/clumsy/disastrous; stupid
  • Occupation: school; cooking club


  • Personality: chad; intelligent
  • Occupation: school; sports club


  • Personality: erodere/pervert/hentai; stupid
  • Occupation: school; swimming club


  • Personality: hinedere; hikikomori; nerd; otaku; gamer
  • Occupation: school

Expected features

  • City map: school; beach; shoppingmall; places to work
  • Places to work: gym; massage house;
  • Job/Work system
  • Stats and skills upgrade
  • Sex scenes
  • Dates & events with girls

Themed Features
– No sex without consent
– No NTR or cheating

– Light and saturated colors
– Kawaii anime-like chibi characters
– Harem
– Ecchi
– Milf
– Tsundere/Stubborn
– Deredere/genki
– Incest (well… not really)
– Romance/Love/Cute
– Sex/Erotic



  • Bug Fix: Fixed an error that gets a black screen after the intro when starting a new game without any of the skip options. The game is now updated to 0.14.1. If you downloaded version 0.14.0 and found this error, consider selecting the Skip Intro option from the New Game to just get to the right point where this should have gotten.


  • Game Checkpoints: you can start the story from specific moments by clicking New Game. This way, if you have a corrupt save file you no longer need to start the game from the beginning to get where you left off.
  • Main Storyline Updated: A little more content has been added to the main storyline.
  • New Work Option: As well as you can work with tutoring classes in the library if you have at least 10% intelligence points, you can now also work with swimming tutoring classes if you have at least 10% physics points.
  • Character Interaction:
    • Updated interaction system for WNEI, WMOM, WSIS and WCOU.
    • WNEI’s interaction cooldowns are normaly reseting now.
    • WMOM’s love gain from hug now reduces each time.
    • WSIS’s affiliation now changes some points of the game. You can choose in the game start who is the older/younger. If she’s older than you, she should treat you with a little more patience, on the other hand, love, lust, and intimacy gain rates will be slightly lower. She also has an anger system, were she reacts depending on your personality, affiliation, love, and intimacy.
    • WCOU can give you game quests and tips.
  • Yoga Minigames Rework: yoga minigame art was reworked using Live2D animation, with a smooth breathing animation for WMOM. Its mechanics are changed from the clickable button to a clickable/holdable screen, so you can appreciate and control smoother movements on the animation. The controlable animation also bends with the breathing one, so it looks more natural.
  • Dance Minigames Rework: dance minigame was rebalanced to work well on any operational systems and should no longer have instable speed.
  • Background Rework: home and school background images have been replaced with background transparent images to make it easier to organize and add future visual improvements. At the moment, you can already see the sky passing behind in parallax.
  • Font Reading Rework: font reading method has been changed, and now, regardless of whether it is in a translation or not, it will be possible to use different characters like: 漢字, sɪˈrɪlɪk, Кириллица, ひらがな, 漢字, カタカナ, and 한글. ✨✨ Including some emojis! This can be used when choosing names for people and regions, and should also avoid problems of lack of text characters in translations for some languages.
  • Stat Gain Rebalance:
    • Bathing is only available with less than 90% hygiene
    • Contemplative Bath no longer directly increases points of charisma, but its bonus.
    • Points gained from Tutoring works no longer increases exponencially.
  • Bug Fix: Player Menu screen reading has been reworked and it no longer hides Ren’Py’s Quick Menu buttons nor leave the game full of weird bugs like it used to.
  • Bug Fix: Quick Menu buttons should be always on the screen for mobile users.
  • Bug Fix: WSIS’s quest counter is working, and some errors from her schedule are fixed. No major bugs were found.
  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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