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Fap Nights at Frennis Night Club [v0.2.1] [FATAL FIRE Studios]


Fap Nights at Frennis Night Club Download Latest Version

Fap Nights at Frennis Night Club Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – is a famous nightclub where you can order pizza and high-quality beers..

Developer: FATAL FIRE Studios Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.1
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3D game, Male protagonist, Fantasy, Monster girl, Furry, Strategy, Handjob, Big ass, Big tits, Animated, Pov, Teasing, Horror, Footjob, Vaginal sex,

Fap Nights at Frennis Night Club Overview

Frenni’s NightClub is a famous nightclub where you can order pizza and high-quality beers,
plus it has a unique attraction in the city: it is full of sexy animatronic waitresses who love to entertain adults with their company.

Now, as a night guard of the place you always wanted to access as a child, you will be able to meet Frenni Fazclaire the bear and her hot friends in person, something that you would never have been able to achieve due to lack of money.

There is only one rule: it is forbidden to fuck the waitresses, which you can hardly resist!

But there is more: For some reason, the animatronics have been acting like crazy nymphomaniacs thirsty for action and it will be up to you to discover the mystery of the previous security guard while avoiding all contact with them if you don’t want to lose your job.

Get through 5 nights of abstinence, because on the weekends, staff members get a free night of action with the animatronics!


As already mentioned, Arcade Mode is disabled right now since they need to repair their mess from last time and doing some reworks for the club, designs and what not.



  • Added 2 new scenes to arcade mode
  • The animatronic skins section is now available, enjoy the girls’ new looks!
  • Added 10 new purchasable items to marie’s shop -added 2 new items to the online store -added 2 new purchasable player skins – updated email inbox
  • Added a new secret wallpaper
  • Several bugs have been unfixed
  • The note above is a joke (don’t get mad xd) (part 2 of the xxxmas special is still in development)


  • Added 6 items available for marie’s shop
  • Added 3 new unlockable scenes
  • Enabled online store for the arcade mode
  • Added xxxmas special part1 (new minihistory on the
  • Specials section)
  • Added (yes…) futanari mode.
  • Added decorations for the arcade mode map.
  • Added secret ending and easter eggs.
  • Added decisions that can change the story experience
  • Added a new hability for new companion bot.
  • Minor bugs has been fixed.


  • Added a new scene, a new weapon to deter animatronics, the skin that won the patreon voting contest, some more items to buy in the shop and a few others.


  • Added 3 new unlockable sex scenes
  • Added 6 new purchasable items to Marie’s Shop
  • Added more wallpapers and files to the PC in Arcade Mode
  • Added a new set of missions to Arcade Mode
  • added a new companion character which can be unlocked during the nights in Arcade Mode
  • Added a new puzzle minigame to earn extra money on arcade mode nights
  • Added a new unlockable skin for the protagonist
  • Made Tweaks to some timers and fixed minor bugs

Patreon Build

  • The Wallpapers Folder was added on the Arcade Mode PC.
    • Now you can put the Wallpaper of your favorite girl!
  • Added Bonfie the Rabbit as a patrolling Enemy in Arcade Mode
  • The Arcade Zone was enabled on the Arcade Mode Map
  • Now you have a new Sex Scene with Bonfie
  • Added the Screwdriver to the Shop, to open Ventilation Ducts
  • Added a new Desktop Ornament Doll
  • The Credits of the Patrons were added in the different Thanks Walls
  • Added a checkpoint when the power goes out on Night 1 of Story Mode


  • Patreon Build

Initial Release

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Fap Nights at Frennis Night Club Download


Fap Nights at Frennis Night Club Screenshots


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