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The Rare Wife Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – In this world where misogeny, slavery, crime and corruption thrive..

Developer: Afeel Patreon – Buymeacoffee
Censored: No
Version: 0.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: HTML, Ai CG, Text Based, Cheating, Male Protagonist, Netorare, Dilf, Prostituition, Fantasy, Simulator, Corruption, Group sex, Humiliation, Blackmail, Male Domination, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Anal Sex, Bukkake, Creampie

The Rare Wife Overview

In this world where misogeny, slavery, crime and corruption thrive, the protagonist of the history finds his love florish day by day, for the beauty of his wife, the one he managed to trade all his money and his nobility to be able to marry, the daughter of a corrupt Lord.​


-Added about 106.000 characters of content
-Separated the intro dreams from first questline
-Removed the 2 hours requisite(18:00 to 20:00) for the first storyline
-Introduced Circe, the witch
-Changes on UI
-Sleep button changed from fixed 6h to “Until next day”
-Reworked clothing and avatar system
-Continued the optional M2F storyline(full progression but no vagina yet)
-Framework for M2F done
-Added chastity cage
-Rearranged Sarah’s routine
-Added Peter and Sarah’s status, counters and info
-Added “nearby” NPCs at public places
-Added fame system and random comments on public places
-Also added a bunch of other things that i don’t remember

-Added about 66.000 characters of content
-Continued Peter and Sarah sex scenes
-Added 2 sex scene on tavern (5/28)
-Added 2 Deals (Pacts) at Loki’s House
-Added on right menu, a quick stats bar
-Slightly changed UI
-Added about 54.000 characters of content
-Added 3 sex(ntr) scenes on tavern (3/28)
-Introduced Loki, the warlock

– Slightly changed Intro
– Reworked some images
– Added about 60.000 characters of content
– Added Peter’s Tavern
– Added 28 Tavern Clients NPCs
– Added Different Status of Wife on Tavern
– Added the possibility to check her (for creampie) if she lets you
– Added about 16.000 characters of content
– Added a “Quest” menu with better walkthrough
– Introduced Amari, Peter’s best friend
– Added about 14.000 characters of content
– Added clothing system for Peter
– New avatar
– Clothing Store(Wolf Clothing) on The Market
– Added about 15.000 characters of content
– Added base interaction with wife
– Added functions to ask wife for things that takes time and don’t involve Peter, such as cooking (or maybe netorase on the future? xD)
– Changes on the time system
– Added about 15.000 characters of content
– Added a buy and sell mechanic (on marketplace)
– Introduced some of the story between the couple
– Added about 16.000 characters of content
– Added inventory system
– Added a combat system concept
– Added right menu
– Introduced Aela, Peter’s mom
– Added about 11.000 characters of content
– Added a Changelog and WalkThrough Menu
– Added a RPG dungeon crawler type of thing as a opening for future RPG content
– Introduced Erick, Peter’s dad
– Added about 16.000 character of content
– Added some city locations
– Added a new storyline and introduced Lord Robert (Incest + netorase)
– Added some adjustments to the time framework
– Bugfix: removed the error message at the end of the current content
– Updated the vag1 image thanks to MIkedante
– Added about 10.000 characters of content
– Added day and time system
– Added a wife routine based on daytime
– Added a Patreon Menu
– Added a wife statistics (Patreon)
– Added the wife thoughts (Patreon)
– Change the base color of some of the dialogues from darkblue to lightgreen so it can be seen better
v0.01 Intro
– About 10.000 characters of content of intro to the story
– Simple Loop as a base for Life Simulation aspect of the game

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