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Nothing Is Forever [v0.7.3] [MrSilverLust]


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Nothing Is Forever Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – A bright young psychology student finds his dream job as a sexologist and has a great future ahead of him…

Developer: MrSilverLust Patreon – Steam
Censored: No
Version: 0.7.3
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Dating Sim, Romance, Point & Click, Creampie, Male Domination, Female domination, Oral Sex, Vaginal sex, Exhibitionism, Footjob, Groping, Handjob, Masturbation, Swinging, Teasing, Bdsm, Cheating , Handjob, Humiliation, Interracial, Sex Toys, Spanking, Anal Sex, Group Sex, Multiple Penetration, Titfuck

Nothing Is Forever Overview

A bright young psychology student finds his dream job as a sexologist and has a great future ahead of him… until some inappropriate behavior throws everything out of the window. Now, plagued with regrets and self-doubt, he tries to start anew. He will have to fight his inner demons and decide what kind of man he wants to be.

All the while using his psychology knowledge to understand the needs and kinks of potential love interests he finds along the away, including: an old friend with unresolved feelings, the bossy personal trainer from his gym, a painfully shy college girl who is hiding a secret desire… or the one girl that’s absolutely off-limits. Will he repeat the same mistakes of his past?

You shape the main character’s personality by increasing the Honorable, Cunning, Sensitive or Manly stats with every choice you make.
While leveling up your personality stats, you can acquire different Kink Skills. Your lewd scenes will be different depending on the skills you have. For example, in some scenes you can chose to be dominant, submissive, or just get the more vanilla content.
All love interests in the game will subconsciously give you hints about their sexual kinks. If you can guess their kinks, and like them, you can have lewd scenes with the girl.


Chapter 7 Part 2

  • bug fixes
  • some typos corrected
  • scenario mode updated until the end of chapter 7
  • android port released
  • new download mirror added

– ~8000 lines of dialogue;
– ~650 renders
– ~30 animations

Animations to all chapter: more than 120 new animations
New vanilla path with Jen
New faster game mode: Scenarios
Some quality of life improvements, and proofreading

Chapter 6 release: ~19000 lines of script; ~1160 images.

Chapter 5 release: has around 13400 new lines of script and 820 new renders.
Bugfixes and more proofreading.
Improved gallery screen.

Chapter 4 release: has around 15000 new lines of script and 1120 new renders.
Some minor bugfixes and more proofreading.

Fix of a couple bugs and slightly improvement of performance of android version
Extensive proofreading of chapter 3
Introduction of a “hint menu” with information about future skills needed for each girl
More elaborated “lovemeter” menu
Removal of a couple of useless game mechanics/info
Removal of special shader effects that were causing bugs

Buf fix and proofreading.
Fix a bug on the mac version that crashed the game at the start

The script of this chapter has more than 9000 lines of code, where the previous two had around 7000. A lot of this increase is due to alternative choices and dialogues. So, a single playthrough should still take roughly the same time of the previous chapters (1h to 2h maybe?).

Besides the new story content, this update also brings some small quality of life improvements:

  • New game +: this allows blind and relax mode to be played from the very start of the game;
  • Blind mode now also properly hides texting and real-time menu choices;
  • Blind mode now randomizes the order of the given choices (normally, for consistency, there is a defined order between personality choices, which could spoil the answers);
  • The chess board interface now allows to invert sides while watching the games;

– few bug fixes
– slightly rework of the skills system
– new alternative playmodes
– further proofreading of all the dialogues

Fix a couple bugs:
– Phone messages could be, in some circumstances, attributed to the wrong contact.
– The find the kink menu was not always working properly, unless you correctly placed the correct hints at the first try in some questions
– Mislabelled scenes in the gallery are also corrected

– Release of chapter 2

– Android port
– Around 190 renders remastered
– 5 animations remastered
– Better proofreading
– Some minor UI improvements

– Fixed an issue that was crashing the game on launch for Mac users
– Release of the 1st chapter of Nothing is Forever

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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Cheat Mod (Universal): MEGA

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