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Dont Disturb Your STEPMOM [v0.028] [Lemonhaze Studio]


Dont Disturb Your STEPMOM Download Latest Version

Dont Disturb Your STEPMOM Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Play as the stepbrother who is helping his Stepmom and Stepsister while his dad is gone on a business trip.

Developer: Lemonhaze Studio Steam
Censored: No
Version: 0.028
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3d game, animation, male protagonist, milf, big ass, big tits, handjob, vaginal sex, oral sex, sandbox, creampie, groping,

Dont Disturb Your STEPMOM Overview

Play as the stepbrother who is helping his Stepmom and Stepsister while his dad is gone on a business trip.
5 days with each a short story that gives an immersive encounter with your stepsister and that challenges you to not get caught by your STEPMOM!
If you get caught, you lose, and the day restarts.​

A first-person view mix with full control of the player’s movement and hip motion.
Decide how you do it, the way you want, at the speed you want.

Once the story is finished, it doesn’t mean the fun is over!
The last day is looping forever and not getting caught is the key for keeping having sex!



Over 150+ lines where improved in English (thanks to the community)
Dress action is now working with the whole static mesh instead of the text-only
Add delay in the first cinematic to let girl hair particle load cache
Remove weird reflections in stairs, bathroom, and other reflective surfaces
Prevent being able to go in Stepmom girl’s body when moving
Interface was not being displayed when launching a level after doing it once
When a sentence is over in a dialogue, a tip for what keyboard input to press is spawned (so people don’t get confused about what to do)
Opening doors that were open in the previous chapter were not correctly reset when starting a new chapter
Reset dress on stepsister was not working for the top body, so when coming back from a previous chapter where you let her naked, the top was not here
Fixed rotation clamping was added for the dryer, but well connected during other poses
Stepsister look at your face if you are not naked and close to your genital (she was previously opening the mouth and looking at your private even if you were not naked)
Glitch on hair when colliding with it’s collision
Ball physically reacts to the player and stepmom’s body when moving
Fix Blow the Nerd Cinematic had a lot of overlap in voice and text, not proud of myself, but it is fixed!
Fix Sweet Awakening had one overlap on the voice and one animation was not transiting correctly
Body tilting cannot happen anymore if you are sitting down OR not naked
Dialogue in the cinematic was not clear if changing chapters while playing
Improve animation when a girl stands in front of you for a controlled BJ (previously was just a static pose)
Improve wrist rotation when using controlled BJ
Gain +10 FPS after improving the setting on the hair particle!
Dialogue when trying to remove the blanket (so you understand why you cannot go too far in the “discharge of joy” Chapter)
Dialogue with the “Discharge of joy” improved (now you have a continuation possibility with a choice to continue the BJ or to go to sleep)
Fix camera position when sitting down, restarting a specific scenario, and then doing the same process again
The first door has not been closable since yesterday’s update
Fix mouth movement if the text is too short
Huge gain in FPS (from 45 FPS to 90 FPS on my RTX 2080 on the highest setting in the game)
Rearrange the light to fit a better dark scenario when you switch it off
Option for hair card and particle (not saved yet)
Achievements integrated
fix unlocking “Endless Night”
fix cinematic (were not working anymore since yesterday’s update)
fix the second ending for “Crazy Day”
fix the pose of the girl in “Endless Night” after finishing “Crazy Day” chapter
when in the bath, the body is not being affected like in the bed (push in the direction of the penetration)
Fix timer was enabling girl interaction, which is triggering the next step when orgasm, was causing a tiny issue when trying to play the extra 30 seconds in doggy with “Bath misunderstanding”
if stepmom gets triggered and finds stepsis in the bath, the chapter will not fail anymore
Restarting “bath misunderstanding” was not correctly reset and the order was not good
Fixed: if the task was an orgasm, the step would increase after the orgasm, but if another orgasm occurs, it would still increase the step, even if it is not the current task
The orgasm progress of the girl is now also increasing when inside and moving. Before it was only when getting in/out
Fixed controlled BJ in “She Want to Know” chapter!
Added a version number on the top left corner of the menu. It will help for debugging when asking the question
More cohesive end for “stuck… again” chapter
A new step called “Escape” which requires you to go through a specific door
New ending for the “Crazy Day” chapter that won’t force you to lose if you chose option 1 in the dialogue
Added yard for future activities/chapter
“6 minutes in Heaven” was not possible to make a girl cum, now it is!
When branching from a dialogue answer, all doors were closed. Now it is not happening
Increase the distance of voices
The rotation of girl wasn’t correct if it was moving to a location as a step
When dialogue was over in the “endless night” chapter, it was changing chapters, now it stays correctly in the “endless night”
Stepmom is no longer triggering the sound of the door twice when looking for stepsis
In “crazy day” chapter, stepmom won’t try to catch stepsis from the outside
When getting caught, it should not continue the dialogue of the current chapter
Light context for each day
Fix going from any chapter with sexPose to chapter “stuck… again”
Fix escape, if you escape twice, it triggers the step system for the chapter
Fix tasting sauce, same problem as described in the previous one
Fix the position of the girl in “bath misunderstanding”
Achievements: You are the man, was not unlockable!
Hair physic is reset every time a girl is teleported
Hair card collision preset collide with body, but not world static object
Since I improved the peak of performance, mainly the fog/light and post-process, I defaulted back
The hair particle (will wait for your feedback!)
Character Creator was released yesterday on the Beta (Testing)
Remove stocking was not working
Girl clothes were not when undressed by the task system
Girl clothes reset when stuck again is now applied
Material on clothes is now correctly pushing toward, making clipping harder to occur
The guy rotation wasn’t good when getting into the chapter “She wants to know”, it was the previous
Rotation regarding him needing to be sitting on the bed
If changing the chapter girl would stay in BJ position if it was triggered
Objects are testing collision when you drag them, preventing them from clipping into the wall and
Being kicked out of the map
Improve the position of all draggable objects
Reset camera limit when starting a chapter (being sitting was locking the angle limit a little lower, and that was not reset before)
The screenshot was resetting the girl’s animation state, which was making the other part not being able to communicate properly with the girl’s animation
The rotation of girls wasn’t good in the Character if a chapter was played
Changing a girl while being a chapter is now possible without breaking the girl’s animation
Fix clipping with clothing (went over every clothing, but not with every existing pose, so might not always be 100% perfect, but should be like 98.99% of the time)
Improve hair collision with body (was removed with the first version of the Character Creator)
Possibility of removing dress (only dress, top, and panty)
Resume button when chapters are started
Highlight objects that are pickable (when they are pickable)
Improve hand position for controlled BJ (Blow the Nerd and She Wants to Know)
Improve the camera for controlled BJ (now it doesn’t move with the mouse, it follows the head of the girl instead, seems much better!)
Hand animation in controlled BJ will always be grabbed regardless of what you grab
If you try to remove the dress by dragging the middle of the body, it will work now
Other small stuff that I forgot

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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