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Viceburg Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – You have been admitted to a prestigious college in a new country. 

Developer: MadProd – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.0.4b
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English (MTL)
Genre: Real Porn, Animated, Female Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Futa/Trans Protagonist, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Drugs, Romance, Character Creation, Corruption, Creampie, Female domination, Male Domination, Futa/Trans, Gay, Groping, Interracial, Lesbian, Milf, Prostitution, Sissification, Transformation, Spanking, Sandbox, Multiple protagonist, Text based,

Viceburg Overview

You have been admitted to a prestigious college in a new country. Upon arrival, you discover that something unusual is happening at the college, and it’s now up to you to find out exactly what. There are other students studying at this institution as well. You have the ability to influence them, persuading them to follow your directives. You can alter their minds and bodies according to your desires or undergo changes yourself.



– Customization of NPC generation (Gender/Race/Sexual Orientation). The NPC generator does not affect your neighbor, the merchants, or quest NPCs.
– Player customization. You will receive points and will be able to distribute them to enhance various attributes.
– Events have been reworked after defeating the pimp (new locations and opportunities added).
– In the clinic, it’s now possible to earn some money.
– The sex system has been slightly modified to reduce the number of clicks required.
– There’s now an option to surrender before a fight to save energy.
– A difficulty system has been added. Currently, there are two levels of difficulty. On the easy level, missing classes is not counted.
– New pose for the sex system, specifically for the male character.
– Minor changes to the sex system.
– New locations: Residential Area, Player’s Apartment, Entertainment District, Bar.
– You can buy an apartment.
– NPCs can now follow you.
– NPCs will no longer engage in sex if other NPCs are nearby.
– You can now use your phone to ask NPCs to come to you.
– You can ask or force NPCs to leave a location
– You will be able to invite NPCs to a bar and spike their drinks.
– Modifications to some events to align with the new update.
– Minor text changes.
– A huge number of bugs have been fixed (including videos that previously didn’t display).
– Several systems have been rewritten, including the attractiveness calculation system. Now, it works correctly.

– New stat – Fear. This stat allows for interactions with NPCs.
– New stat – Lust. This stat affects NPC’s openness. If this stat is low, certain actions with NPCs will be locked. It can be increased through interactions.
– New stat – Fat. This stat affects the ability to work as a photo model.
– The ability to improve Sexual Stamina through sex.
– Trans characters are now generated at the start (there’s a certain chance a generated male can become trans).
– Added the ability to persuade a male NPC to become trans. After this, he will begin gradual feminization.
– New options are available after winning a fight.
– Dialogue windows have been changed, now displaying the NPC’s status.
– Added a porn studio and the option to work there. (The option to purchase the porn studio has been removed from this version and will be redesigned and added in version 0.0.4a)
– Added an event (for the male protagonist) when working in the porn studio (The event includes temporary transformation/feminization).
– Added a photo studio and the option to work there. (The option to purchase the photo studio has been removed from this version and will be redesigned and added in version 0.0.4a)
– Added an event during an erotic photo session.
– Display of NPC and player statistics has been added, now allowing all player and NPC characteristics to be seen.
– Improved NPC generation, significantly reducing identical NPCs.
– Changed how NPCs are displayed in locations. If the player is not acquainted with an NPC, the NPC will be displayed differently.
– Added a phone and the ability to get numbers from NPC friends. The phone can be used to talk to NPCs and find out their location.
– Vendors, trainers, and others can now walk around the city during their off-hours.
– If an NPC has a high level of fear, they may flee the location upon seeing you.
– Added numerical values to statistics (Energy, horny).
– The fitness trainer now has the ability to lose weight (also reduces muscle mass).
– Aggressive NPCs will not always attack you; they might just talk.
– Added pills to the pharmacy for weight loss and gain. (Also reduces muscle mass)
– Added pills to the pharmacy that improve muscle gain in the gym.
– Estrogen now slightly reduces muscle mass and increases weight.
– Winning a fight now improves combat skills.
– Added a reputation system (Currently only for photo models and porn actors).
– Added an event for high reputation porn actors (>70). A fan may approach you.
– New options added to the clinic.
– Changed the display of buttons during conversations with NPCs. If you have already talked to an NPC about a topic that day, the button will not disappear but will become inactive. (For better navigation)
– Changed the interaction menu with NPCs.
– A large number of bugs have been fixed.

– The game weight has been reduced from 3GB to ~700MB.
– A filter for inventory items has been added.
– The ability to play as Trans MC.
– Content filter added (Currently 2 options).
– Unnecessary locations and transitions have been removed.
– During gym sessions, your dominance slightly increases.
– A new item “Aphrodisiac” has been added to the pharmacy, which restores sexual stamina.
– Improved NPC interaction:
– The number of unnecessary clicks in the menu has been reduced.
– Button placement has been changed.
– If you learn an NPC’s attitude towards a specific topic, it will be highlighted in a specific color (4 colors from green to red, depending on NPC’s attitude).
– If you can’t perform a certain action with an NPC, you will receive information about what exactly you lack.
– The maximum relationship points that can be obtained for certain actions have been increased.
– Clothing-related content added:
– A clothing store and a seller have appeared in the Shopping Center (Sells different clothes every day).
– NPCs’ bodies are now covered with clothing. You can ask or order them to undress. Success depends on your and NPCs’ characteristics.
– You can now give NPCs clothes and ask them to wear it.
– You can change the preferred clothing of each NPC.
– If you undress an NPC and say goodbye, if the NPC has a low Lust level, they will run off to change.
– You can now work with all vendors in the shopping center.
– If you have sufficient muscle or martial arts levels, you can work out in the gym.
– Added the option to get a discount from male and trans NPC vendors for a “service.”
– Prostitution content added:
– A new location added – Red Light District. Prostitutes and a pimp appear there in the evenings.
– Feminine MCs can work for the pimp.
– You can recruit girls for the pimp. The more beautiful the girl, the more the pimp will pay.
– If you defeat the pimp in a fight (he’s very strong), you become the pimp.
– After defeating the pimp, you must decide his fate.
– In case of defeat, the pimp will make you work off the debt, and may alter you (if not disabled in the content filter).
– After becoming a pimp, you have options with prostitutes.
– You can appoint a “Head Girl,” from whom you can collect your income once a day.
– You can find out how many girls are working for you from your “Head Girl.”
– NPC activity added:
– NPCs may approach you in locations with various requests, depending on your relationships.
– NPCs can also interact with you during conversations.
– Character trait system added. Character traits make NPCs act in a certain way:
– 1 trait added – Aggressive. NPCs with this trait will try to create conflicts with the player.
– Depending on NPC preferences, there will be consequences if the player loses a fight with an aggressive NPC.
– Sex shop and a new item (Dildo) added:
– You can buy a dildo at the sex shop and play with it in your room.
– All bugs found in version 0.0.1a have been fixed.
– A lot of minor changes

First release

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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0.0.4b Fix (Move to the game folder)

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