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Brothel Megacorporation [v0.22] [Khing Orchestra]


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Brothel Megacorporation Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Epifania is a city where money can buy everything.

Developer: Khing Orchestra – SubscribeStar – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.22
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English
Genre: Prostitution, Management, Simulation, Trainer, Male protagonist, Creampie, Defloration, Voyeurism, MILF, Big Tits, Gloryhole, Footjob, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Swinging, Multiple penetration, Lactation, Public Use

Brothel Megacorporation Overview

Epifania is a city where money can buy everything. This autonomous territory is managed by megacorporations, private armies, and independent trade unions. You are an ambitious person who came to this sinful city hoping to make it big. However, you have no powerful or rich relatives in here. The only person who seems to believe in your potential is an infamous Devil Investor. And she just happens to have a mission for you: renovate an abandoned building and transform it into the best brothel in Epifania City!

Train courtesans, accumulate resources, buy facilities and upgrades, manipulate markets, crush your competitors, manage a corporate harem, and build the most successful adult entertainment megacorporation in this brothel management game!​


-Rank A training for Zoe, Nicole, Ayaka. (24 new animations)
-New “Special Cow” status screen added to the milk farm
-Fix for Denise-Julia rank A mix-up and other bugs
-New Denise repeatable animation in the club

-Rank A training for Julia and Denise (16 animations)
-2 Specialisations paths for Julia: Porn, Breeding
-New expertise events for Julia and Caroline
-Fixed bug where climax animations and other cutscenes would not be displayed for some players.
-Sauna is now correctly displayed as being purchased.
-Other Bugfixes.

-Rank A progression for Caroline (8 new training animations)
-6 unique porn and breeding specialisation events for Caroline
-Breeding specialisation training with the Doctor (Tutor)
-New Room interaction for Caroline (Breeding specialisation events)
-New expertise menu
-New STATS screen after promoting a Rank A courtesan

-Acting lessons with the Witch: 4 Events (optional)
-New threesome event for Sophia + Shannon
-Breeding content now available for The Pianist
-“Observe Nancy”: New event chain at the milk farm (3 timed events)
-Tweaked requirements for the first Witch event
-Fixes for vacation and contraception errors and other bugs

– Continuation of the Witch story
– New district: Victorie Avenue
– New (optional) courtesan: The Troupe Leader. Full progression to rank B.
– New gameplay mechanic: The Auction (+cheat available)

-Story event added for the Witch during corporate meeting
-New special solo animation for Julia in the reception
-Degenerate games added to the Casino: Breeding Roulette and Mystery Cum Donut
-Content Poll: Breeding room content for Denise, Hannah + an alternative breeding scene for The Doctor
-Added loading screen
-New contraceptives option for Corporate Wives
-Fixed raid stats being displayed incorrectly

-New District: Oriental Town
-New special employee: Ellie, the spa therapist
-New Facility: Spa
-New Upgrades: Bathhouse, Sauna
-New raid available at Abdel Heights (optional)
-Caroline: Remake for 2 training animation sequences
-Overhaul for Caroline’s first evaluation event
-Fixed Piano cost error
-Fixed bug that caused some courtesans to not earn daily revenue
-Removed wallet money cap

-New optional District: Abdel Heights (req. Breeding Room upgrade)
-Special Employee: Nancy
-Private ranch: Milk Factory upgrade
-Pregnant courtesans can be milked
-Daisy, the milk cow, event chain
-New repeatable event for Shannon + Sophia
-Performance/optimization improvement by clearing useless data whenever player sleeps
-MCT in wallet now capped at 1 trillion
-Money cheat: it now sets your total money to 10 billion MCT
-New cheat: Bypass Raids: instantly win raids with this cheat activated

-Brothel Level 4
-New corporate wife: Shannon K.
-New autotrainer system
-Shannon: Full intimacy and story progression.
-Shannon + Sophia event
-Breeding content for Caroline, Julia, Nicole

-New courtesan pregnancy system available for The Doctor
-‘Visit Room’ content for The Pianist, Clara, The Doctor
-2 Gifts added
-Certain optional events cannot be triggered if an involved courtesan is tagged as ‘busy’
-Fixed The Doctor courtesan revenue bug
-Fixed lots of dialogue naming errors in the rooms

-New district: Academic District
-New Courtesan: The Doctor. Full progression to rank B.
-New facility: The Ranch, upgrade: Breeding Rooms (WIP)
-Groundwork for upcoming “rooms” updates
-Code for some animations have been changed to conform to the other animation sequences in the game.
-Disabled “framedrop” setting for cutscenes.
-New vintage main menu screen and splashscreen

-Brothel Megacorporation: Entertainment District Part 2
-New courtesan: Bunny Girl Clara (full progression to rank B)
-New Facility: the Casino. Upgrade: Prizes
-Courtesan raid enemy: The Dice Cartel. 3 events.
-Manager Grades nerfed
-Bugfix: Stalls and Raids bugs

-New district: The Entertainment district
-New courtesan: The Pianist (full progression to rank B)
-New restaurant upgrade: The Piano
-New CCTV animations for all courtesans
-Fixed Rank B tutorial bug
-Fixed Hannah raid HP bug

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  2. Play the game

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