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The BloodRiver Saga: Retransmitter [v0.05 P2] [ND Ferret Studio]


The BloodRiver Saga: Retransmitter Download Latest Version

The BloodRiver Saga: Retransmitter Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Izuku Midoriya is a typical “true hero” that would do a lot for peaceand safety of others.

Developer: ND Ferret Studio Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.05 P2
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English
Genre: 2D game, 2DCG, Romance, Combat, Animated, Male protagonist, Parody, Dating Sim, Vaginal sex, Handjob, Masturbation, BlowJob, Titfuck, Thigh sex, Cunnilingus, Footjob, Harem

The BloodRiver Saga: Retransmitter Overview

Everyone is used to the fact, that Izuku Midoriya is a typical “true hero” that would do a lot for peaceand safety of others. But what if the story had turned out to be completely different from the very start? In the reality, where there wouldn’t be a hero №1, that gifted him his powers, but a cold, unscrupulous man, that counts on the fact that the main hero can’t simply deny him… What if we had seen a completely different Izuku – not so “ideal” and “pure”, but, at the same time, not a complete bastard that forgot what it means to be a human. (My Hero Academia PARODY)​


Changelog v.0.05t Part 2:

  • Added 2 H-Animations with Uraraka
  • Added 7 H CG`s
  • Added 18~ new arts (Including H CG’s)
  • Added 3 new backgrounds
  • Added 14 new chibi-arts
  • Added new costumes for Izuku, Uraraka and Asui
  • Added new pose for Uraraka
  • Added 45~ new audio tracks (sfx and bgm)
  • Continuation of the route with Uraraka
  • Development of the main plot with the involvement of other characters (Uraraka or Asui)
  • Introduction of a new character – Mina Ashido (Pinky)
  • !!!Important!!! Added support for saves – if you have saves from version 0.05t Part 1, your saves will automatically sync with the task journal when loading (correct the number of tasks, relationship points and move them to the correct category, i.e. completed or not completed), set the current patreon codes, correct or add the necessary events depending on what stage you are at.
  • Added a mini-game with location exploration.
  • Added a new type of selection in the game menu with closed options that open after selecting others
  • Now the skip skips the mission highlighting and the system notification “work in progress” for the player’s convenience (if you were fine with the way it was before, then turn off the “unseen text” option in the settings)
  • Start with new content moved to the end of the 0.05 Part 1 update
  • Added a new easter egg for patrons
  • Changed cheat codes


  • The buggy and unnecessary display of the name under messages in the messenger has been removed
  • Some missed messages in the messenger now appear as expected

Fixed(Common fix):

  • Added a feature to the save compatibility, which, when loading, also adds all the missing art, backs, scenes to the gallery. This was forgotten about, but added for the general version.
  • System notifications about the end of content with a character have been moved to actual moments.
  • Fixed a critical bug that caused the choice menu to not work at some moments
  • Fixed the display of Asui in a cleaning suit
  • Fixed some mistakes in the task journal
  • Other minor changes

Changelog v.0.05t Part 1:


  • Ukrainian localization updated to the current version of the game (from 0.04 Part 2 to 0.05 Part 1)
  • Expanding the capabilities of the “Cossack Khorunzhiy” teer code – now you can increase all relationships with each character to the maximum, as well as disable all additional activities (the need to attend classes, additional ones). As for the latter, for example, when you use the code, you will be immediately transferred to Midnight events (if you have them already by plot), ignoring the need for training. It does not affect the ability to complete the game
  • The grind on characters that have not yet developed a core mini-game is significantly reduced
  • Improved checkpoint mechanics – now on the first page of the first save slot, you will always see the last checkpoint of the game, which will be signed and separately highlighted. This save cannot be overwritten or deleted, only downloaded. When you reach a new checkpoint in the game, you will be notified as before
  • When you press the skip time button on the global map or anywhere else in the absence of energy, you will be transferred to your room and sleep until the next day
  • Added a week counter to the left of the game time
  • Now every week, the game makes auto-saves, which you can find on the save page under the “W” section (note that this is a quick save page, so be careful)
  • When using the “Wait till…” feature, information about any missed classes for the corresponding number of days is now added to the system notification
  • Now you can train with both Uraraka and Asui at the same time in a day at the UA gym
  • Removed the blocking of rollbacks before a big event for all characters (Mei, Uraraka, Asui) – now you can always roll back.
  • Added a system message about changing the character description in the journal
  • Added a cutout location from the map of raids


  • Correction of the text of the Ukrainian version of the game, names of characters, objects, places, insertion of text in the missing places
  • Fixes in the GUI of the Ukrainian version – untranslated transitions, some menu selections, missing names of characters, items, etc
  • Correction of the journal GUI – the actions that need to be performed to complete the task will be cropped and fully displayed in the task description
  • Fixed the mechanics of time in the game (now entry point to events can be at any time in any form)
  • Fixed a bug with the progress bar of the map of raids, when it was displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed the display of event marks on the map (the time when they can be performed)
  • Fixed characters descriptions and their updates in the journal
  • Corrected descriptions, actions, and locations of the tasks
  • Fixed the display of the settings menu in Android version
  • Fixed the display of “about” in the game in Android version
  • Fixed the display of Asui’s emotions in some scenes
  • Fixed some plot inconsistencies (you cannot invite more than 1 person to a date at once)

Changelog v.0.05 Part 1:


  • Added 1 H-Animation with Asui
  • Added 5 H CG`s
  • Added 25~ new arts (Including H CG’s)
  • Added 11 new backgrounds
  • Added 18 new chibi-arts
  • Continuation of the route with Asui
  • Continuation of the route with Uraraka
  • Development of the plot with Heiz and the appearance of Koyama.
  • An updated log for quests has been added – a division into characters/objects that have their own tasks inside (name, location, instructions for completion, description, number of stages, notifications) and a general description for the character (character description, costumes).
  • Added a map of raids – completing raid tasks, destroying logistics points, fighting bosses.
  • Added a detective board – information about your enemies, allies, clues leading to a temporary goal or the main one.
  • Added main notification about the start/end of an important quest or the end of a raid.
  • Added 45~ new audio tracks (sfx and bgm)
  • Improved sound environment – now almost every object has its own sound, so you won’t be knocked out of rhythm when playing with sound.
  • Added sounds to gui and similar elements.
  • Start with new content moved to the beginning of the 0.05 Part 1 update
  • When starting with a new game, optionally leaves route Mei for parallel playthrough (when starting with new content, route Mei has already been completed).
  • The updated combat system, which was planned for the 0.05 Part 1 update, is being moved to the 0.05 Part 2 update.
  • Added a new easter egg for patrons
  • Changed cheat codes

Fixed(Common fix):

  • Fixed incorrect display characters in the gallery, magazine, game
  • Added time rewind in the lounge and gym UA
  • Correcting and adding some tasks to clarify what needs to be done
  • Slight improvement to the map of raids
  • Improving some scenes and fixing translation errors
  • Added some sfx
  • Other minor changes

Changelog v.0.04 Part 2:


  • Added 2 H-Animations with Asui (2 new with 2 different variations)
  • Added 2 H-Animations with Uraraka (2 new with 2 different variations)
  • Added 9 H CG`s
  • Added 6 new backgrounds
  • Added 4 new locations
  • Added 10 new art (Including H CG’s)
  • Added 7 small chibi-animations
  • Added about 15 new audio tracks (sfx and bgm)
  • Reskinned model of Heiz
  • New posses for Asui and Uraraka
  • The start of the route with Asui and its development (half of the update is dedicated to her)
  • The continue of the route with Uraraka and its development (half of the update is dedicated to her)
  • Added a simple mechanic for training with Asui and Uraraka development studio (the mini-game for her has been postponed indefinitely)
  • Added a new easter egg for patrons
  • Changed cheat codes

Fixed: (Common fix):

  • Fixed issues with patron`s codes and launching scenes in the gallery
  • Fixed minor code logical issues
  • Fixed misprints

Changelog v.0.04t Part 1:

  • Switching to Python 3
  • Added backgrounds to the gallery (3rd category, which was previously closed)
  • Added a menu notification about the completion of all currently available content.
  • Added tap sounds in the phone, inventory and other places
  • Completely reorganized code files in the game
  • Reorganized audio files of the game
  • Rewritten event system to improve optimization (now events are dynamic and after their execution are deleted, not checked every time)
  • Optimization of the game (fixing errors that were issued during the check through Lint and some tricks, thanks to in-depth knowledge in the Ren`py)
  • Improved security of codes, now it is almost impossible to access the codes by digging into the code or game files (it was also difficult before, but there were some weaknesses)
  • Fixed a bug where relationships with characters, answers to exams and other data were transferred to a new game from the last save (unless you restart the game)
  • Fixed bug when gallery could click on the patreon button below it
  • Fixed bug with incorrect display of system message (displayed on the top left)
  • After using the Mei package with devices, it no longer remains in the inventory
  • Fixed bug with tasks (when they exist, but there is no task icon)
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to miss important events that cannot be missed
  • Fixed a notification on the PC that could not be displayed
  • Fixed counters in the gallery and their counting
  • Fixed a bug when starting the game with new content, some characters in the gallery did not open (even though they had content)
  • Fixed bug when the marks of open boxes in UA were displayed incorrectly
  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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