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SunSity Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – This is an erotic sandbox with survival elements.

Developer: SunSity Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 2.35
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, anal sex, bdsm, corruption, drugs, exhibitionism, groping, handjob, humiliation, lesbian, male domination, male protagonist, oral sex, rape, romance, sandbox, sex toys, spanking, sleep sex, voyeurism

SunSity Overview

Our game is not a familiar visual novel. This is an erotic sandbox with survival elements. The game is actively developing and it will depend on you what it will be in the final.​


SunSity 2.35 changelog:

  • New character – Hanna.
  • Continuation of the quest – “Jogging with Desire”.
  • Two new magazines in the sex shop.
  • New location – “Hospital”.
  • New set of clothes in the editor.
  • New set for the face editor.
  • A new fantasy story with Buffy – “Forever Bound”.
  • Fixed several bugs.

2.30 changelog:

  • Added the first part of a new quest – “Jogging with Desire”, which starts in the Park.
  • Added the ability to buy porn magazines in the sex shop. Reading improves your mood.
  • Added a random event that can occur when visiting the Mall.
  • Added fantasy story with Emma Stone, “The Kissing Game”.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 2.25 changelog:

  • Added the ability to watch fantasy dreams.
  • Now you can study the desired book and watch several dreams per night.
  • New random event ‘Beach encounter’.
  • Added the ability to buy eau de toilette, which masks unpleasant odors.
  • A radar has been added that allows you to track the location of familiar NPCs via
  • your home computer and smartphone. You need to buy and install a “tracker” on the NPS.
  • New set of revealing clothes in Editor.
  • Replacement of fantasy faces has been completed.

SunSity 2.20 changelog:

  • Completion of the quest – “The inevitable ending”.
  • New missionary pose in the love branch. Unlocks after completing the quest “The inevitable ending”.
  • Added new sleep mechanics.
  • Replacing half of the fantasy faces with more detailed ones.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 2.15 changelog:

  • Continuation of the quest “The inevitable ending”.
  • A new action, “Spank a naughty schoolgirl,” opens after continuing the quest “On the benefits of tests.”
  • New activity – Peeping through the window (opens after purchasing a telescope).
  • Now you can check CCTV cameras via your smartphone.
  • Now in college the learning of intelligence is also accelerated.
  • New milf style character – Victoria.
  • Added fantasy story with Taeyeon – “Driving Taeyeon (Crazy with Lust)”.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 2.10 changelog:

  • Start of a new quest “The inevitable ending”.
  • The ability to spank a girl has been added to touching.
  • Added information marker – shows the presence of NPCs in the location.
  • Accessing x-ray glasses is now easier, directly from the NPC interaction menu.
  • Gym spying now continues in the locker room (if a camera is installed in the locker room).
  • A new set of clothes (aprons) has been added to the Editor.
  • Added fantasy story with Megan – “Hotbox”.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 2.05 changelog:

  • Completed the quest “On the benefits of tests”.
  • A new action – FFM threesome, opens after completing the quest “On the benefits of tests”.
  • Most of the backgrounds have been replaced.
  • new activity is peep on girls running around the park.
  • A new set of faces has been added to the Editor (nose, mouth, eyes for all body types).
  • Replaced faces in fantasy stories.
  • Added fantasy story with IU – “Film Festival Fun”.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 2.00 changelog:

  • Continuation of the quest “On the benefits of tests”.
  • New action – “lesbo sex” that opens during the quest “On the benefits of tests”.
  • The end of the event with the mask (3 last events) is sex in three different positions.
  • Events with voyeurism on the beach have been completed (sex at the end is now possible).
  • New 5-piece clothing set for the Editor.
  • Added fantasy story with Carol– “Wingman”.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.95 changelog:

  • New interaction with girls. Unlocked when buying a mask from a dealer. At the moment, 11 actions have been implemented from a kiss to a blowjob. To start harassing, you need to click on the mask on the screen (the mask must be in inventory).
  • Quest requirements are now shown in the quest description.
  • New character – Roxie.
  • New set – panties for the Editor.
  • · Added fantasy story with Sabrina – “Wolves, You and I”.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.90 changelog:

  • New location – college gym.
  • New character – trainer.
  • In the gym you can spy on those who are training.
  • And also play basketball, increasing immunity and joy.
  • New set – eyes, nose, lips for the Editor.
  • New set – sportswear for the Editor.
  • Added fantasy story with Sue Storm – “A Little Gift”.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.85 changelog:

  • Start of a new quest – “On the benefits of tests”.
  • New Action – “Masturbation for you”.
  • Continuation for the action “Peeping” on the beach.
  • Editor: 4 new underwear.
  • Added fantasy story with Katniss – ‘Hold me, hold me (never let me go)’.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.80 changelog:

  • Added sleeping pills that can be bought at the pharmacy and used in the kitchen in any apartment.
  • Added events related to sleeping pills (3 stages).
  • Added lockpicks that can be bought from a dealer in the park.
  • With the help of lockpicks, you can get into any apartment while there is no one there. Then you can use sleeping pills, set up a camera, or rummage in the fridge.
  • Added fantasy story with Sansa – ‘Forbidden fruit’s in season, part II’.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.75 changelog:

  • End of the ‘Beach season’ quest.
  • New interactions in Love and Submission. Unlocks after completing the ‘Beach season’ quest.
  • Added fantasy story with Sansa – ‘Forbidden fruit’s in season, part I’.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.70 changelog:

  • Continuation of the ‘Beach season’ quest.
  • Added fantasy story with Priyanka – ‘Before the World Fell At Our Feet’.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.65 changelog:

  • New random event for food outlets.
  • Continuation of the ‘Beach season’ quest.
  • Added fantasy story with Alex – ‘More Transparent Than Water And Thicker Than Blood’.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.60 changelog:

  • Continuation of the ‘Beach season’ quest.
  • Added fantasy story with Daenerys – ‘These wounds won’t seem to heal’.
  • Minor changes (danger of drowning drunk, etc.)
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.55 changelog:

  • New quest ‘Beach season’ started.
  • Editor: Added set of clothing; 2 items of clothing.
  • Added fantasy story with Rey – ‘Tremble For My Beloved’.
  • Changed the backgrounds of inventories and interaction objects.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.50 changelog:

  • Added a new girl – Julia, who works as a lifeguard on the beach.
  • Peeping at the beach.
  • Relaxing on the beach – restores stamina and slightly increases immunity. Increases thirst.
  • Now you can take photos in Actions menu and body and clothes editors.
  • Editor: Added 3 sets of clothing; 6 items of clothing.
  • Added fantasy story with Padme – ‘Without Attatchments’.
  • Reacquaintance warning and bugfix.
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  2. Play the game

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