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Sinful Spaces [v0.7.7] [Naughty Duo]


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Sinful Spaces Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – is an adult erotic game built with AI-generated images.

Developer: Naughty Duo Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.7.7
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Genre:  AI cg, male protagonist, milf, big ass, big tits, voyeurism, dating sim, management, teasing, sandbox

Sinful Spaces Overview

Sinful Spaces is an adult erotic game built with AI-generated images.
In this puzzle-like game, you explore the intimacy of those who moved into the apartments you rent out.
With your power as the landlord,
you find yourself in a position to peek on your tenants’ intimate moments more and more every day.

You’ll have different resources available in the game to help peek on these people,
and understand what you like most about each of them.
There are several people with different bodies and styles that will conquer you little by little,
so get ready to grind for your reward! Discover your taste.​


Included in this release is a captivating new character and an enhanced save & load feature, allowing you to manage three separate gaming experiences.
While this marks just the beginning of our improvements on save files, we’re confident it’s a solid foundation to build upon.


Unlock hacking slots, assign tenants and build your engine with the multiple bonus you’ll acquire whenever Spying on someone.
You can now progress your tenants on the Harem Track and decide which ones you want to assign to the wife path, and which ones you want to assign the the servant path.
This update also includes several minor fixes, some of them present on v0.7.5 part 1, and others that are making their debut on part 2.

Reach the milestone at the spy tree and perform the rite of passage that consagrates tenants into Novices or Servants!

Basic but requested Improvements:

  • Windowed mode: You can now toggle fullscreen on/off. This was especially requested for players with higher resolution monitors.
  • Sort by spy: For a more dynamic home screen, you’ll now be able to sort tenants not only by obsession, intimacy, and authority, but also by spy circle progress. This will make it easier to spy on tenants without having to scroll down, as they’ll appear at the top.
  • Contract auto-renewal: During the contract terms screen, you’ll now be able to select an auto-renew checkbox so that the contract for those tenants is automatically renewed when the time comes.
  • Peek through the week: You can now set a parameter next to the peek button on the home screen to choose whether you want to peek day by day (as currently) or throughout the week, stopping every Sunday. With this, you’ll have the choice to peek at a faster rate, avoiding returning to the home screen after each peek.

Complex improvements:

  • Spy tree: A brand new way to uncover secret information about your tenants, more closely tied to the undercover tech items (camera, wire, and GPS tracker).
  • Janitors: You’ll now be able to hire janitors from the manage screen. This is designed to give you the option to speed up your service discovery and the number of tenants available for selection, at the expense of a weekly salary for them.
  • New date option: A double date with two tenants at the beach.

New Character:

  • Introducing one new female character, named Maybelle.

What’s new?

1. New Mechanics: Harem
We changed the mechanics of this section to make more sense in the game. Now called Harem, this section encompasses the evolution of each tenant until they become one of your wives. This is how you progress in the game: Prospects > Tenants > Adaptants > Concubines > Wives;

2. New UX feature: Filter
A sorter to enhance the way you can customize your home screen;

3. New Character: Nele;

4. Significantly reduced the XP required to level up the mid-obsession levels.

What’s new?
Dating/Intimacy: We’ve enriched the intimacy journey through encounters in various locations with selected tenants. Arrange dates at the renowned Euphoria Bar or explore new spots on the map, such as a beach or a mall. Engage in conversations on diverse topics, discovering each tenant’s preferences to deepen your emotional connections. Witness how far these relationships can evolve.

Independent Game Paths: Choose your activities each day – one day, one action.
Peek: Increase obsession by peeking at tenants.
Date: Increase intimacy by inviting tenants to various locations for dates.
Manage: Increase authority by demonstrating competence to tenants.

New Home and Profile Views: Now more visual and intuitive, showcasing the three new game variables. Exercise greater control and devise your gameplay strategy

Spy Button: A new feature enabling you to earn bonuses and uncover fresh information about each

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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