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Carnal Instinct [2024-06-01] [Team Carnal Instinct]


Carnal Instinct Download Latest Version

Carnal Instinct Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Our journey begins in a realm of ancient myth, where the life-giving waters of the Euphoris river meet the sandswept ruins of Sabu.

Developer: Team Carnal Instinct – Patreon – Steam
Censored: No
Version: 2024-06-01
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3d game, adventure, big ass, big tits, combat, creampie, fantasy, female protagonist, furry, futa/trans protagonist, internal view, monster, monster girl, teasing, vaginal sex

Carnal Instinct Overview

Our journey begins in a realm of ancient myth, where the life-giving waters of the Euphoris river meet the sandswept ruins of Sabu. The God-Queen Kethra has not been seen for a thousand years, but rumors of her return are uttered in hushed tones throughout the sprawling villages along the shoreline of the once mighty waterway. Deprived of its divine empress, Sabu has fallen under the rule of eight demigods, powerful beings that once served Kethra as bodyguards. Unchecked, these immortals now vie for power as warlords, their conquest bathing Sabu with the blood of the innocent.

Free-roam 3D game inspired from ancient Egypt, with loads of furry




  • Added new zone – The Gilded Fold
  • Added new zone – Ikenni Villa
  • Added new zone – Zakros Estate
  • Added new zone – Kusma (Cursed Village)
  • Added new genitals – “Wer” (Large Canine)
  • Added new clothing – “Herder’s Mask” (Gilded Fold Headwear)
  • Added new clothing – “Centaur Helmet”
  • Added new clothing set – “Bloodseeker”
  • Added new clothing set – “Inquisitor”
  • Added new underwear option – “Serpent’s Coil”
  • Added new weapon – “Daggers”
  • Added new Item – “Korvoth’s Scepter” (Teleports you to the Shrine of Ascension)
  • Added new clothing “Dress” (6 types)
  • Added new enemy – “Subaq” (Croc)
  • Added new enemy- “Inquisition Soldier”
  • Added new Key Quest NPC – “Amara”
  • Added new faction – “Gilded Fold” (Slavers)
  • Added new Main Quest – “Call to Adventure”
  • Added new sidequest – “Avarice of Birds”
  • Added new sidequest – “No Rest for the Wicked”
  • Added new sidequest – “Depths of Kab’Alrah”
  • Added new sidequest – “Lost and Found”
  • Added new point-of-interest – “Hermitess”
  • Added new point-of-interest – “Aging Warrior”
  • Added new system – ‘Fishing’ – (two fish currently; Glimmerfin Snapper and Sandscale Minnow)
  • Added new system – ‘Slavery’ Capture, Store and Sell slaves for now – coming up, Breaking and Sex
  • Added new system – ‘World Events’ – small Area events for clearing out villages, saving merchants etc. Currently testing with Kehm Farmstead
  • Added new system – ‘Sorcery’ ( 3 Initial Spells)
  • Added new system – Reputation
  • Added essence drops to all enemy types to increase the essence sources around the world
  • Added shade sight to highlight quests, interactables and enemies in the world
  • Added harvestable gathering system for future crafting update
  • Added mountains to help give a sense of scale to the world
  • Added new Nenu the bard’s songs – Look to the Shadow & Centaurs Bridge


  • Changed playable area – expanded to include ~50% of “Bulls Shield”
  • Changed Mehden Island – enlarged settlements, added new hamlets, camps, etc for future content
  • Changed Pleasure Island – detail pass with new Anubite props (statues, obelisks, etc)
  • Changed foliage – new plants added to detail all map areas
  • Changed ambient fog settings to make the world more vibrant
  • Changed interactable interactions and dialog to freeze the player when appropriate to prevent issues with dialog & movement (i.e. sprinting off while still talking to someone)
  • Changed – Remade Inventory, Quest, Campfire & Character Screen UI
  • Changed improved optimization of NPCs and Interactables
  • Changed settings to Add invert Y Axis Camera support
  • Changed random loot system
  • Changed Itempickups to prevent duping issues
  • Changed max morph size on Boobs & Ass to prevent issues with clothing and sex scenes
  • Changed stat screen UI to add reputation and other stats (more to come)


  • Fixed mesh clipping issues with clothing
  • Fixed pregnancy save/load bugs
  • Fixed crit chance not being calculated or displayed properly
  • Fixed interactable issues with input buffers
  • Fixed issues with Utnas
  • Fixed issues with Resolution Scale
  • Fixed a bug with mouse sensitivity
  • Fixed issues with interactions being traced while in conversations
  • Fixed issues with the Campfire causing softlocks and not working properly with the Escape Key
  • Fixed issues with Asim
  • Fixed fishing calcs – added bad luck protection to prevent players getting ruined by random chance
  • Fixed issues with the tail on the player not animating
  • Fixed issues with Masturbation sometimes causing the player to have a teeny tiny head
  • Fixed issues with Sotema teleporting players to the wrong location
  • Fixed issues with morphs on some meshes
  • Fixed issues with mounting/dismounting
  • Fixed a bug where enemies that gave no xp still gave essence
  • Fixed issues with the Tenets and Ahmek
  • Fixed issues with saving mid-dialog
  • Fixed cistern doors (no longer trapped forever)
  • Fixed issues with Amara
  • Fixed issues with the Elevator call button not always working
  • Fixed issues with broken NPCs around the world in shipped game due to ID issue
  • Fixed avarice of birds objective markers
  • Fixed an issue where players had 101 mana instead of 100
  • Fixed issues with the audio options menu not saving/updating
  • Fixed defaults for gameplay settings
  • Fixed many many issues with Slavery/Cages/Jars
  • Fixed issues with dialog references breaking after load
  • Fixed a bug where you could eat nigh tlotus inside a cave, de-spawning the cave
  • Fixed many floating NPCs
  • Fixed a number of bugs with No Rest for the Wicked
  • Fixed a missing marker on Reseph during Welcome to the Fold
  • Fixed Ahmek going for a walk
  • Fixed Rocks, trees and landscape that defied gravity
  • Fixed Amonhoteph refusing to talk
  • Fixed Hermitesss Inquisitor sitting, giving you her item and dialog
  • Fixed Overly aggressive bushes
  • Fixed Issues with Amara
  • Fixed Optimization issues with some users
  • Fixed Temerah causing crashes
  • Fixed issues with Slavery Cages
  • Fixed Yellow fruit not appearing on lower foliage settings
  • Fixed Lost and Found
  • Fixed The kill plane in Alrah dungeon not…killing players…
  • Fixed a bug where if you started dialog with your capture jar out, you could break the camera and dialog
  • Fixed Issues with the Swim HUD
  • Fixed Collision issues with Crocodiles, Rocks, Cushions, Foliage and More.
  • Fixed Audio Options
  • Fixed Issues with Home from Home being partially auto-completed
  • Fixed Issues with Multi-Pickup and Pickupables duping
  • Fixed A bunch of minor typos and misc bits and bobs

Major Content Update – Dungeons, Climbing, Quests, Masturbation and POIs

v0.3.55 Changelog

  • Added new Fennec Jackal Female Skin
  • Added new sex scene
  • Added new MxM Scene – “Standing Behind” as a part of Bribe Payoff
  • Added new Standing Female/Futa Scene
  • Added new “Sketchy Draconid” NPC to bribe the Guards and get the new MxM scene
  • Added new Voice Acting for Citizens around Blood Script Corpse
  • Added new Voice Acting for Watchman around Blood Script Corpse
  • Added item “Carapace Shield”
  • Added item “Iron Arrow” to Merchant Stock
  • Added item “Steel Arrow” to Merchant Stock
  • Added blockout map locations for “Liquid Gold”
  • Added Quest “Liquid Gold”
  • Added item “Khooma”
  • Added NPC “Centauress”
  • Added Enemy “Addict”
  • Added 19 new NPCs for the “Liquid Gold”
  • Added new Quest Functions to Support non-linear quest progression
  • Added new town Nappona Estate
  • Added other various map areas
  • Added additional Objectives to Liquid Gold to make it less confusing


  • Fixed an issue where Crocodiles could play the Ahmes tail fucking scene
  • Fixed an issue with Ahmes interaction with the player and the Canopic Jar
  • Fixed a bug with an issue with the tints that connect to the member to player for multiple skins and forms
  • Fixed an issue with Mered on Save/Load for some players
  • Fixed an issue with the Save/Load for multiple unique NPCs
  • Fixed an issue with NPCs so that they will not continue to play the talk animation after dialog has completed
  • Fixed an issue with the Fenneck Jackal Skin
  • Fixed an issue with Multiple New Skins from v0.3.48->v0.3.59
  • Fixed an issue with the Cock Buldge for some models in some scenes
  • Fixed an issue with the Map which made it difficult to progress through Liquid Gold
  • Fixed issues with Objective Completion with Liquid Gold
  • Fixed issues with save/loading during the endings of Liquid gold preventing progression
  • Changed the Goo Scenes, both the Jar and the Tuvan scene so the Male cannot complete the scene
  • Changed quest objective rewards to increase gold given and fixed some objectives not giving gold in Liquid Gold
  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Carnal Instinct Download



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