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Secret Care Cafe Download Latest Version

Secret Care Cafe Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Everyday seemed like nothing was changing.

Developer: Rare Alex Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.8.34
OS: WindowsMac
Language: English
Genre: 2D Game, 3DCG, Adventure, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Creampie, Groping, Handjob, Male Protagonist, Management, Milf, Oral Sex, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Group Sex, Multiple Penetration, Swinging, Netorase, Anal

Secret Care Cafe Overview

Everyday seemed like nothing was changing. Go into your cubicle, put in numbers to the sheets, prepare presentations, hope for bonus every quarter. Only to see your manager get all the credit for your work. Was it your fate to spend the rest of your days at the same place, being just an insignificant pawn in your own life? No!

You’ve had enough! With the help of your loyal girlfriend Cynthia, you took a loan, left your old workplace behind and opened a Maid Cafe! Cynthia and two of her good friends become maids that will help you with everyday struggles!


You can be the owner of a cafe where your customers will feel at home, have pleasant conversations with the maids and drink coffee in peace, while you learn more about your maids. If you spent enough time with them, they even might develop a romantic interest in you.

Or you can go with the naughtier option for your cafe. If you buy a special items in the shop and give them to your maids, you can o rder them to take special care of the clients. Ask them to meet with clients after work to know them better, help them with their issues or even serve them in a sexy way. That can even provide your maids with special benefits and unlock special interactions in the cafe with said clients.

Clients coming to your cafe will ask for their preferred drinks and dishes. Your job is to stock up on the items a day before while during the day you assign to each client a maid, preferably the one they like the most, and prepare the orders, while the maids entertain the guests, making them order more than they could ever eat or drink. Getting more and more tips for you is their specialty.

After each work day it’s time to prepare for the next day. You can choose to spent time with your girlfriend to deepen the relationship or you can learn more about your new colleagues. If maids gain enough information from the client, you can look through client’s book to learn more about guest’s preferences and special abilities. Remember to stock up on the items and if you have some cash laying around, why not buy some special items for your new friends or for the cafe?
While talking with your maids you can encounter some sweet scenes, where you learn more about them, maybe a funny event where something stupid and cliche happens. But if your maids get lewd and your relationship with them is deep enough, scenes can get more and more risky and sexy.

Instead of talking with your favorite maid, you can ask them to meet up with clients, learning more about them. But if maids are lewd enough there will be a moment during the meeting with the client where maids will ask you how far should they go with a client. It’s all up to you.

Your actions and decisions have an impact.

After you’ll get comfortable with basics of the game, you’ll unlock new maids for your cafe and special rooms where there are new ways for you and your maids to improve and serve the clients. Keep your cafe clean and your maids rested to avoid Bad Endings.

Random events might trigger after each day of work. This makes sure you will get different experience everyday.

Game has both NSFW (not safe for work) and SFW (safe for work) mode. Thanks to that option, if you are not interested in lewd content or if you just aren’t in the mood right now, you don’t have to worry about it popping out on you. SFW mode has some scenes changed but most of nsfw events just doesn’t show up while SFW is turned on.

Hunt for specific events to fully fill the CG gallery by encountering them during gameplay! Buy and earn new skins for your cafe and maids!


– added 2 new events, sfw event of Cookie with 2 guys and Emilia’s date event (nsfw)
– added new client, Wedlock Couple
– added 1 new song by yungtownbeats
– added ‘TAB’ as a button that can move your screen between main cafe and backrooms during gameplay
– fixed Cynthia not counting Send Text/Give number skill for [REDACTED]
– fixed Ame’s sfw event with goth guy, loading wrong set of textures
– small optimization to text generation

– added 2 new events (Aruto and Rai talk and AmexCynthia nsfw random event)
– added 2 new songs by yountownbeats
– added music to gallery screen (let me know if you like it, because I thought it fits perfectly, but I’m also crazy)
– changed Aruto (exhibition) chain of events so they are way easier to get (for the time of game development)
– updated all Cafe’s and Sergil’s perks in Upgrade menu
– updated upgrade menu background and added Ame to it if you unlocked her
– slightly optimized the code in upgrade menu and in some events
– fixed crash related to GH camera that sometimes happened during pausing the game
– fixed a bunch of typos

– added 4 new events
* event to the secret chain of events you could unlock in latest boss fight
* event with Ame and Cynthia if you had bad result in Roomba’s boss fight
* main event with Ame and Cookie if you got 2 points of Ame’s ??? and 50 favor
* random repeatable event with Cookie and Rai in bunny suits and teasing
– Updated all Ame’s perks in Upgrade menu
– changed places of few events in gallery (from maids side events page to maid clients events)
– slightly optimized the code during gameplay and in upgrade menu
– fixed Clark’s bug that prevented you from getting perfect score
– fixed 1st bad end sometimes crashing on summary screen
– fixed summary screen being faded a bit or returning to ‘basic’ state if clicked too fast


– added 3rd main boss to the gameplayw
– added 4 events in total for the new boss (daystart event and 3 results events depending on your achievement, including nsfw)
– added new buttons to client’s book, so now you don’t have to click through pages to get to desired client
– updated few sprites and icons during the gameplay
– fixed bug making Ame’s event from last update being stuck on screen
– fixed goth guy’s info being displayed incorrectly in client book
– fixed bug that prevented Anastasia (boss) from registering you don’t have Apple Pie
– small adjustments to clients code
– corrected Promotional room description
– some code optimization to gallery
– changed ‘certain’ logo and links to ‘another’ logo and links
– fixed few description in gallery

– added 2 new events, both nsfw (Ame exhibition, Cynthia meeting Kai)
– added 5 new songs by yungtownbeats, 2 to main gameplay, 2 to new events and 1 unused for now (thanks Kai for all the help with them! kiss kiss!)
– fixed Ame’s DP on camera in GH not appearing correctly
– fixed (hopefully) summary screen sometimes freezing on money addition
– fixed wrong Ame’s icon displaying in sfw Goth event
– fixed crash in Emilia’s latest event
– added missing Cookie’s thighjob with client to the gallery
– fixed bug that prevented gallery unlocking when seeing Cynthia with client event
– corrected few typos

– added 4 new events
* 2 short nsfw events with Cynthia (chat and random)
* Emilia nsfw(ish) chat
* Ame talk with Aruto
– fixed crashing while viewing Cynthia’s take out’s shy couple cg while in halloween skin
– fixed crashing while trying to view Cynthia’s chat event in gallery when she is jealous of sergil
– fixed Emilia’s event when Kai suddenly appeared and didn’t walk from the side screen
– fixed Ame’s goth event starting without Pin

– added 3 new events
* nsfw event of Ame with Goth Guy
* Ame’s short chat event nsfw-ish
* Emilia’s chat sfw
– small code optimization in gallery
– fixed a few typos

– added 2 new events, Ame’s chat event (early event), Cookie’s nsfw random event with client,
– added Cynthia’s mom animation and a new song to backrooms menu
– changed some events positions in gallery
– fixed some triggers for Ame’s event starters
– fixed bug with Gyaru Couple event that showed the first event completed even if you didn’t agree with the couple
– fixed flashing in everyone’s Break event, fixed CG not saving in gallery and not showing second CG
– fixed few flashing images in preparation Menu and in Bunny Skin
– fixed repeating Clint event each time you started the game and not saving correctly
– fixed some descriptions in the shop and button positions
– small code optimizations
– fixed few typos

– 2 new events, nsfw Cynthia’s mom with a bunch of choices and sfw random event. Many bug fixes and a lot of typo fixes thanks to NepNep!

– added 2 new events (one nsfw and one nsfw-ish)
– added tutorials to Main Menu after loading up the game
– fixed wrongly displaying Nina nsfw event availability
– fixed and adjusted energy lost in cleaning station (closet)
– fixed bug that showed Business Women page in Client’s book instead of Anastasia
– fixed bug that did not correctly register in gallery who you choose in halloween event
– fixed group break event not saving and loading correctly to the game and gallery
– fixed crash sometimes occurring in Wartwins sfw event
– fixed Sergil flashed event spawning 2 events instead of one in the background
– fixed 2 events loading up wrong texture pages
– fixed few buttons looks to match up other buttons (in main menu and in extras)
– fixed crash in the Halloween event if you were too fast

– 3 new events = 1 nsfw Halloween event (21 cgs), 1 new random event (continuation of the last event when Sergil was flashed), 1 new no-chat event with one nsfw cg for Cynthia (after seeing Nina’s nsfw event with her
– updated and cleaned summary screen look
– now summary screen shows you how much drinks and foods were used during the day and how much you have left
– now summary screen waits for your click to show you changed stats (second click of mouse or space button ends the screen)
– now at 25% and below cleanliness instead of lower spawn rates of clients, clients have a 25% chance to walk away from the cafe after seeing how dirty it is (instead of sitting down)
– added sound indicators when you buy food/drinks or don’t have enough money for it
– capped all food and drinks at 999 pcs (cap might take effect at the end of the next day) (if you overbuy with AutoBuy you will be able to use the over amount next day but if you will still have over 999 at the end of the day, it will reduce itself)
– fixed some more sound distortions in tittle menu

– added 3 new events, one nsfw event with Nina (22 cgs and 2 animations) and 2 short random ones
– changed Nina’s client button
– fixed bug Nina’s event icon not disappearing when changed menus (and crashing)
– fixed bunny skin visual bug that appears only if you updated the game
– fixed some typos

– added 2 new events, Sergil random event (nsfwish) and CynthiaxNina sfw event
– fixed Cookie HJ not unlocking in GH gallery
– fixed outline in Ambers button in chat menu
– fixed Anastasia entry in clients book no correctly registering number of given numbers
– fixed Ame’s mouth moving in wrong place in her mastur**** event
– fixed Rai’s and Cookie’s nochat gallery cgs
– fixed bug that made overlayed sounds while loading the game
– fixed black screen occuring during certain events
– fixed crashing in Rai’s AV Media aftermath event
– fixed no Sergil’s face appearing in Anastasia nsfw results event at one point
– fixed some typos

– added 4 new events : 2 new random events with Cynthia = 1 new chat event with Rai = 1 new chat event with Ame
– fixed bug sometimes causing crashing if time was stopped in backrooms
– fixed Goth client sometimes crashing the game
– fixed hint clipping for last week event
– fixed statuses not reacting to time speed
– fixed some typos

– added Anastasia as new client if you perfectly beat her boss fight from last week
– added 10 new skill cgs to unlock (x5 skin variations, 46 cgs in total)
– added 1 short nsfwish random event
– added performance settings, letting you change the way textures are being loaded, helping those who have issues with too much memory being used (crashes), the cost being visual glitches on loading textures (or lack of it for a moment) and possible stutters while they load, don’t change these settings if you don’t have any problems
– added extra info to the chat buttons letting you know if you dont have enough action points
– fixed bug that loaded normal skin textures even if you were using summer skin
– fixed bug preventing Rai from giving her number to the Blond Twins if they were at 4th table
– fixed bug that prevented Anastasia events to spawn under specific conditions
– fixed inifinetly spawning Anastasia’s camera
– fixed bugged out button layout in the main settings and adjusted it a bit
– fixed crashing bug that happened sometimes if you had time stopped in backrooms
– some code cleanup

– added new boss and new events relating to her (starting event + 3 possible outcomes, one being nsfw)
– now you can’t speed up bosses, as this produced many other problems and players didn’t know how to make bosses happy
– fixed bug that made some skins not unlock the Twin’s Special Care CGs
– fixed bug in certain cases displaying black screen instead of an boss start or end events
– some small texture adjustments
– corrected few typos

– added aftermath event with gyaru couple (to see it needs her to be mindbroken)
– added 1 new random event with Cynthia (early lewdness event)
– added 1 new Emilia event
– fixed bug not saving last seen event with Emilia in save files
– fixed bug letting you scroll up to previous choices in Ame’s and Goth’s event
– some minor adjustment to some sprite positions

– added 1 new event, Ame’s first event with client
– added 30 new abilities cgs for Blonde Twins take out and special care (10 unique cgs + skin variations)
– removed information in gallery abilities tip that you need Winter Skill to unlock abilities cg
– bug fixed that let you see Ame or nsfw no-chat event with Cookie when you shouldn’t have (didn’t meet Ame or not secret lovers with Cookie)
– bug fixed that blocked stats being added in summary screen if you had maxed out cefe popularity
– fixed Amber’s pre unlock hint in gallery

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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