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Patriarch Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – is an ambitious sandbox harem-builder game set in a dark near future where a powerful crime family has brought a city to its knees.

Developer: Oranos Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.13
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Male Protagonist, Real Porn, Bdsm, Corruption, Group sex, Harem, Humiliation, Male Domination, Sexual Harassment, Slave, Anal Sex, Big Tits, Big Ass, Creampie, Oral Sex, Prostitution, Spanking, Vaginal sex, Blackmail, Rape, Incest

Patriarch Overview

Patriarch is an ambitious sandbox harem-builder game set in a dark near future where a powerful crime family has brought a city to its knees. You play as the heir to this family, whose job it is to make a name for himself and establish the connections necessary to lead an empire. Date and control the women near you, as you build a harem of girlfriends, wives and sex slaves.

The game prominently features misogony, degradation and humilitation. Not for the faint of heart!


– Continued the main story
– Introduced the new character Gabrielle, which is encountered through the new main story continuation. She can be married, and will live with the player like Angelica does, with the chance to appear in different parts of the house.
– After the main story continuation is completed, the player can again increase the rate of recruitment by talking to Simon.
– Added a scene featuring Gabrielle and Angelica if the player marries both, triggering at the end of the second wedding.
– Expanded the citywide corruption to now also have an effect on the Public Pools, Earl’s coffee, Gym and Mall.
– When citywide corruption is high enough, there is now a chance a random sex encounter will trigger when you enter certain parts of the city (2 in brighttown at level 3, 1 in redlight at level 3, one in gym at level 4). These random encounters can be turned off in the new “Settings” next to the kink toggle in the side bar.
– Altered who the player can invite to their wedding if they choose to marry Angelica after a certain point in the story.
– Added two new furniture items for the basement, either of which can be obtained at Gabrielle’s wedding¨.
– Added a main story guide to the in-game walkthrough, as well as an explanation of the City corruption levels and the Threat/soldiers system to the Core mechanics section.
– The breeding kink toggle should now work correctly.
– The lounge activity can now be accessed from the Atrium, not only the Living Room.
– The scene where you propose the extracurricular course to Carmichael now only plays once.
– Fixed the Jade and Laura patreon scenes triggering too early.
– Fixed the scene with Lola and her friend triggering too early.
– You can no longer spend time with Angelica at night or later, or once you’ve expended your daily energy.
– Altered Ana’s image with AI to better reflect the character’s age.
– Minor changes to the intro.
– You can no longer buy the car more than once.
– Fixed three missing images for Angel, Eve and Haley.
– Fixed some code and typos.

– Added City Corruption Level as a new parameter indicating the overall corruption of the city. Based on how overtly sexual the female populace is and how accepted slavery and sexual domination is, the city will dynamically change as you visit places in it. Besides there being new things to see in many of the locations, there are also scenes and activities that only unlock at certain levels of citywide corruption. Locations dynamically changing based on city level are: “outside”, college, beach, downtown, park, red light district, brighttown, pitcher’s bar and oldtown
– Added the ability for the player to aquire hormone samples during one of the final scenes with each named character. These can be cashed in together with money at Crowle’s clinic to increase the City’s Corruption Level. You can return to previously completed characters and redo their final scene in order to get samples if you haven’t gotten one from that character yet.
– The trigger for dr.Crowle’s invitation to the Corpus Nova Clinic now occurs earlier in the game. You now only need to reach day 50 for it to trigger, and you don’t need 100 reputation or ownership of Villa Garcia. The villa is still required for the Bimbo and Breeding programs however.
– At city level 3 or greater you can now talk to Rue in the Atrium of your house to arrange the “Free Love” Festival in the Park, which includes 9 scenes
– At city level 3 or greater you can now crash a college house party at Rushbrook Av., which includes 5 scenes.
– Added 7 scenes around the city that unlock at City Corruption Level 3 and 4. At park, megazonic (2 scenes), pitchers bar, brighttown, red light district and college office. My intention is to add more of these in the future.
– Slightly increased payout for the college job, as well as the street walker girl asignment in order to make the early game slightly less dificult economically. Also added the the ability for the player to push down these costs even further by commanding the household to subside on one of two special diets.
– Added the ability for the player to toggle kinks in the sidebar. Also added a new kink with one scene at the new festival and one scene related to new furniture. Breeding/Pregnancy is now also under the kink toggle and turned off by default.
– Resized the UI elements on the side bar to reduce the amount of scrolling the player has to do.
– Carmichael’s achievement now gives the correct 5000 instead of 5.
– Fixed some typos and fixed some incorrect text colouring

– Introduced girl living expenses as an additional daily cost for girls that stay at the house to increase realism. (this includes all girls in the two categories as well as the step sisters and Angelica. It also includes the living furniture)
– Added five more wake-up scenes (Angelica, Haley, Lisa, Pussi and Cunti, Julia and Diana)
– Added the ability to aquire a group of maids, with a total of eight scenes spread between the Living Room, Bedroom, Harem and Kitchen
– Added new scenes for old characters: 1 scene for Rue in garden, 1 scene for Lola by pool, 1 scene for Sophie in City Hall, 2 scenes for Amber after building the bhome office
– Added a new mission type offered by your capo once you have talked to Simon. This new mission will allow you to upgrade your facilities at St.James’ drive
– Added the ability for the player to get a home gym and home office, each with their own perks
– The main story has progressed several scenes, including the raising of the threat level to 3, which means an escalation of violence in the city. To combat this, the player has to more carefully manage the soldier resource as well as attack his enemies in order to not suffer heavy casualties. You can once more upgrade recruitment with Simon as well as do emergency recruitment. You can now also perform offensive missions with your Capo once the Threat level is at max.
– Added story-adjacent events when threat level is 3, including repeating attacks by your enemies on your forces
– Added 4 new furniture items, two of which have a scene
– Added the ability for the player to act as a hall monitor at the college, with the chance of triggering 2 scenes
– Added 1 generic scene in brighttown, 1 in red light district
– Restored a missing image from the Khrisis update (0.6)
– Fixed some typos

v0.11.1 Hotfix:
– Fixed the Silencio attack to be non-repeatable
– Fixed some typos

– fixed some of Jade’s pictures displaying incorrectly
– fixed bug that prevented player from speaking with Carmichael about Monique if the head nurse in clinic had already been spoken with in 0.9.
– Fixed a bug where Jade’s progress could be reset if you called her in to your office even after she starts working out of the cam studio.

– Added the new girl Monique as a participant for Crowle’s Breeding program, who can be encountered after funding the program and talking to Principal Carmichael.
– Added the new girl Jade who will enable the Cam studio in the West wing of the Villa, she can be encountered in the college office after completing Reilly’s content.
– Added the minor character Adrianah
– Added the opportunity for the player to invest either in a Cam studio or Milk farm in the West wing, either of which both provides income and new interactions. The cam studio also unlocks a new job that can be assigned for extra income and reputation.
– Completely redone hint system. Old hints removed and replaced by a full in-game walkthrough, both for general gameplay concepts and strategy, and walkthroughs for each girl.
– Redone achievement system. Unearned achievements now give you a hint as to where you can encounter the needed girl. Earned Achievements now give you a one-time reward such as money or stat boosts. Haley, Angelica and Emily now only show up on achievement list if they were enabled by player’s choice of marrying Angelica or not.
– Added airplane mode to the phone so players can choose to not recieve new texts/new text alerts
– Added two new furniture items to the Meatlocker, a shoeshiner and a garden set.
– Marlene now automatically joins the harem to prevent people from locking themselves out of the follower system and meeting Haley
– Lowered the discipline needed to remove trade tarrifs in City Hall to 15.
– Fixed a bug where you could endlessly interact with Candace.
– Fixed a bugged image and link in one of Angelica’s scenes.
– Fixed the conversation about teaching with Carmichael repeating.
– Resized some images.
– Fixed typos.

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