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Mothers and Daughters [v0.5.1.0 Steam] [Spin256]


Mothers and Daughters Download Latest Version

Mothers and Daughters Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Max worked hard to finish high school and passed with the relevant grades to get into a local college. 

Developer: Spin256 Patreon – Steam 
Version: Steam
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, male protagonist, milf, big ass, big tits, teasing, sex toys, vouyerism, multiple endings, harem, netorare, groping, romance, male domination, school setting, oral sex

Mothers and Daughters Overview

Max (name customizable) worked hard to finish high school and passed with the relevant grades to get into a local college. There was one thing Max failed at in high school – losing his virginity. Can you help him with that?
You can pursue all the women you meet along the way, both mothers and daughters. What will the daughters say if they find out you’re also dating their moms?

Can you juggle the demands of dating many women at once? There’s only one way to find out!
Will you try for your best friend’s mom or older sister? Maybe the mom or sister of your high-school arch nemesis. That high school sweetheart who tried to make you jealous. How about your babysitters from when you were younger. That girl you never spoke to in high school. One of the college teachers or a host of other women you meet along the way.​


*Approximately 200 renders covering 1 afternoon event (Maria) for the playable day 5 (Tuesday).
*1 trophy
*General bug fixes

v0.5.0.1 Steam release
*Approximately 600 renders covering 10 morning and afternoon events for the playable day 5 (Tuesday).
*11 look closer images.
*Surname entry on Android version is no longer hidden behind the keyboard.
*Settings app includes toggle options for prerequisite not met, netorate, and netorase. (netorate and netorase content not in the game yet)

*Approximately 640 renders covering afternoon events for playable day Monday evening.
*I recommend using saves from ‘Monday morning’ or earlier due to significant code changes to Monday afternoon scenes.
*Every look-closer image from previous versions has had an additional postwork pass and are resaved at a higher quality rate.
*Complete script pass, changing a lot of dialogue into American English to satisfy an international audience.
*24 look closer images.
*4 trophies.
*Fixed bug with viewing trophies in the smartphone app.
*Android version will prompt to enable touch highlight option.
*Changes to how content mods are loaded and used.

*Approximately 770 renders across 7 scenes covering afternoon events for playable day Monday afternoon.

*Approximately 110 renders across 4 scenes covering morning events for playable day Monday morning.
*Android version will show v0.4.0.1
*I recommend against creating saves within the part-day scenes as things could change for bug fixes or other issues in the next part-day update.

*Fixed Android freeroam images displaying incorrectly
*Add freeroam highlight preference option to all OS versions (PC, Mac, Android).
*Freeroam highlighting of clickable items on Android no longer enabled by default.

*Approximately 770 renders across 16 scenes covering playable day Sunday.
*28 look closer images.
*4 trophies.
*A quick tutorial option available at start.
*Rollback on mouse wheel added as user preference (requires game restart).
*Walkthrough hints added on disabled menu options (prerequisite not met).
*Samantha scene persona point calculation.
*Trophy addition for Kim diy scene.
*Images not filling the screen on the computer photos app.
*Melvin enabled as a character after first meeting.
*Caprice lunch scene cashier error.
*Due to feature changes and bug fixes, version 3 is a full release, not just an update to versions 1 & 2. In testing, a small number of saves from previous versions failed to load. Most loaded fine and continued as expected.
*Due to hardware failure mid development. The Android version signed certificate is different. You may need to uninstall previous versions first.

*Playable day Saturday (day 2)
*Approx 600 renders across 14 scenes.
*25 Look closer images.
*Bug fixes
*Choice screen updated.
If you saved in V1 on a menu screen you will see additional blank menu items when you open the save in V2. This is a side effect of the menu changes to allow for disabled items (prerequisite not met options). You either need to roll back a screen or just don’t select a blank item. The game uses an if/else block for menus. If you do happen to choose a blank item you’ll get whatever is the else path is (usually the last option, but not always).

*Bug fixes
*Code changes to support Android version
*Added Android version

*Location scenes after college changed from (Cooper,Gym,Mall) to (Cooper,Gym).
*Mall scene will play after Gym. Or you have choice to leave Cooper early to visit Mall.
*Preference option to enable/disable file save naming (useful for touch screen users).
*Bug fixes
*Added MAC build (untested)

~600 renders
~180MB compressed

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Mothers and Daughters Download







ANDROID (Incest pre-patched)




Mothers and Daughters Screenshots


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