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Mays Summer Vacation Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Play as May, an innocent girl who just moved into a little countryside town with her family for summer vacation.

Developer: Otchakun – Twitter/X
Censored: No
Version: 0.04.1
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Exhibitionism, Female protagonist, Loli, Monster, Oral sex, Rpg, Sandbox, Sexual harassment, Shota, Urination, aliens, trap

Mays Summer Vacation Overview

Play as May, an innocent girl who just moved into a little countryside town with her family for summer vacation. She is looking forward to having a fun and fulfilling stay, but nothing seems to go exactly as planned, as she constantly gets dragged into all sorts of embarrassing situations.

Explore the town and its surrounding areas at will, hang out with your new neighbors, and try to protect May’s innocence (impossible).

(All characters depicted are 18+)​


v0.04.1 (30 Jun 2024)
– Added icemega’s character Earlette and a short collab quest with her into the game (accessible from the city park)
– The arcade in the city is now accessible (though you won’t be able to play any games yet)
– Fixed the bug in which May’s Diary didn’t properly keep track of the Gropers’ questline progress
– Increased the number of save slots from 20 to 100 (99 + autosave)
– Added a “text speed” option to the menu
– May will now no longer be lv 1 after becoming a “Curious Girl”
– May can no longer drink orange juice if she isn’t in her default outfit
– You will no longer see the bus leaving at night
– Several minor fixes and changes

v0.04.0 (26 May 2024)
– The beach area is now accessible if you wear any swimsuit
– You can now borrow Abby’s bikini if you’ve tried it in her questline before
– May’s Diary will now make it clear how much of a questline is available
– Different soundtrack will play in the city and beach now
– The frilly bikini and cheap bikini now look slightly different
– You can now visit the beach at sunset and night
– Added animals and more filler NPCs to the city area
– Minor changes
* Public Release changes (02 Jun 2024):
– Restaurant scenes will now be shorter the 2nd time forward after the update
– Scenes where May pees will actually empty her bladder now
– Slightly buffed Ember’s clit (you heard me right)
– Minor changes

v0.03.1 (07 Apr 2024)
– 2 random scenes with Baobao may now play if you find her serving one of the tables
– You can now check the sign in front of the 3 main neighbors’ house for a hint/reminder of where to find them at the moment
– May’s diary now tracks how much she’s earned from working in the restaurant
– Added the “Pepper Spray” item to the convenience store, used to avoid some of the Gropers scenes
– Ember will now give you 1 Pepper Spray for free after you meet her at the convenience store
– The fitting room in the clothing shop now works
– The clothing shop clerk will now react if May buys the expensive Frilly Bikini
– Updated the art on one of the restaurant’s scenes so May steps on the table barefoot
– Updated the design of the micro bikini
– Fixed the bug whereas you weren’t returned to the Recollection Room after replaying Jun’s third scene
– Fixed a bug that bugged the progression out if Jun is the 3rd character you talk to during the tutorial
* Public Release fixes (14 Apr 2024):
– Fixed a bug that made the vendor’s reaction to May buying the Frilly Bikini play wrong
– Fixed a bug where leaving the clothing shop’s fitting room could lead to bugs regarding what May is wearing
– Changed the skip to hide the textbox from Ctrl/Alt to Tab
– May’s Diary now keeps track of how many times May has been seen nude in public

v0.03.0 (17 Mar 2024)
– The city is expanded after the 2nd day
– The clothing shop is now open for purchasing the bikini
– Working part time as a waitress is now a feature
– 3 new Gropers scenes
– You can now use vending machines to buy juice
– May can now pee herself or use the toilet
– You can now find the “May’s Diary” item in her room
– You can now check several game statistics from May’s diary
– Added a recollection room for viewing scenes again, available from May’s Diary

v0.02.1 (10 Feb 2024)
– Added a reminder when May wakes up at night from a short nap of where to find Jun, if they’re in the middle of his second quest
– Updated some artwork
– Fixed typos
– Other minor changes to existing content

v0.02.0 (04 jan 2024)
– Added one new scene for the 3 main neighbors (Abby, Ember and Jun)
– Added the first bed masturbation scene
– Added the short nap feature, which lets you advance time a little bit at a time
– Fixed the bug that makes the game think May is always naked when trying to leave home during the prologue
– Minor changes

v0.01.1 (10 jan 2024)
– Fixed a bug that allows you to go to town early and break the game’s progression, thus making it impossible to sleep at sunset
– Fixed typos
– Fixed a few illustrations
– Minor changes

v0.01 (06 jan 2024)
– Initial early access release

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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