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Lycoris Radiata Download Latest Version

Lycoris Radiata Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – A story driven Visual Novel, full of tragedy, mystery, comedy, action and romance.

Developer: Kuro Patreon 
Censored: No
Version: Chapter 7
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, male protagonist, multiple protagonist, romance, tragedy, mystery, action, thriller, comedy, gore, sci-fi.

Lycoris Radiata Overview

One day… a boy lost his life.
And through his death… I was born.

A story driven Visual Novel, full of tragedy, mystery, comedy, action and romance.
A journey in which you will have to decide on what is more important, past or present, revenge or promise… relationship or family.​


Chapter 7
As this update will be the last one made in Studio Neo 2 using HS2 models, I made it the biggest one yet.
This chapter will introduce many new characters, including ones that were mentioned before but didn’t have a chance to enter the stage and those that will play significant roles in the future of Lycoris Radiata.
There will be two QTE events, one for Ren and another for Inei.
Some side stories and a deep dive into the Sculptor case, which will be the main focus of this arc. A new approach for renders will be introduced: a blueprint for a more traditional VN style of story portrayal using sprite-type renders in scenes with multiple characters.
20 new unlockable CGs.
Chinese Translation by Black_Red.

Chapter 6

  • Renders: More than the last update.
  • Words of dialogue: Biggest chapter yet.
  • New Uniforms: About Uniforms: I’ve changed them again, and this is definitely the last time (I think they look good right now).
  • New Maps: About Locations: Same thing; with your help, I bought a license for Substance Painter, and now I have more capabilities to create better-looking maps/clothings.
  • Two QTE Events.
  • New Characters.
  • Introduction to “The Boys.”
  • New UI
  • New CG’s to unlock

(For Mirai Worshipers, I recommend playing this update again, as you can now unlock CGs and apply choices for future releases.)

Chapter 5

– 17K words of dialogue;
– 1000 renders;
– 10 new Custom Maps;
– Two new QTE events;
– Introduced many new characters;
– Characters/Relationship Menu and new unlockable CGs;
– NSFW toggle option is now available in the preferences menu (set to ‘Off’ by default);
– Now players have the ability to change the Main Character’s name from the preference menu at any point;
– Chinese translation by Black_Red.


Sidenote: The Shiro-Chou uniform has been changed. I will fix segments featuring the previous uniform design later.
I consulted with a native Japanese speaker to ensure the accuracy of the names, which is why certain names will be written differently, such as Shu/Shuu. Additionally, there will be some changes: Honda Oguro will now be Honda Osamu, Kamiya Tokei will now be Kamiya Tomoki, and Koga will now be Koga Yuuji.

Chapter 4:

– 18K+ words of dialogue;
– 1500+- renders;
– Many choices with different outcomes;
– New QTE event;
– New characters.

Notice! I did some major code rewriting and for some reason the older saves do not work with this version of the game, so… I will attach my saves (Nobume and D&A affinity choices.) PC/Mac version with canon name.

Chapter 3 Part 2 (B):

– The new preset is applied to the entire game;
– Improved poses and facial expressions;
– Added gallery.

Chapter 3 Part 2 Public:

– Main story progression;
-New character introduction;
– 400 images;
– Diana and Artemis Event;
-Visual upgrade.

Ch. 2 Part 1 Public:

-Main story progress
-4K+ Words
-560+ Images

Ch. 1 Full Public

v0.1 – First Release

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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