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Lord Goblin [v0.22.0] [BBBen and his Big Brass Band]


Lord Goblin Download Latest Version

Lord Goblin Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – You play a pathetic goblin slave owned by the beautiful but cruel Witch-Queen Az’ea.

Developer: BBBen and his Big Brass Band Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.22.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Voiced: English
Genre: 2dcg, animated, handjob, male protagonist, big ass, big tits, monster, adventure, fantasy, management, voiced,

Lord Goblin Overview

Welcome to Greenwood, Lord Goblin!
In our new game, you play a pathetic goblin slave owned by the beautiful but cruel Witch-Queen Az’ea.
Until that is, a spell of hers goes wrong, and now your roles are reversed!

Now you are giving the orders to Az’ea and the staff of lovely maids that work at Greenwood Manor.
You’ll need to govern your lands, renovate your castle, and train your naïve maids!
The game features beautiful illustrations and animations,
talented voice actors, and a harem of sexy girls who will slowly learn to love having a goblin as their master!​

  • cleansweep = set dirt and laundry to 0
  • giveusyourtired = add 20 artisans, 40 villeins and 10 soldiers
  • welltodo = add 200 gold and 200 food
  • gravitas = add 40 legitimacy and 20 security
  • pluckazalea = add 25 Az’ea love, lust and obedience
  • preferblondes = add 25 Beth love, lust and obedience
  • albagubrath = add 25 Cliona love, lust and obedience
  • delightful = add 25 Delia love, lust and obedience

2 additional CG for Azea
Village building upgrades (shop, increased food/legitimacy/beer gain for maids on lvl 3 and some other options)
certain events seem to be less common. i.e. getting villains (the brown workers) seems to be less common, you have to use the bridge building in the village to get them


  • Gameplay & UI related changes
    Main Menu screen
    Replaced the ‘Patreon’ button/link with ‘Subscribestar’ button/link
  • Bug fixes / Miscellaneous
    Fixed the ‘Earl’s Anger’ not reverting correctly after a Siege. (to 0 after a defeat, to 1 after a victory)

Major changes:

  • A new town screen that you can visit during the day! This has a wide array of new upgradable buildings that expand the gameplay options and help round out the balance of the game. This is still a work-in-progress; the animations and UI elements are temporary, but it’s now playable.
  • Added a new Cliona conversation scene with a CG for when you upgrade the battlements!
  • Added a new Beth conversation scene for when you upgrade the chapel.
  • Added a new conversation scene between the maids about “Drugga cows”.
  • Added a new conversation scene between the maids about freedom.

This month, in addition to completing the Az’ea deep throat scenes, we’ve included a major new gameplay system that really rounds out the game.


What’s new in this one? Obviously I can’t show it in a public post, but we’ve got a new animated Az’ea ritual deep throat scene in the latest release!

The second bit of big news is that we’ve made BIG progress on optimising the game – so much so that the latest build should cut down about 80-90% of the game’s memory usage! It’s always been our plan to improve performance, but this is a bigger improvement than we expected, so we think most players shouldn’t have any problems with performance at this point.

Beyond that, we’ve got a new story scene/event chain the “Town Feast”, featuring new background art and designed to introduce the town screen gameplay. Unfortunately, the town screen itself still needs a bit of work, so we’ll introduce that in a couple of months! (But it’s still good to have the introduction of it in place first.)

While a lot went into this build, we’ve also made a lot of progress behind the scenes, so development is going well.


WARNING OPTIONAL NTR IN CURRENT UPDATE(Personally don’t care but wanted to let it be known)
Since it’s been a while since someone uploaded I’ll list a quick rundown of all the changelogs since v15
Major changes:

  • Two new Beth masturbation scenes – one on her own, (but not hidden by the covers this time) and one in which she teaches Delia “what not to do”. 
  • An animated character sprite for Beth! At the moment this is primarily used in places like the job screen and interacting with her on the castle screen.
  • Five new scenes about room upgrades: the disarming room, the barracks, the lord’s bedroom, the lobby and the armoury. These help explain some details about how the castle works, and/or develop the story of rebuilding the castle.
  • Three new holding court events.
  • Bug fixes and the addition of voice acting to the Beth boob sex scene from last month.
  • 76 new voice lines for Az’ea, Beth, Cliona and Delia distributed across the game in various scenes and on the castle screen for many interactions such as praise & instruct, exhaustion and sexy lust potions.
  • Three new scenes of Delia being happy about the upgrades to her lab, featuring a new CG by RDuke.
  • 7 new holding court events that can occur in response to building certain upgrades.
  • Balance changes in preparation for the upcoming releases that will introduce the Earl and the town screen; the most noticeable will be a boost to all the castle upgrade costs.
  • New scenes in which the Earl gets “service” from a maid, for Beth, Cliona and Delia! These are three new variations on animations used for the portal rituals, now featuring the Earl. More will come in the future, too!
  • A new gameplay system in which the Earl demands tribute in gold each week. If you don’t pay up then you will risk his anger, and his armies! (Sieges will be implemented in an upcoming update.)
  • A new system in which the Earl demands a maid be assigned to cooking on his visits and the tribute amount changes based on the maid’s cooking skill.
  • New story scenes introducing the Earl and the new gameplay systems.
  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Lord Goblin Download



MAC (v0.21.1)


LINUX (v0.21.1)


Lord Goblin Screenshots


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