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Light Space Love Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Deep Six Nine is one colony in the galaxy among many that were founded by the Federation.

Developer: Halftilt Subscribestar – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.44
OS: WindowsAndroid
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, female protagonist, big ass, big tits, sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, monster, masturbation, teasing, turn based combat, oral sex, titfuck, voyeurism, groping, parody, monster girl, sandbox, ugly bastard, creampie, vaginal sex, handjob, lactation, humor, futa/ trans

Light Space Love Overview

The game takes place in the year 8643. You play as Captain Linessa Star,
Commander of Repopulation Colony: Deep Six Nine.
Deep Six Nine is one colony in the galaxy among many that were founded by the Federation.
The Federation is responsible for assisting Xeno species that are in danger of extinction by helping them reproduce.
The Federation achieves this goal by utilizing genetic technology that allows members of the Federation,
to get impregnated by (or to impregnate) members of different species.

As Captain of Deep Six Nine, it is your duty to form bonds with other Xeno species,
and recruit their people into your colony to take part in its breeding efforts.

The story takes place after an incident that occurred with Captain Linessa Star in which she,
had unexpectedly returned from a year-long relationship-building mission with much of her memories erased.
Unsure of what happened to her, she wishes to discover who she is,
what happened to her, and how she can rebuild her colony which has fallen into disarray in her absence.

You will unlock different worlds to explore within the galaxy to visit in order to recruit Xenos,
into your colony and to uncover the mystery behind her lost memories.



  • Save Update feature is getting players soft-locked when choosing the option to restart the game.
    • If you updated your previous save, do not overwrite or delete it if you wan to keep your progress, once version 0.45 is released and this issue is fixed, you should be able to update your broken save.
  • Losing to Alliqua in the boss encounter is causing the screen to go white and crash.

Hey there, Halftilt here with a changelog on what to expect in Phase 4 of the Episode 1 update. This changelog applies to the current version that is being released on SubscribeStar and Patreon — with plans to release on the 2nd of February publicly for all.

Gameplay Changes
Gro’n Gala’Kor Game Over

  • Added the playable Game Over for the tournament (Gro’n Gala’Kor) when Linessa is defeated in the tournament.
    • Linessa must satisfy the audience upon her defeat.
  • Added the start of a new mission-line, allowing Linessa to meet the Ka’Lik if she chooses to lose 5 matches in a row instead.

Save Versioning

  • Added save versioning. When you try to load a save from a previous version, you’ll be prompted to update your save, which will keep your level and skill progression.
    • You can either start a new game with your current progress or start from a determined point (starting just before the latest content).

Additional Changes

  • Game Over scenes are now skippable if you press the ESC button; but only if you’ve completed a Game Over scene once.
  • Added a load screen before starting the game instead of waiting on a blank screen for the main menu to load.
  • Fixed load time on start up, the game should load much faster now on mobile and PC.
  • Changed the soundtrack for Repopulation Colony: Deep 69.
  • The random encounters in the Holo-Dick will now use scaling enemies (these enemies will grow stronger as you increase your level).
  • Added new enemy types.

Arcade Changes

  • Added the new Game Over scene when Linessa is defeated in the Gro’n Gala’Kor.
  • Added logic to the Arcade to allow the player to unlock scenes upon visiting them.
    • The Trial of Piety & first Game Over must now be unlocked before being accessible in the arcade.

UI Changes

  • Removed remaining text that referred to Indecency, everything should reference L.O.V.E. now instead.
  • Removed some typeahead text, and increased type speed in some menus.

Misc. Changes

  • Added an Expression’s Manager class, which will be used in future game modes and game overs to manage Linessa’s expression.
  • Added a Cum Manager class, which will be used in future game modes and game overs to manage cum on Linessa.
  • Rebalanced pleasure damage.
  • Added a new Kiss Cut-In for Lizardmen enemy types.
  • Added an enemy type data manager, this will keep track of different enemies during an encounter, related to their unique dialogue and genital color – this will be used in future game modes and game overs.
  • Changed audio pre-loading, now instead of loading all the audio at the start of the game, audio and soundtracks will be loaded into memory as needed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where enemy orgasms aren’t being tracked in Diplomacy and other game modes.
    • Known Issue: Some sex skills and partners are not being tracked properly.
  • Fixed issue in Clothing Replicator that allowed Linessa to remain undressed.
  • The Kissing Captain skill should now apply the Captivate effect properly on crits.
  • Updated mobile data import scripts – sometimes the game would freeze if the files weren’t referenced properly.


Hey there, Halftilt here with a changelog on what to expect in Phase 3 of the Episode 1 update. This changelog applies to the current version that is being released on SubscribeStar and Patreon — with plans to release on the 1st of December publicly for all.

New Features
Android Support

  • Light-Space Love now has an Android APK and can be played on mobile!!!

Arcade Mode

  • Added an Arcade mode, which if you wish to play a game mode or start an encounter, you can fire up the arcade and start a scenario of your choice. Additionally, you can upgrade the Arcade version of Linessa to unlock abilities, change Linessa’s indecency and her level of undress. I’ll be adding in some separate rewards for the arcade in a later update. I plan on making the game modes unlockable with points you can earn in the arcade – or you can unlock the arcade game by playing the main story itself.
  • All game modes are unlocked for now, the Arcade version of Linessa already has max Indecency and all abilities unlocked, and the player cannot gain tokens. The Arcade currently has the following game modes available:
    • Random Encounter: Starts a random Diplomacy Encounter with randomized enemy configurations.
    • Piloting Simulation: Starts the Piloting Simulation game mode.
    • Trial of Piety: Starts the Trial of Piety game mode.
    • Game Over – Kardassimin Prison: Starts the Kardassimin Prison game over.


  • Added the next phase of the main story mission, which will take Linessa to the planet Ukka’Kizz, the homeworld of the Gro’n Ska’Li, a race of lizardmen that place a significant importance on physical combat and humiliation of their opponents.
  • Added a defeat scene to the encounter with Alliqua.
  • L.I.B.R.A.I.R.Y. will now give the player a mission briefing for their main story mission when available.
  • Added an “ending” text to some dialogue to let the player know they’ve reached the end of a mission for the current version

Gameplay Changes

  • Completely re-factored Diplomacy encounters by adding new features and re-balancing enemy and player stats as well as giving the player and enemies new abilities in order to make Diplomacy feel more like a negotiation.
  • Added a Diplomacy Styleround, which allows the player to select a specific Diplomacy style at the start of combat that will change the entire encounter (unless the player decides to change their Diplomacy Style):
    • Context: Negotiation – Detractors are always vulnerable to at least one kind of argument, but resistant to others. (Aggressive, Friendly or Reasonable)
    • Context: Debate – Whenever an detractor’s Hostility reaches 0, gain an extra turn.
    • Context: Sensual – Whenever a detractor orgasms, gain an extra turn — whenever Linessa orgasms, she skips her next turn.
  • Added a History Log, which shows the history of all flavor text and dialogue during an encounter.
  • Enemies will now have unique voice lines that will play when using certain abilities.
  • Certain abilities now have animations instead of static cut-in images.
  • The player now has an idle animation when they’re not having sex.
  • The player now has an idle animation when they’re choosing an ability unique to the ability type when they’re not having sex.
  • The sex position system has now been implemented, which will change the player’s sprite based on who the player is having sex with, adding or removing partners as enemies are defeated or added into the orgy. Currently only the handjob and grapple positions for male enemies are fully implemented.
  • If an enemy is having sex with Linessa, they will only use lewd abilities.
  • Defeating an enemy that has started a grapple or a sex position will reset the grapple/position.
  • Updated art for when the player is grappled while wearing clothes.
  • Added a “no_grapple” tag to certain abilities so they are not available while the player is grappled.
  • The player cannot retreat while grappled or having sex.
  • While grappled, the player can only use Diplomacy skills against the detractor grappling them.
  • If the player tries to retreat, the retreat will not be automatically successful, instead the player must pass an Escape Roll check — the check is less difficult for each enemy the player has defeated.
    • If the player fails the check, their turn will end.
  • Introduced new enemy types.
  • Updated the flavor text and dialogue text to a more readable font.
  • Added new status effects.
    • In Love: Enemies that are In Love will only perform lewd abilities on the player.
    • And more…
  • Some enemies will start with a unique status effect that will last throughout the entire round, giving them a unique attribute that will encourage the player to change their approach to Diplomacy:
    • Celibate – This character is celibate and refuses to have sex.
    • Selfish – This character is only in it for their own pleasure, leaving their sexual prowess with much to be desired.
    • Amorous – This character is a very lustful and highly skilled lovemaker.
    • Nymphomaniac – This character has an extremely high sex drive. Over time, they’ll be able to have more orgasms.
    • Heckler – This character is an incessant critic. Linessa will be unable to gain an Extra Turn until they’ve been convinced.
    • Seductive – This character knows exactly how to release a woman’s inhibitions and is able to unlock Linessa’s desires, regardless of her current LUST.
    • And more…
  • Enemies with this status effect may have their name changed to denote their special status.
  • Updated player abilities.
    • Added skill icons to player abilities.
    • Added cooldowns to certain abilities.
    • Some skills now cost Energy or LUST to use.
    • Added new portrait sprites for the player after using certain abilities and updated portrait sprites for older abilities.
    • Skills are more unique in their purpose during an encounter.
      • Seduce has been renamed to Tempt and now applies a Pleasure DoT to opponents as well as applying the “In Love” status effect to the enemy.
  • Reduced the number of possible enemies in an encounter and increased enemy stats to compensate.
  • Before an enemy uses an ability, they will have an emoji show up that will show what type of ability they are using.
  • Re-factored the code for abilities, enemies and the player in order to give them their own separate class to make code management cleaner and to support a more modular approach.
  • Instead of the player being able to use any sex ability if their Indecency is high enough, the player will also need to unlock that specific Desire during an encounter by reaching that ability’s LUST threshold. Once an desire is unlocked, the player will be use that ability for the rest of the encounter — and once a desire is unlocked, the enemies will be able to use them, too.
  • Whenever a player uses a sex ability, they are undressed.
  • Added a new soundtrack.
  • Improved keyboard navigation during Diplomacy.
  • Improved the UI for Diplomacy to make effects and choices more clear.
  • Added support for Extra Turns — if a player meets certain conditions, they’ll be able to take an extra turn.
  • Added in a new animation when the player is stripped.
  • Updated the speed and flow of Diplomacy.
  • Enemies having orgasms will now increase the player’s LUST slightly.
  • Fixed pleasure damage on some pleasure abilities that were doing 0 pleasure damage.
  • Enemies will say something in response to the player when the player uses an ability.
  • Linessa will sometimes say something in response to when an enemy uses an ability.
  • Added more abilities to enemies.
  • Added a walkthrough for the first encounter.
  • Willpower damaging abilities under the Diplomacy tree will reduce an enemy’s lust.
  • Instead of Diplomacy abilities (Aggressive, Friendly and Reasonable) having different damage and crit modifiers, now they give the player a buff that lasts until the end of their next turn.
  • Added unlockable Diplomacy skills at specific Command Ranks (currently added 3 new abilities).
  • Lowered the parameters for the “overblow” code, where if an enemy does massive damage and defeats the player, the player will be reduced to a small percentage of their life instead — now the player will be defeated more often than not, instead of making the player much more resistant and making encounters trivial.
  • If the Player would be defeated but instead gains a Second Wind from the Physical Specimen skill, they’ll also gain an additional turn.
  • Increased the difficulty of the Queen Alliqua encounter significantly.
  • Added a unique grapple to Alliqua.
  • There are now multiple “types” of Diplomacy — in this version we’ve added a “Fight” type of Diplomacy that is applied on Ukka’Kizz, where the player will use martial combat instead of dialogue.
  • Updated text colors to make it more clear whether Linessa or an enemy is talking.
  • Retreat button is now disabled on boss encounters.


  • Stealth checks are now less difficult for every enemy defeated on the map.
  • Repopulation Colony Deep 69 now has a unique world map instead of using a text map location list.


  • Added a fast forward button to the dialogue scene — if the player enables this button, dialogue will now auto-play quickly.


  • Indecency has been changed to L.O.V.E..
  • Body has been changed to Tenacity.
  • Personality has been changed to Rapport.
  • Mind has been changed to Logic.
  • Changed XP gains and level scaling — leveling is a bit faster now. (This is subject to change in future releases).
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