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Alizia Want Friends [v0.5] [NoToRious_Guy]


Alizia Want Friends Download Latest Version

Alizia Want Friends Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Alizia as the protagonist, a very curious girl who came from a small village. 

Developer: NoToRious_Guy Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.5
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Exposure, big tits, trick-game / corruption, Netorare

Alizia Want Friends Overview

This game features Alizia as the protagonist, a very curious girl who came from a small village, where her customs are very backward and teachings are very scarce (it also applies to sex, of course) so she and her newest “romantic boyfriend” Henry will discover a lot of new things and make a lot of friends!

The title is intentionally written wrong
You won’t play as Henry, but Alizia and Henry will do a lot together! He will stay there like, 70% of the game! Why an ntr theme game without our little guy involved!? They both have to uncover a new horizon! Anyway, we have a lot of inspiration from projects like “Curse of Pleasure” and “Muchi muchi kanchigai” where you play a kind of “innocence” manipulation. (Everyone there is +18 just to let clean)


(Back from a loooong pause)
+11 new images with a total of 31 variants
A total of +5 new events

As per request, I’ve added names above every Ev!
Some reworked Characters following Mayor, Richard, some fixes on Coute also Alizia, too
Hairy (pussy/armpit) Alizia reworked, too! Now she has a hell of a bush! Done as per requested too.

Richard Ev sleeping <At home #Must have Henry>
Richard Ev Alizia blowjob <Village map #Must have Henry>
Stuck in the wall Ev <Mining camp>
Maid (waitress) groping Ev <Rebecca’s pub>
Henry trial to be a Cuc- *Cough* a Great Husband <Rebecca’s pub #Must have Henry>

Henry trial Evs will have some unusual fetishes as low-femdom, cuckplay, and e tc… If you don’t like these kind of events, which I would find freaking hard, I recommend you skipping it. You will be asked at the start of the event.

It’s worth mentioning that despite having gone 6 months without an update, it was due to a personal problem as I’d detailed before. I started working again 2 months ago HOWEVER it took me a long 3 weeks to find an artist who would agree to draw this kind of content, BUT we were lucky to find an artist who EVEN KNOW how to REPLICATE the previous artist’s style!

Some bugs fixed (2~3)
4 new images with about 6 variations
4 new events; Reunion, Mayor, Homeless, and Stretching.

Some new controls added:
A = Alizia’s wiki (status)
S = Speed control
D = Hairy enable/disable
F = Scat/Dirty enable/disable
Right click (mouse) = Hide textbox

Added 4 new events; Mayor x Alizia,
Henry x Rebecca, (First time sex fail)
Mollus sport,
and a sc*t content (unlocked after completing Couto Ev, you must go where Alizia piss to see it)
Total of 4 new scenes with some variants.

I’ve made some significant improvements in the latest release, including bug fixes and the addition of several new events. I’ve also introduced some captivating content for Alizia, and we’ve even thrown in a new dress that spices up the H scenes. However, I encountered a bit of a hiccup with a pesky lock-bug that’s proving to be a tough nut to crack. To ensure a smooth gaming experience and avoid any frustrations, I decided to temporarily remove all events involving Rebecca, the new character returning to the village. Rest assured, I’m working diligently to fix this bug within the next 2 to 3 days, and it won’t take a moment longer than that. Once it’s resolved, I’ll release the game with version “0.2.2”. Typically, I’d wait to fix everything and release all the content together, but since I already promised to launch it on the 30th, I’m committed to keeping my word. Thanks for your patience, and I really hope you enjoy the update!

The new content available:
+2 gr0ping scene (rock guy & worker)
+1 Sleeping scene (rest at home)
+2 Streaming scene (eating ramen w/ Couto)
+1 Pissing scene (Doing it outside)
+1 Handj0b (Mayor)
+1 Dress for Alizia

Content locked ’cause of bug:
+1 New character (Rebecca)
+1 Alizia x Henry (Learning how to kiss)
+1 Rebecca x Henry (Check-up?)

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Alizia Want Friends Download


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