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Sinners Landing Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – When a magical accident teleports you to the ass-end of nowhere..

Developer: Flexible Media Patreon – Steam
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.0b
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Adventure, Animated, BDSM, Creampie, Dating sim, Group sex, Harem, Humor, Interracial, Lesbian, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Oral sex, Point & Click, Puzzle, Romance, Rpg, Sandbox, Titfuck, Vaginal sex,

Sinners Landing Overview

A Raunchy Rogue on the Run, a furious Archmage, and his deflowered daughter; step into a love letter to classic D&D, just with more sex, fun and lovingly hand-drawn and animated 2D Art from the devs behind Paradise Lust.

When a magical accident teleports you to the ass-end of nowhere, the small outpost of Sinners Landing, you discover a deep fantasy world filled with haughty dark-elf priestess, shy temple virgins, ex-courtesans with a heart of gold, and an orcish muscle-mummy.​


Release 3 (0.3.0b)

– Fixed minigames in dungeon
– Fixed choosing cards closing prematurely
– Fixed some room names having incorrect names

– Fixed Roselynn’s backyard spank bank causing errors

– Fixed empty treasure icon in Rewards UI

– Fixed errors when closing the game
– Fixed Rewards UI sometimes not showing anything
– Adjusted Quest Notification UI to avoid overlap
– End of content UI moved to Roselynn’s scene

– Fixed some special rewards causing a soft-lock in the dungeon
– Fixed spank bank issues

– Added instructions on how to play certain minigames
– Fixed Roselynn’s scene not increasing Tristan’s max HP
– Fixed chandelier in Inn Room 1 sometimes disappearing
– Fixed UI not showing after flower minigame
– Fixed Rewards UI showing negative values
– Removed some difficult combat encounters in the Easy Dungeon
– Nerfed the Slime Boss Fight in Easy Dungeon:
– Decreased amount of Spunk cards discarded into player deck
– Changed one of the minions from slime to jelly
– Decreased main slime Max HP

– Fixed Roselynn’s post-painting conversation prematurely closing causing a soft lock

– Fixed Roselynn’s quests and conversations sometimes not triggering
– Added UI icons for special rewards in the dungeon
– Added mouse over text for the Backyard Tree

– Prevent rollbacks on getting training rewards to avoid re-roll exploit
– Fixed training card rewards being only added as temporary cards
– Fixed Roselynn’s date being able to repeat
– Fixed soft-lock when rejecting Roselynn’s sex scene
– Fixed time not advancing for Roselynn’s training
– Fixed wrong UI showing while in conversation after painting minigame
– Fixed zoom rollback issue on the backyard bench
– Fixed Roselynn and Tristan sometimes not sitting on the bench
– Fixed “room1name” shown in the dialogue
– Fixed Easle WIP UI showing incorrect text
– Fixed dialogue typos
– Fixed stats typos
– Removed visual highlight on interactable objects

– New Roselynn quests
– New sex scene
– New minigames
– Added guards to broken glass not triggering the conversation
– Added shine animations for rooms and interactable objects
– Fixed death story blocks causing to soft lock the dungeon
– Fixed Deck UI unusable when temp cards are added
– Fixed cards getting unintentionally added when loading a save
– Fixed getting invalid cards from random events causing freezes
– Fixed Potency effect being cleared too early
– Fixed Whip It Good card damage not calculated properly

– Added UI for training with the girls
– Added popup in the Shop to indicate not enough gold for purchase
– Adjusted Card UI to handle more cards
– Adjusted Choose Card UI to handle more cards
– Changed Quest UI “In progress” to “To be continued”
– Fixed training exploit
– Fixed Choose cards not being able to choose
– Fixed Plan card not choosing cards
– Fixed minigame music not looping
– Fixed item cost sometimes costing more than the original price
– Fixed rollback issue during the Evening in the Belltower with Dawn
– Fixed rug in Inn Room 1 not staying fixed
– Fixed existing saves sometimes not having amulet in the inventory
– Fixed existing saves having duplicate amulets
– Fixed MEL stat showing in conversations
– Fixed typo in Spankbank
– Fixed Tristan’s default nickname in the Little Red Book
– Fixed Pog’s name being shown during her intro comic

– Removed unity splash screen

– Fixed character placeholder names affected by previous character name fix
– Fixed background music not playing when quick loading
– Adjusted notification’s text size for large text mode
– Adjusted minigame UI size for android resolutions
– Adjusted Promo UI

– Fixed Morwenna’s intro conversation having wrong display name
– Fixed some old sprites using old Sinner’s Landing icon

– Fixed Annya’s name not displaying correctly when there’s multiple conversation options
– Fixed flowers being able to be picked earlier in the story
– Fixed rollback issues in Belltower with Dawn, and Inn Room 1 with Roselynn
– Fixed Inn Room 1 incorrect sprite layering
– Fixed Foyer room transition to Inn room
– Fixed Combat Effect tooltip getting narrower
– Increased Dialog box size for Large text mode
– Added guards to prevent Sanctum showing up in the Dungeon
– Added guards to prevent black screen in the Dungeon
– Increased Fire Shot’s burn stacks
– Increased Frost Shot’s frost stacks, and decreased Frost Shot’s base damage
– Increased Careful Shot’s damage
– Decreased Skewer’s base damage

– Fixed Settings UI
– Fixed Item notification text not properly showing item names
– Fixed Tristan sleeping not hiding properly
– Fixed cards getting drawn over the limit
– Fixed Ally cards not being removed when dying in the dungeon
– Fixed save/loading in dungeon causes wrong HP to initialize
– Fixed missing reward in Triple Fountain dungeon event
– Fixed Smoke Up not getting being kept in hand
– Fixed Sanguine Leech giving incorrect Heal amount
– Fixed neglect for Smoke Up and Shocked
– Increased Slash card damage
– Lowered Shocked card neglect damage

– Fixed gem rewards in the dungeon not being set in the inventory
– Fixed Morwenna’s gem requirements not tallied properly
– Fixed Gouge card not applying damage, and not discarding hand
– Fixed Groin Smash card not shuffling Shame cards into Discard
– Fixed Hard Blow card not giving bonus damage to Blow cards
– Fixed Hunter’s Mark card dealing wrong bonus damage
– Fixed Impale card not giving potency
– Fixed Inflame card wrong description
– Fixed Lusty Smash card giving potency to wrong target
– Fixed Pestilential Purge card not destroying cards on hand
– Fixed Rage Smash card not giving rage
– Fixed Set Weapon card not dealing double damage
– Fixed Remove cards logic not properly removing cards
– Fixed Savage Smash card not dealing bonus damage
– Fixed Shield Smash card not applying block
– Fixed So Much Spunk card not shuffling Spunk cards into Discard
– Fixed Strip card applying negative armor
– Fixed Wallop card giving block to target
– Fixed Whack card not shuffling Fatigue cards into Discard
– Fixed Wizard Blow card description
– Fixed Poison combat effect dealing negative damage
– Fixed Magic Attack Bonus combat effect not dealing bonus damage
– Fixed Target combat effect’s tool tip wrong description
– Fixed Mojo text in Deck UI

– Fixed missing dungeon event reward
– Fixed the Sanctum showing when loading a dungeon save
– Fixed black background in Offering Of Fluid dungeon event
– Fixed some missing icons for cards received from random dungeon events
– Fixed Beatdown card not shuffling Blow cards into Discard
– Fixed Begin the Hunt card not shuffling Hunt, and Slay cards into Discard
– Fixed Blast of Funk card not shuffling Funk cards into Discard
– Fixed Boom card not shuffling Stun cards into Discard
– Fixed Brutality card not dealing damage from amount of attack cards in hand
– Fixed Brutalize card not shuffling Brutality cards into Discard
– Fixed Bunch of Pricks card not shuffling Prick cards into Discard
– Fixed Buttstroke card not applying damage correctly
– Fixed Crippling Blow card not applying weakness debuff
– Fixed Deflect card inflicting negative potency on self
– Fixed Disappear card’s wrong description
– Fixed Double Throw card not shuffling Throw cards into Discard
– Fixed Drunk card leaking text description
– Fixed Drunk card not shuffling Nausea cards into Discard
– Fixed Drunk card not giving potency when held
– Fixed Edge Blow card not getting additional damage from Shield type cards
– Fixed Elemental Blast card not dealing damage when neglected
– Fixed Engorge card having a mojo cost
– Fixed Flametongue card not inflicting Burns
– Fixed Future Mojo card not shuffling Quick Mojo cards into Discard
– Fixed Unblockable Damage logic
– Fixed Draw Attack cards logic
– Fixed Draw Actions cards logic
– Fixed draw queue not clearing
– Fixed acid card’s neglect logic
– Fixed acid card’s neglect damage displaying incorrect value
– Fixed “If Fatal, draw X cards” not drawing
– Fixed “If Fatal, gain X mojo” not gaining mojo
– Fixed First type cards not being drawn first
– Fixed aura rewards causing other cards to not function
– Fixed aura rewards not displaying in combat
– Fixed random dungeon events duplicate addressable keys
– Fixed combat effects not being cleared properly
– Fixed missing character name in Linda’s intro conversation
– Fixed Dawn’s get flower failsafe conversation still being played after finishing the quest

– Fixed mural missing at night
– Fixed text-speed and how it connect to scroll-text

– Updated the Quest UI
– Fixed bug on picking up glasses
– Fixed a bug where Tyra’s getting a weapon conversation ends prematurely
– Fixed bug on Pog’s quest triggering
– Fixed a bug when reloading/re-doing Pog’s conversation

– Adjusted the scaling of stats for the cards
– Fixed bug on llama book sort minigame
– Prevent future dialogue popping up in the hot spring
– Fixed llama conversation when you have all the quest items

– Fixed mural painting missing sprite
– Fixed painting minigame skip

– New Pog quests and story
– New sex scene
– Dungeon unlocked
– Updated credits list
– Story blocks for the dungeon
– Merged the shell pieces in the Mural painting minigame
– Tristan now plays a block animation when blocking damage in combat
– Glass conveyor minigame now properly fades the completed image
– Glass conveyor minigame conveyor UI now also fades when it’s finished
– Fixed duplicate conversation line in Tyra hotspring scene
– Adjusted visibility of the glass shard on the bed
– Adjusted enemy’s next action text to be more readable
– Fixed overlapping UI for highlighting targets in combat
– Fixed getting hit vfx for enemies being behind their models
– Fixed enemies playing wrong animations
– Added icons for different combat effects (buffs and debuffs)
– Reduced the Jab card’s base damage from 5 to 3
– Reduced the Reckless Attack card’s base damage from 25 to 20
– Reduced the Cleave card’s base damage from 18 to 15
– Conversations from the fix bed storyline now adds cards to the deck. (If the quest is already finished then the card is added automatically)
– Fixed dialog panel bumpy animation
– Added on complete/finish animations for book sorting, and llama feed minigame
– Fixed Save Load UI anchoring positions

– Glass conveyor minigame hint can now solve merged/grouped pieces
– Fixed Glass conveyor minigame progress bar not updating
– Fixed Annya’s conversation where it shows Roselynn’s dialogue
– Fixed quest completions where it completes the wrong quests
– Fixed Dawn, and Annya’s pose when there are multiple conversation options
– Improved the mural painting minigame
– Fixed the repair bed minigame clicking issue
– Removed conversations for repair bed minigame
– Added quest titles to the fixing the inn room storyline

– Glass conveyor pieces can now be dragged from the scroll
– Glass conveyor scroll now scrolls correctly
– Glass conveyor pieces can now be put back in the scroll
– Glass conveyor pieces are now on top of the minigame UI
– Glass conveyor pieces can now be merged while unsolved
– Increased the brush size for cleaning minigame
– Added names to conversation options for Dawn

– Mural now shows properly in the room
– Mural now shows in conversation
– Updated quest descriptions

– Fixed Roselynn looking at wrong direction when in conversation
– Fixed flowers regrowing
– Fixed repair minigame bugs

– Added new Roselynn storyline
– New repair minigame
– New jigsaw conveyor minigame
– New flower minigame
– New scratch minigame
– Added names to multiple conversation options

– Basic inventory functionality added

– Fixed dialogue spellings
– Fixed duplicate lines in conversations
– Fixed date/time formatting
– Fixed quest spellings

– Gain gold for debatting Roselynn’s room
– Fixed a bug where ignoring Dawn’s Llama explanation would cut the convo short
– Fixed spank bank UI background
– Adjusted Stinkfudge weakness values
– Fixed negative values in cards
– Fixed white flash when entering combat
– Fixed card selecting not responsive when clicking at the edge
– Replaced highlight/selector UI in combat
– Increased cost of some cards

– Fixed music sound banks not repeating in mid-convo
– Typo checking

– Fixed broken cross-fading for Tristan’s smoking
– Added sub-game music
– Updated sound effects
– Disabled rollback into minigames that have been destroyed
– Disabled saving in minigames & while editing the deck
– Updated puppeteering for Roselyn and Morwena

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