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Loser Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – After a year, his best friend was caught…

Developer: Night City Productions Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.11.00 Public
OS:  Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, Male protagonist, Dating sim ,Character builder, Incest, Voyeurism, Masturbation, Animated, Sandbox, Big ass, Big tits, Handjob, Oral sex, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Humor, MILF

Loser Overview

Story Overview: Nathan was sent to jail for cyber crimes his best friend commited, and tried to blame on Nathan. After a year, his best friend was caught, and confessed to everything, allowing Nathan to return home. Welcome home.



  • New Jay Archtype: Mostly A Flirt
  • New Jay Archtype: Mostly A Babe
  • New Tilley Archtype: Queen Bee
  • New Diane Archtype Path: Cosmopolitan Mother(5 star) -> Resigned Mother(5 star)
  • New Gina Archtype Path: Girlfriend <-> B. Fucker(5 star)
  • New Gina Archtype Path: B. Fucker(5 star) <-> S. with Benefits(5 star)
  • New Gina Archtype Path: S. with Benefits(5 star) <-> Bartender(5 star)
  • New Location: Jays House
  • New Inventory Feature: Dedicated Clothing Slot
  • New Game System: Perks
  • Upgraded Player Skill Screen
  • Consolidated Menu Screen
  • New Feature: Advanced Starts
  • New Advanced Starts 1: Creep, Dealer, Photographer
  • New Advanced Starts 2: Slacker, Party Animal, Hacker
  • New Focused Starts 1: Good Brother, Good Son, Good Neighbor
  • Dynamic Party Screen
  • New Tag: Jealousy
  • New Party Mechanic: Jealousy
  • New Jay Outfit: Naughty
  • Online Profiles: Jay, Tilley
  • Crap Load of New Topics
  • Ghostbar Reintroduced
  • Tons of under the hood upgrades


So, I’ve finally gotten this update more or less finished. I’m gonna give it one more day to cook (bug hunt) But then I’m gonna release it. Here’s a pre-emptive changelog.

What’s New ?

  • New Becky Archtype: Precarious
  • New Gina Archtype: Girlfriend
  • New Diane Archtype Path: Scorned Mother -> Resigned Mother(5 star)
  • New Diane Archtype Path: Resigned Mother(5 star) -> Scorned Mother
  • New Diane Archtype Path: Resigned Mother-> Cosmopolitan Mother(5 star)
  • New Character Feature: Livestreaming
  • New Character Action: Date
  • New Inventory Screen
  • New Wardrobe Screen
  • Improved Item Tooltips
  • New Interaction Functionality
  • New Save Engine
  • New AT Functionality: Delayed Change
  • New Character Stat: Grades
  • New Becky Outfit: Skinsuit
  • New Tags: Oblivious & Bimbo
  • New Functionality: Clothing Auto Change
  • Inventory Access: Nathan’s House
  • Under the hood: Pretty much a whole new engine

What’s it mean?
New Becky Archtype: Precarious (self explanitory)

New Gina Archtype: Girlfriend (self explanitory)

New Diane Archtype Path: Scorned Mother -> Resigned Mother(5 star)

New Diane Archtype Path: Resigned Mother(5 star) -> Scorned Mother

New Diane Archtype Path: Resigned Mother-> Cosmopolitan Mother(5 star)
 You can now transform Diane back to Resigned Mother, though as a 5 star version, it’s now a bit different. You can also transform from Resigned(5 star) back to Scorned. You can Transform Diane from Resigned(5 star) to Cosmopolitan(5 star), however currently this is a one way trip until version 0.11.00, so just be aware.

New Character Feature: Livestreaming Some characters may decide to start livestreaming. If they do, You’ll now be able to watch thier livestream when they are active. You can find this option in the characters social media screen (currently only Becky).

New Character Action: Date There’s a new system available for Diane’s Resigned 5 star and Cosmopolitan 5 star Archtypes. You take them on an official date, and are locked into that date for the duration.

Dates Replace your standard stat pools, with date stats. The stats are Fun, Excitement, Romance, Sexy, Boredom, and Anger. Depending on those stats different actions can become available, as can different Endings to date…If you’re boring all night, the person you’re dating may sudden come down with a headache…on the other hand, if you get them all hot and bothered…fun could be had.

During dates, a characters bans and interests play a major role in affecting the Dates stats as every action you take has 5 tags and interested tags may add to the date stats, while banned tags may piss them off. This includes secondary interests, so you can play with a person’s secondary interests just to see if you get different outcomes or possibley different options. The tooltip even gives you hints, if you’ve got the appropriate skills to see those modifiers.

In the tooltip, you’ll see different glows to represent the different stat changes, such as a red glow coming the bottom middle of the tooltip represents anger. You can also look at the pools to see which interest is causing the change in date stat.

New Inventory Screen The inventory screen has been completely rebuilt from the ground up to allow for drag and drop, and as such all the old buttons are gone. Now if you want to add a topic to your hotbar, you only have to drag it into the hotbar slot.

In order to ponder or trash an item now, you just need to drag the item onto the appropriate area. There is also a toggle at the bottom of the screen. When turned on, you can use the slider to set a minimum amount you’d like to keep. So in the example to the left, if you dragged a stack of 5 topics onto the ponder area, while the toggle was set to 3, you’d ponder two of the topics, and keep three. If the toggle is turned off, then you only ponder or trash a single topic at a time.

With the removal of the Query button, I created a filter system so that you can filter visible topics as needed. By clicking on the different tag filters, you can cycle that tag between Visible (yellow), Hidden (blue), and Forced Visible (Red).

Topics with Visible tags will show so long as those topics do not have any Tags that are hidden. Topics with Forced Visible tags will show regardless of if there is a hidden tag.

There is also two buttons above the filters that can set all tag filters to visible, or all tag filters to hidden.

I’ve also changed the Interest helper to operate with the tag filters. So one simple way to see all the topics that will benefit a certain character is to hide all tags, Press F1 to open the Interest helper, and then press the Force Interests button. Then when you press F1 again to hide the Interest helper, you’ll only see topics with tags that your choosen character is interested in.

New Wardrobe Screen Similar to the Inventory screen, The wardrobe has been updated as well to allow for drag and drop. For the most part the screen still operates the same as the old one, though there are a few minor differences. The magnet button in the stash is the new “Pull” action to draw all the drugs into your stash, though it will ignore any drugs you have on your itembar.

The “Pop Pills” button has been replaced with a drop area similar to trash or ponder inside the stash screen. It’s the area with the Pac-Man icon. The area next to it is the new cut drugs area where you can turn quarterbags into joints, and bottles of pills into individual pills.

Some items have hidden stats that were only ever visible in the shop, or in specific screens. But I’ve updated the system to show the bonuses granted, for example what kind of wardrobe bonus your clothing will grant with the clean yourself up action in the Wardrobe bonus screen.

New Interaction Functionality I’ve added your Item Bar to the Interaction screen, when you want to discuss topics with a character. This more or less represents your pockets, so you no longer need (or even can) move items into your hotbar.

New Save Engine I was previously using a save system I bought in the Unity Asset store, as I was not that comfortable with coding around persistant data. My first save system was a freakin mess. While the purchased save system is a very strong and versatile save system…it’s slow. While fixing bugs, I kept running into timing issues, and a lot of those issues came from the fact that I had to slow certain parts of the game down, in anticipation of loading a saved game, with the very slow save system.

So, I bit the bullet and got myself much more familiar with creating save files, and the new save engine is very fast, and much better than my first attempt. Your old saves still work, though I have moved them into a back-up folder in your save folder. You can tell the old save files from the new ones by the color of the time stamps. Red timestamps are the old saves, and white timestamps are the new saves. The new saves are standard JSON format so, for all you cheaters out there. Rejoice.

New AT Functionality: Delayed Change Some Archtypes for one reason or another may be locked into place for a while. When that happens, you’ll get a message in the potential AT section of the character screen telling you how long you have to wait. Currently only Girlfriend Gina has this effect, though more will be coming eventually.

New Character Stat: Grades With both Gina and Becky being concerned about the grades, it only makes sense to track em now. Though currently Becky is the only person affected.

New Functionality: Clothing Auto Change You’ll no longer miss out on going to a party with Becky, or going on Date with Diane because you’re wearing the wrong clothing. Now if an action requires a specific style, and you own some clothing with that style, You will automatically switch to that outfit when you push the button.

Inventory Access: Nathan’s House You can now access your inventory from anywhere inside your house. The wardrobe is still limited to your room, as is locations outside your house, but to save on some excessive clicking, I’ve added the Inventory button to all rooms within Nathans home.

Under the hood: Pretty much a whole new engine By building a new inventory system to add in drag and drop capabilities, I ended up uncovering older buggy systems that I had made when I was still learning unity and C#. While fixing those buggy systems, I had to remove some Code snippets I had been using to help me make the game easier to modify on my end…which resulted in me having to rebuild most of the button logic on all buttons in the game. I also had to redo how the scene player was loaded, how characters were stored, how archtypes were stored, how the user interface was loaded, as well as how unity handled transitions between levels (locations), and how all the data in the brand new schedule system I made last update was dispersed.

…So… Locations, Buttons, Scenes, UI, Characters, Archtypes, Inventory, Save engine, and Schedules…that’s pretty much all the major systems my game uses…and I more or less remade about 80% of them in order to deal with bugs, and excessive game delays. That being said…The game runs very smoothly now. It’s much faster, and responsive, and saving no longer makes you think the game just locked up. But…it was a lot of work, and required an immense amount of help from my Discord to help me track down all these bugs.

What was cut?
Gina’s backward compatibility. Unfortunately I just ran out of time to render the transform scene for Gina to revert back to B Fucker 5 star.

Diane’s additional 5 star scenes for her older AT’s. With Diane able to return to Cosmopolitan and Resigned Mother as a 5 star. I plan to add some interactions to those AT’s that are only available if you’ve gotten her to 5 stars. I just ran out of time.

Diane’s Transform from Cosmopolitan 5 star -> Resigned 5 star. Diane is intended to be able to switch between Cosmopolitan, Resigned, and Scorned…However I need another Date location created for her transition back to Resigned 5 star, and it takes a fairly large amount of renders to make a Date. So I decided to put that transform option off until next update.

That’s it?
Yes. If that’s not enough, you can die in a fire.

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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IOS (v0.03.06)


ANDROID (0.02.01)



WalkthroughDIRECT LINK

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