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Futakin Valley [v0.034.30] [Mofuland]


Futakin Valley Download Latest Version

Futakin Valley Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Nene is a futanari girl who loves mushrooms, during her journey she falls into a valley.

Developer: Mofuland DLSite – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.034.30
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, Traditional Chinese, Русский, Italian, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Thai, Arabic, Vietnamese, Turkish
Genre: 2dcg, Big ass, Big tits, Censored, Futa/trans, Futa/trans protagonist, Japanese game, Side-scroller

Futakin Valley Overview

Futaken Valley is an action platformer-type game. Nene is a futanari girl who loves mushrooms, during her journey she falls into a valley. Nene’s goal is to escape from there and reach her destination, the mushroom village.​


←: Move left
→: Move right
↓: Crouching
I: Item box
Z: Jump
X: Attack
D: Rolling
↓ + D: Sliding
↑ + X: Top attack
E: Switch weapon to the left
R: Switch weapon to the right
M: Open the map
C: Dash
ESC: Open menu
SPACE: Cancel



– Updated Russian translation.
– Fixed bug that the puppet falls faster when on the floating mushrooms.
– Added a setting to automatically hide buttons on the Android button settings.
– Added feature to switch between galleries with a click.
– Added feature to hide weapons in sex scene of sprite image.
– Placed Erecshroom in the cave.

– Updated German translation.
– Updated Chinese(Traditional) translation.
– Decreased the fall speed when the mc is on the floating mushrooms.

– Updated Thai translation.
– Added zoom in/out feature to the secret gallery.
– Fixed a bug with special items falling in the cave.

– Updated Czech translation.
– Updated Thai translation.
– Improved the behavior of hooking whip to floating mushrooms.
– Added Galtte to Bestiary.

– Updated Chinese (Traditional) translation.
– Updated Russian translation.
– Updated Vietnamese translation.


– Updated Chinese translation.
– Added a new boss.
– Fixed a bug that caused a large load when taking damage.

– Update English translation.
– Fixed a bug that caused Mushria to stop in dialogue.
– Changed to the specification that the main character’s life recovers over time when she eats.

– Update English translation.
– Added the system to separate image data and replace images.

– Updated Vietnamese translation.
– Fixed bug where Cynthia would not fall.
– Fixed a bug that caused Mushria to stop.

– Updated Portuguese translation.
– Updated Russian translation.
– Updated Chinese translation.
– Fixed a bug that could carry Hana and Elena.
– Fixed bug that Mushria would get stuck (temporary fix).
– Fixed a bug that allowed the main character to enter Momo’s house before fighting her.
– Added the whip to the items in Catera’s store.
– Fixed a bug that caused the whip to collide with flying mushrooms when used.

– Added a new scene of a dark elf girl.
– Added grappling hook skill to the whip.
– Added the ability for the hook to get caught on floating mushrooms.

– Updated English translation.
– Fixed a bug that the stat of the previous item was displayed in the stat of an unappraised item.
– Fixed a bug that the font did not display correctly when the main charecter fell down.

– Updated English translation.
– Updated Vietnamese translation.
– Fixed UI disappear bug.

– Added Thai translation.
– Added Vietnamese translation.

– Added Turkish translation.
– Updated Russian translation.
– Added Dorlly and Bell’s pictures to the bestiary.
Thanks Reu and Younesking for great translation!

– Added translation assistance system .
– Fixed Arabic translation.
– Fixed a bug that the mushrooms did not disappear when the main character danced while gliding.
– Fixed a bug that enemies still take damage even if they are defeated.
– Added the feature to change the transparency of Android controller buttons.
– Fixed a bug that the mushroom boss stops and does not move after being defeated.
– Fixed a bug that translation lines are wrong.

The translations tab on the settings screen allows you to test that the translations are loaded correctly. And you can then detect missing and misplaced translations

– Updated German translation.
– Updated English translation.
– Added Arabic translation.
– Added right to left texts display system.
– Fixed some screen bugs.
Thanks 1tch1g0 and Younesking!
The Arabic translation was created using google translate, so it may be messed up.

– Fixed a bug that Dorlly’s room was broken.

– Fixed a bug that Bell was not responding.

– Updated Russian translation.
– Fixed a bug that prevented starting a new game.

– Updated Chinese translation.
– Updated Russian translation.
– Fixed a bug that the position of Bell appearance was not changed.

– Added new picture to the gallery.
– Fixed a bug that achievements are not saved when exiting the game.
– Fixed a bug that the mc take damage continuously if the mc is in the attack range.
– Fixed a bug that the picture was broken when the mc wore shorts and talked with Wuelie.
– Fixed a bug that allows you to save during a fight.
In this update, the player can take an empty bottle to Bell to receive her semen

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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Futakin Valley Screenshots


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