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Dimension 69 Download Latest Version

Dimension 69 Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – you play as a normal everyday highschooler that accidently..

Developer: Dussop’s Fables Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.15
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Big Tits, Corruption, Dystopian Setting, Footjob, Groping, Harem, Humor, Incest, Male Protagonist, Mind Control, Mobile Game, Monster Girl, Oral Sex, Sandbox, School Setting, Sci-Fi, Simulator, Animated

Dimension 69 Overview

In Dimension 69, you play as a normal everyday highschooler that accidently stumbles upon the cosmic power to Travel Dimensions!

You must use this power for the good of the universe!- Wait you’re just using it to get with girls?! That’s really irresponsible… Are you hitting on a plant? God, you are hopeless.
Adventure into the lives of many girls and solve their problems… Or don’t. You’re very irresponsible with your power…​


v0.15.1 04/06/2024
– Small hotfix to do with shop items not working correctly
v0.15 04/06/2024
– 20,000~ Words Worth of New Content
– 100~ New Renders / Animations
– 2 New Main Story Quests
– New Dimension!
– New Map, New Locations
– 3 New Main Characters
– 3 Character Events
– New General Store
– New Porn Store
– Revamped Porn Store Gallery, Now Tied to Save File.
– New Fishing Store
– Revamped Fishing
– 6 New Shop Items in both the General Store and Fishing Store
– 1 New Porn Store Item
– New Currency (Fishing Score)
– 10~ New additions to the OST
– Completely remastered Intro and Main quest Renders / Animations
– The first wave of Event Render Remasters (Alex, Azalea, Monroe and Emma’s first events got redone)
– Improvements to Android Performance and File size
– A bunch of bug fixes
– New choice UI for when your traversing your dimension
– A few other bug fixes and optimisations

v0.14 20/04/2024
– Over 10,000 words of new content
– 2 Gallery scenes
– New Melon event
– New Monroe event (kind of short, sorry)
– New (long) Emma event
– A three part Nate sidequest
– 16 new animations for the revamped Request system
– … A revamped Request system
– 3d animated maps for both Last Beacon and Whole Garden to make sure they are in line with the normal earth map.
– 2 new mini events, one featuring a new character, and one featuring Monroe and Lizz
– Added names to the relationship menu
– Hopefully more bug fixes than bug creations…
– Some additional bug fixes from the supporter build
– Gay sex (optional)

v0.13 23/03/2024
– 4 New Events
– 1 Gallery item
– 1 Collab event with [Network Euphoria] with a repeatable sex scene.
– over 7,000 words of new content
– Major map improvements, dynamic lighting based on time in game and icons to tell you where girls are located during the day. (The other dimensions will get this feature in the future, hopefully)
– Bunch of bug fixes and hopefully not too many bug creations…
– New UI for changing the time.
– More freedom of when you can change the time
– Fixed some time inconsistencies
– Removed PixivFanbox button due to paypal being removed from their service, the Patreon is still up and available though.
– Lewd events and sidequests are more clearly indicated by an icon on the map screen.

– 8 New Events (One for every character)
– 1 New sidequest featuring Nate (Yes, more femboy content!)
– 3 Gallery Items
– New Character Introduction…
– Over 12,000 words of new dialogue and content
– Completely new sprites for every single character
– New text boxes in new events
– New character splashscreens
– A few small bug fixes
– Android device fix, game shouldn’t crash on phones anymore

– 3 New Alex Events (Including one that’s triple the size of a normal event)
– One new sidequest starring your teacher, Stephine.
– New map Icons and locations
– Brand New Fishing minigame that you can do during the morning and afternoon at the Docks.
– Over 8000 words of new content
– 2 new Gallery items
– Added Load button to the gear menu so you don’t have to go to the title screen to load save files
– Multiple bug fixes and small improvements

– Side menu now closes by clicking the gear again


– Completely new character sprites, 9 poses for each character in every costume
– Rewrote the intro and multiple Roxy events
– Removed Niomi from the story and replaced her with Nate
– Rewrote Niomi’s sidequest to be about Nate instead (Niomi Will return though…)
– Added new second sidequest for Nate (WARNING: GAY CONTENT) (Don’t worry, it’s skippable!)
– Old levelling system replaced by Training with Monroe
– Added one Training event with Monroe
– Updated Azalea BJ in the intro
– New 3d Map screen
– Basically all UI has been Updated and redone (yet again)
– Added a link to the patch notes on the title screen
– Added a button on the title screen that will notify you when there’s a newer update of the game than you’re currently playing! (Thank you NobreHD)
– Fixed bug with the UI at the top of the screen either disappearing or lingering around where it shouldn’t be
– Fixed multiple small bugs to do with Events, like missing backgrounds and wrong images
– Updated second Roxy event to not have weird compression artifact in the video
– Remastered Alex blowjob videos in her third event to show the actual inside of her sleeves (lol)
– Added random flavour text to working at the bar so it doesn’t get too samey
– Disabled console access (will make the Android version not weird and buggy)
– Rabbit added.

– Bug fixes pertaining to save issues on all platforms should now be fixed.


New Events:
– 1 Rin event
– 1 Main quest, teasing the next dimension to come in 0.10
Performance fixes:
– With the help of NobreHD, we’ve gone through and recoded a lot of the backend stuff about the game, and it should run better and faster on all platforms because of it
– We’ve also fixed a ton of bugs
– Disabled Achievement menu (It’s not where I want it to be right now)
– Added pixivFANBOX button for those who want to support the game


New Events:
– 2 Roxy events
– 1 Monroe event
– 3 Mini-events around the open world
– 1 Main quest
– 1 Side quest
– 2 Gallery Items
New XP system
– There’s now a levelling system, unlocked by one of the main quests where you can gain xp for doing lewd acts around the worlds, get enough XP and you can unlock new mini-events featuring side-characters and lewd scenarios.
Bug fixes
– More general bug fixes
– Removed Patreon link because they’ve taken down the Dussop’s Fables Patreon due to ‘Incest’
– Added SubscribeStar link and notice

New Events:
– Annoy Kit in the livingroom in her New Event
– Attempt to hunt for food with Melon in her New Event
– Finally meet Emma’s roomate with the introduction of this new Main Character
New Content:
– Explore the park at night to see a brand new secret scene, similar to the Kit bathroom scene, with more scenes like this to come in the next update
– Sprite update to fix crashing on Certain Android devices
– Fixed how the progress numbers are displayed in the quest log to update more effectively
– Few small bug fixes

New Invite Event System:
– Go hang out at the beach with Alex in this new type of event, and search for the 3 unique ‘good’ endings.
– Over 30 new images including Alex
New Content:
– You can now work at the local Bar and meet Ty, the bartender.
– Adventure into the forest with Azalea and help her get unstuck from a tree. (If you can’t find it, start a new save file and skip to the new content, do the main quest and then talk to her again.)
– New gallery item for the Azalea event, including two H-videos with audio
New Android Port:
– I dove deep on the problems with the android version, messed around with some settings and hopefully fixed it.
– New, high-res UI

– Added an option to start from new content for those whose old save files don’t work anymore
– Fixed a few small bugs
– P-Shop actually works as intended now

– Sound added to every relevant H-video
– 3 New Events
– New Request image for Alex
– 2 New Shop items
– UI changes
– NEW quest tracker
– Bug fixes
– Basically an entire overhaul on how the game works

– 3 New Events
– Finally, an actual sex scene
– Brand new menus
– Brand new UI
– A brand new system for interacting with girls outside of events which comes with:
– 6 New animations.
– My broken leg is finally healing, so faster updates from now on I promise

– 2New Roxy Events
– 2 Shop items
– New system for making money (WIP)
– Bug fixes
– Small performance improvements

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  2. Play the game

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