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Company Man Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – is a reboot of Corporate Raider. It basically poses this question..

Developer: Selectacorp Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 2.0.0
OS: WindowsMac
Language: English
Genre: 2d game, Male protagonist, Stripping, Teasing, Real porn, oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex, male protagonist, BDSM, interracial, footjob, spanking, sandbox, milf, creampie, corruption, animated, cheating, dilf, groping, hand-job, incest, lesbian, masturbation, sex-toys, stripping, titfuck, transformation, virgin

Company Man Overview

Company man is a reboot of Corporate Raider. It basically poses this question- if YOU had the power to make the rules in a company that you controlled, what would you do— and to whom would you do it?

Old saves may not work with the current version. A New Game may be required.


1.) The Bowen Event chain from v1.9 has been tested and now seems to work as intended.
2.) Disclaimer screen added.
3.) Loopholes for pawn shop events fixed
4.) Marta Refugee/London loophole now fixed
5.) Additional image sets for Katie Jones and Deirdre Kelly
6.) New colored hair image sets for Debbie Jones (Punk and Goth)
7.) New option now available for the Hamiltons
8.) New event chain added for Deirdre Kelly
9.) New car events added
10.) New events added for Hollister Academy
11.) New Debbie location added
12.) New look and events added for Pomeroy’s Cinema and Golden Palace
13.) New Data Analysis Group location added
14.) New Britney Bower location added
15.) Two new airport destinations added
16.) Four new game achievements added
17.) Low Anna Sarin and Susan Granger audio has been fixed
18.) Additional audio for Deborah, Debbie, Tracey characters
19.) Legal Dept. can now generate spreadsheets
20.) Improved deep fake vids
21.) Soundtrack audio tracks in multiple locations
22.) General game balancing of various events
23.) Hundreds of typos and continuity issues addressed

1.) “Gilded Cage” characters and events added, including Elizabeth Bowen, Deborah Jones’ best friend and college roommate. This event cycle introduces the Gender Equity Commission, the Arbitration Center and has a legal flavor. This event chain culminates in a major player decision, with multiple paths to choose from.
2.) Kevin Tyson and Elisa Yates event cycle included, as well as the new Artemis Data Analysis Group. Thanks to a fan who helped develop the Elisa NPC, based on her own preferences. Elisa, you’re forever trapped in Company Man!
3.) Tracey Lucy Domestic Discipline event cycle added at Zenith Hills Estate.
4.) Artemis Angels Social Media Policy introduced. This new corporate initiative offers two tiers of posts- racy ‘Cupid’ posts and more intimate ‘Venus’ posts. Artemis admins are encouraged to post in order to earn Halo Points, which they can then accumulate and spend on a wide range of prizes. Of course, the nice prizes always have extra strings attached!
5.) New Artemis Career Fair event cycle added
6.) Game now has a custom Artemis desktop icon
7.) Luxury car ride ‘dead end’ fixed
8.) Eugene Lawson Metro Club appearance fixed
9.) Dorm Sister Heater event loophole fixed
10.) Dorm Matron double cost error fixed
11.) New waitress uniform Katie images in Exec Dining Hall
12.) New Katanga location added- Club Azur
13.) Testing Katie’s Limits event continuity issue fixed
14.) Punk and Girl Next Door shopping options don’t disappear now
15.) Govt Affairs Dept. now closed on weekends
16.) Demondre NPC contest path fixed
17.) Marta Refugee continuity break fixed
18.) Improved deepswapped videos for “Freshen Up”, “Downblouse”, “Lexi Deb Motivation Room”, “Lexi Strapon Date”, “Sec Pool Heater”, “Distraction”, “Vacation” and “Country House”
19.) Lots of minor typos and video adds/deletes

1.) Brianna Colby was showing up in both Compliance and Purchasing; rectified.
2.) Butterfly Farm now has an option to ‘back out’ of engaging with events there w/o costing any additional EGO.

Here are the major changes/additions to the previous version (Company Man v1.7.3)
1.) New global location added. Moscow is now available to explore! (Note: Moscow contains some TG themed content. While it is more suggestive than explicit, some players may wish to avoid this content, which is easy enough to do).
2.) Jill Vander Sec Pool event cycle added
3.) New Club Contest event cycle added
4.) New Part Time Job event cycle added
5.) New Intern Contest event cycle added
6.) New “Sugar Baby Handover” event added
7.) New gold bar pawn event added
8.) Sell Shares event added
9.) Eight new game achievements added
10.) Previous ‘Made Man’ and “Director” achievement reqs. Fixed
11.) “Maddy’s Jitters” event fixed
12.) Deb Club and Pub events fixed
13.) Lots of minor typos and video adds/deletes

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  2. Play the game

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MAC (v1.9.0)


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