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Winter Warmth [v0.1.9.8] [PowerPlower]


Winter Warmth Download Latest Version

Winter Warmth Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Your fate is in your hands.

Developer: PowerPlower – Patreon “Light” – Patreon “Dark”
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Teasing, Oral Sex, Big Tits, Big Ass, Groping, Romance, NTR (avoidable), Voyeurism
Planned Tags
Sandbox, Romance, Harem, Femdom, Corruption, and more. Most are optional.

Winter Warmth Overview

Your fate is in your hands.


You can choose to support either side of the game.
By supporting the light, you enforce romance, harem and dominance.
By supporting the dark side, you support corruption, ntr and femdom.

If you enjoy either or both sides and are respectful to others, there is a place for you on discord.

We worked a lot on this, and we will continue to work a lot on this.
Any help we can get means a lot. No matter which side you pick.

Thank you.


Training for tournament with Nora, Amelie story with cats combined with Pavani, 3 scenes with Andy harassing girls at home… Ramen story with Fang… and more

Mostly bugfixes.


  • New events (Focus especially on Mina)
  • Estimated 200+ new renders
  • Story fixes, render fixes and grammar fixes
  • New animations

We had some issues with the box and fridge gifts, so we put a hotfix in.
If your inventory sometimes gets an item or two. Don’t worry, that is the current hotfix.


User Interface & identity
That was a lot of work…and we are only about 70% done.
There is a lot that needs to be improved a little further and we have done more than what is currently implemented. But I believe it will be visible that a lot of love is being pured into that. So that we don’t have to revisit it again (when finished).
As accent colors for the UI we went with hookers green and lion’s yellow.

Easier to get started in chapter 1
We made it easier to unlock some things. For those that don’t visit Shray at their first Wednesday. It should be a bit smoother to develop yourself starting in chapter 1.

Not mentioned in the planned changelog, but essential. You now can get some rewards when you increase the stats. Not everything is implemented here.

Events and talking don’t take as much time anymore.

Sms & twitter pop ups
This one just feels great.

Gallery hints & redesign
If you are someone who likes to complete things. Now you should see where a scene is missing. The hints are rather straight forward. Chapter, Path etc.

SaveLoad work
We’ve done some extensive work there too.
As far as I can tell, save games still work.

Some render fixes. But also fixes that held your progress. As example you shouldn’t be able to get stuck in the prologue anymore.

New items
A couple of new items/symbols

Investment App
Investment App is back. Still needs to be designed properly.

Packages and Fridge
You can now get packages and open the fridge sometimes to get stuff!

A lot of scenes have been edited and will further be edited.

We also took some time to focus on optimizing the game. I would say 1/3 is done.
Still some major improvements in other areas left.
But I also believe that you’ll be happy to see the improvements that have been done including an around 70% reduced size with no noticeable quality loss.

Known Issues

  • Music sometimes behaves strangely.
  • It can happen that you get a message, but are getting locked out in the main view of the phone. Happened once, so far we were not able to reproduce it.
  • When you exit to main menu, but call for the exit menu again during the phase out animation and then exit again. You can bug the game.
  • “Sandbox mode” (it doesn’t close off all rooms) doesn’t start properly, when switching from prologue to chapter 1. However the game can still be continued normally.
  • Characters can appear on the same time.
  • One Shray events throws you back in time.


  • Fixed the issue with Minas storyline, when the messages did not arrive.
  • Powerscore doesn’t go up on Sunday to avoid Dark side players to have too much positive power. (hotfix, will be reviewed)
  • Dialogue options with Mina in the hotel can now be selected.
  • Events can’t start in the middle of t he cookie store gameplay anymore.
  • Melissa’s yoga questline has been fixed.
  • Issue where saves seemed deleted after closing and reopening the game was fixed.


Now using the Godot engine instead of Ren’py

Initial Release

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Winter Warmth Download







Winter Warmth Screenshots


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