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Welcome to Erosland Download Latest Version

Welcome to Erosland Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – A young guy in his late 20’s lives in a futuristic world..

Developer: PiXel Games Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.0.12
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Male protagonist, Handjob, Monster girl, brothel/prostitution, Sandbox, Mobile game, Dating sim, Big tits, Big ass, Management, Adventure, Fantasy, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Creampie, Group sex,

Welcome to Erosland Overview

A young guy in his late 20’s lives in a futuristic world, working for something he doesn’t like,
drowning in his everyday routine… But one day, he receives an email from an unknown source.
“You’ve inherit an archipelago and lots of money from your unknown grandfather.” It isn’t a fake.
He travels to the archipelago. A gorgeous woman welcomes him.
‘You are now the owner of this place, Master…’
Eros will discover a mysterious high tech machine that will change his life even more.​

Developer Notes:
Welcome To Erosland will let you create and manage a sex themed park with lots of different girls working in it.

Form relationships with familiar faces…
Lots of girls with different backgrounds will work for Eros in the park. Form unique relationships with them!

Amazing customization
Dress up and customize the girls and their rooms as much as you like. The possibilities are endless!

Management and visual novel
Merging two genres in one. Manage a sex park and follow the story to finally be the best theme park owner of all known dimensions.



  • NEW – Iono’s level 40 quest.
  • # Continue Iono’s Main Quest when she reaches level 40.
  • NEW – Iono’s level 50 quest.
  • # Awaken Iono with her last Main Quest at level 50.
  • NEW – Iono’s bathroom.
  • # When Iono is awakened, she will be able to use her bathroom to clean up her body!
  • NEW – Iono’s ‘Extra Quest’ after awakening.
  • # After awakening, interact with Iono to start a new small quest and unlock a new event.
  • NEW – 1 new event and scene for Iono with Eros.
  • NEW – 2 new ‘Animon’ events for Iono.
  • NEW – 1 new updated ‘Animon’ event for Iono.
  • NEW – 2 new outfit variations for Iono’s barn job outfit.
  • NEW – New job scenes and mini-events for Iono at level 40+ at the barn.
  • NEW – New job scenes and mini-events for Iono at level 50+ at the barn.
  • NEW – Iono’s frame can now get dirty after awaken when doing certain events and jobs.
  • # Added bodywriting system for Iono.
  • # Added condom system for Iono.
  • # Added cum system for Iono.
  • One new background

Changelog v0.0.11.5:

  • NEW – Christmas event!
  • # When Kaisa and Hana are level 41+ and Iono is level 31+, a new event on the hotel doors will be available at night.
  • NEW – Outfit for Lily!
  • NEW – Outfit for Hana!
  • NEW – Outfit for Kaisa!
  • NEW – Outfit for Iono!
  • NEW – 1 Full static scene
  • Fixed bugs.


  • – NEW – Kaisa’s world.
  • # When Kaisa is awakened (level 50+), Eros will be able to open a portal to her world.
  • # After a quest, Kaisa can invite her friends to Erosland.
  • – NEW – New gameplay system: A/DK event select.
  • # A repeteable event, where you can chose which girl to ‘follow’ in Erosland of the four members of A/DK! – This will be expanded in the future.
  • – NEW – 3 new Characters
  • # Ahri
  • # Evelynn
  • # Akali
  • – NEW – 3 new scenes for the A/DK girls.
  • – NEW – Continue Iono’s story from level 30 to level 40 (MAX lvl 40)
  • – NEW – 3 new scenes for Iono.
  • – NEW – 1 new outfit for Iono.
  • – NEW – New job scenes and mini-events for Iono at level 30+ at the barn.
  • – NEW – New personal event and scene for Iono with Eros.
  • – NEW – 2 new ‘Animon’ events for Iono.
  • – NEW – New event and scene for Kaisa and her tentacle companion (Ending)
  • – NEW – 1 new and last outfit variation for Kaisa’s bio-bodysuit.
  • – Three new backgrounds.
  • – Added some new small dialogue for some of Angela’s outfits. (When Hana comments about them on her world)
  • – Fixed bugs.

– Gameplay:
– NEW GIRL – Iono. Iono arrives to Erosland!
# She comes with friends!
– NEW – Iono can level up to level 20 at max!
# Quest at level 10 and different barn scenes from 0-10 and 11-20.
– NEW ATTRACTION – The Barn. FULLY interactive attraction!
# Girls who can work here in this update: Iono
– NEW ATTRACTION – Ferris Wheel.
# Girls who can work here in this update: Hana
– NEW – Continue Kaisa’s quests to Awaken her at level 50!
– NEW – Kaisa canteen scenes
– NEW – Kaisa can now work in the club after her Job Interview.
– NEW – Kaisa is now elligible for the ‘Hotel rooftop’ map event.
> (Accessible through the button ‘events’ in Eros’ PC)
– NEW – Lily can now be undressed in the rooftop event!
– NEW – Continue Kaisa and Hana’s ‘girl quest’!
# New scenes and ‘room events’
– NEW – Various outfits to buy in Lovezon!
– REDISIGNED SYSTEM – Changed the “Forced events” system.
> Now, the player can change the girl’s room ‘chibi’ when clicking the option “What should I do?”when talking with the girl. Different events will play out, making the room ‘chibis’ and scenesmore interactable.
– You can now view past scenes of the girls at the attractions after assigning them.
– From now on, it won’t be necessary to ‘gift’ the girls an item or outfit. It will be available just after buying it. (We’ll be changing old existing methods in the future updates)
– Re-wrote more lines to go away from the ‘Eros is the main protagonist’ narrative.
– Fixed small bugs, like the PC screen sometimes appearing when doing other things.

– Gameplay:
– NEW – Angela’s Awakening path finished <Level 20 to 30> (Huge and long story)
# NEW – 10 new events and dialogues, with scenes, through levels 20 to 30 of Angela’s Awakening path.
– NEW – When fully Awakening Angela (getting her to level 30), you unlock new repeatable events when she travels to Erosland.
# NEW – At daytime: Visit the beach with Hana.
# NEW – At nighttime: Go to the club with Hana.
# NEW – At anytime: Visit Eros in his room.
– NEW – A new event can be unlocked after a couple of days of Angela going with Hana to the club at night.
– NEW – Hana can ‘comment’ about Angela’s current outfit when visiting her (new events can trigger!)
– NEW – Continue Kaisa’s Awakening
# NEW – Complete Kaisa’s level 40 quest and unlock new job events at the canteen. (MAX LEVEL FOR HER THIS UPDATE IS 50)
– NEW – New outfit for Kaisa: Canteen waitress version 5.
– NEW – New versions of the default outfit for Kaisa.
# NEW – New outfit event with Kaisa’s default outfit. (Tease for future content)
– NEW – New decorations and a new lewd decoration for Kaisa’s room.
– NEW – New event when interacting with the new lewd decoration in Kaisa’s room.
– Small tease of what’s to come with Hana and Kaisa through a Kaisa Alt. quest.
– When a girl is awakened, she will now make different comments (randomly generated and dependant on some events) when interacting with them in their room.
– IMPORTANT QOL CHANGE: To change between day and night, you now have to use the same button in the right upper corner of the map.
– Small dialogue changes and improvements in the game.
– Improved and fixed grammar.
– Fixed small bugs.
– Art: (From now on, we’re not going to spoil in here the scenes so you can discover them in game!)
– NEW – 4 different full scenes with big variations and outfit variations.
– NEW – 1 outfit variation for an existing scene.
– NEW – 1 small scene
– NEW – 4 ‘chibi’ scenes
– NEW – 4 Angela outfits
– NEW – 2 variations for Kaisa’s default outfit.
– NEW – 1 frame scene
– NEW – 3 frames
– NEW – 4 decorations for Kaisa’s room
– NEW – 2 Angela expressions.
– NEW – 4 Icons and buttons.

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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