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Welcome to Alabama! Its Legal Bro! [v0.2.2] [Black Arts Theatre]


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Welcome to Alabama Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – is a game in which the protagonist, a former demon lord, is punished for failing to play his role as antagonist.

Developer: Black Arts Theatre – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.2
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, Male protagonist, Simulator, Incest, Drugs, Rape, Mind control, Sleep sex, Spanking, Voyeurism, Virgin, Masturbation, Handjob, Oral sex, Titfuck, Anal sex, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Big tits, Big ass, Male domination, Animated, Mobile game, Sandbox

Welcome to Alabama Overview

$$$ Welcome to Alabama! It’s legal bro! $$$ is a game in which the protagonist, a former demon lord, is punished for failing to play his role as antagonist.

In order to teach him how to become a true villain, the big bright thing had him reincarnated as an American during the lockdown and gave him the mission of mentally destroying his new sister. Will he stand up to this insane order, or obey it? Will he understand why this girl must suffer such punishment? Is he capable of going against the will of this luminous thing?​



  • I’ve added an easy mode to the “flappy bot” mini-game (in experimental content), so that those who have difficulty with “evil squares” can have an alternative until I add new mini-games (this won’t be for a while, as I’m focusing on other aspects of the game at the moment).
  • In the experimental content, I’ve also added an option to disable backup incompatibility between versions. As I said before, this increases the risk of “an exception has occurred” (it’s not a serious bug, it just forces you to quit the game, it can happen when a variable is missing for example), the risk should be quite low, but it’s not zero. Therefore, if you really want to load one of your incompatible saves, load a compatible save, deactivate the incompatibility (it’s towards the ruins), then load your save which has now become compatible.
  • I’ve added the beer, which replaces the lockpick when you turn over the cards to get a bonus at the start of the game. It’s a present you can (try to) give to Gwendolyn. If she drinks it, she’ll be drunk, which means her manner of speaking will change a little, she’ll be aroused, she’ll forget to lock the doors, and she’ll faint after a while.
  • I also fixed some design issues: I made sure that the “cum” gauge resets when you talk to Gwendolyn to ask her for another favor, I made sure that the cost of the items you want to buy is a whole number and no longer has decimals, and I made sure that the breathing effect of the room repainting menu is disabled when you activate the option to disable the ripple effect.


  • I made sure that there are 2 save systems: the first save system was the default save system of the previous versions, you can only save in your room and during important choices. The new save system allows you to save (and load) almost anywhere, but, in order to avoid the “An exception has occured” when changing versions (because I tend to add or modify variables and conditions), the saves of the 2nd system will automatically be incompatible with the new versions (like the game School Of Love: Clubs! by NijuKozo). However, there will be no compatibility issue with the saves of the 1st save system. You will therefore be able to, before installing a new version, load the saves that you have recorded with the 2nd system, go to the protagonist’s room, and save after switching back to the 1st save system. You can switch from one system to another from the protagonist’s laptop. I created this system in order to make a compromise between those who want to be able to save more freely, and me, who does not want to increase the risk of having “An exception has occured”.
  • It is only a detail, but I also changed the sky a bit, before, it had a rather flat aspect because it was just an image that scrolled from left to right, now, the clouds above go faster than those below, which creates a little more perspective.
  • I also fixed some bugs.


  • I’ve indicated the place names above the arrows, and “SAVE” above the laptop.
  • I’ve made sure that Gwendolyn always turns off the lights or the TV when she leaves a room.
  • I’ve moved the cheat mode to the ruins, because it’s more mystical, so it makes more sense to summon an entity there rather than in some nerd’s bed
  • I’ve corrected a few bugs, including the one that required at least one lockpick to enter the small pool or toilet when Gwendolyn forgot to close the door.
  • I’ve added a new sex pose, the footjob.
  • Following various criticisms, I’ve locked experimental/maintenance content, i.e. chatbots, money-earning mini-games and lockpicking. It’s possible to unlock this content in the Patreon version by clicking on the Ruins (in the same place as the cheat mode), which will be reworked and made public when the result is satisfactory. All this content was optional, even lockpicking, since it’s possible to make Gwendolyn forget how to close a door. However, don’t worry, even if prices return to normal when the chatbot is deactivated, your data concerning the affection of the saleswomen is preserved.
  • I’ve also added a first event, mainly to introduce a new character (this MILF is not yet available on the map, however), during which there will be an erotic mini-game with Gwendolyn that can be skippered. This mini-game is a kind of battlefuck, in which the aim is to click in the right place as quickly as possible. For the time being, it’s only present in the event, but I’m wondering if, by improving it and making it more complex, it might be interesting to include it fully in the game, perhaps as an alternative to the battle mode that was abandoned following the poll results. Otherwise, the choice of the 1st event is just a question asked by the new character, you can save before answering.


  • I have added a new location: the ruins. There is not much to do there for now, but this mystical place will obviously have its importance in the story.
  • I have also made the weather a bit more complex. Now, from time to time, the sky will turn gray, and the atmosphere will become darker and heavier. The weather will have its impact, but for now, don’t worry too much about it…
  • I also fixed some bugs.


  • The size of sudoku numbers has been multiplied by 2
  • I modified the message at the beginning


  • A new variant of the H-scene with Gwendolyn, you can now switch from anal cowgirl to “from behind” position.
  • I’ve also added a sudoku. It’s not a mini-game to win money, it’s one of Gwendolyn’s things, stored in the same place as her photo. For the moment, there’s no point in playing it, it’s more there to show what Gwendolyn’s interests are, I’ll probably keep adding objects to Gwendolyn’s room, like books for example. I really think you understand someone better by seeing what they have and what they do.
  • Now Gwendolyn doesn’t bleed every time she has intercourse during her period, it’s more random. However, it’s still possible to see when she menstruates in her stats, which could be useful as it affects her fertility.
  • I also fixed some bugs.


  • The saleswomen’s favorability system, depending on what you say to the saleswomen when you talk to them (for now, it detects some insults, threats and compliments), you can increase or decrease their favorability, the higher their favorability, the more interesting the selling and buying prices will be.
  • For that, I improved the pseudo-chatbot so that it detects more sentences.
  • I also fixed some bugs.


  • A new variant of the H-scene with Gwendolyn, you can now switch from cowgirl to missionary position, thanks to this scene, there is now a new interaction with Gwendolyn where, when she wakes up and is nympho, you can choose to continue.
  • I also added a pseudo-chatbot to talk to the saleswomen
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