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Waifu Dreams City Download Latest Version

Waifu Dreams City Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – You dance and get Ladies to dance for you to earn money..

Developer: Waifu Dreams Studio – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: Build 11
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3D Game, Ahegao, Anal sex, Animated, BDSM, Exhibitionism, Female protagonist, Footjob, Futa/Trans, Lactation, Lesbian, Masturbation, Oral sex, Point & Click, Prostitution, Sandbox, Sex toys, Stripping, Vaginal sex

Waifu Dreams City Overview

A full 3D Auto-clicker game, You dance and get Ladies to dance for you to earn money to buy more levels and unlock higher floors with more ladies and animation to watch participate.​


Build 11
Floor -1:
Added new machine with 4 speeds
added 7 drawings

added 5 drawings

Fixed the accessories tab in the makeup building.
now the accessories are shown with images
4 new bdsm accessories, 2 of them with 1 model for idle and another one for the scenes
3 new mask accessories with 2 models 1 for idle and another one for scenes
2 new glasses
2 new eye patches
fixed the material of the glasses to make them reflective
fixed the legs of the previous glasses

Improved the texture of the Nipples, now all skin tones have corresponding Nipples

Added nipple color change with the basic colors in the skin tab to use the basic skin color, use the default skin color button

New building in the city (customize Body):
Note: it’s in development, like all buildings it starts being a bit ugly, but I’m already improving it 

it can be modified

lower body:
-thighs separation

upper body:

-Muscles and abs (I think I got a bit ugly, I’m going to sculpt the model again to improve them).
-nipple definition

fixed a bug with the sound of the machine from the previous update

hope you like the new building! :3

Build 10
Floor -1:
-already has music
-new machine with 4 speeds
-new machine with 2 animations
-3 new animations
-Chest with 4 animations
-1 new costume (valkyrie)

Slime girl:
-6 new animations when you right click on it
-added a circle to see how much time she has left to move again

Build 9
added new inflation bullet

Floor -1 open(it’s the first version, missing many details and things I want to add).
slime girl (bullet 1: 6 poses 1, bullet 2 and 3: 3 poses, bullet 5: 1 pose, bullet 6: 3 poses, bullet 7: 3 poses, 3 idle animations, 3 walking animations, 1 animation when catching the player, 4 animations when being caught by the player, 6 animations when falling to the ground)
7 new drawings

-Fixed a bug where the numeric keypad was not detected correctly.
-Fixed a bug with the slime bullet that did not change the penis material correctly.
-Fixed the face number 2 had problems with the eyes when entering some scenes.
-Now the position is changed correctly after choosing always dominant, there was a problem that you had to click twice.
-Shadow npc no longer look at you when they are on the ground, and the animation when receiving a bullet no longer repeats when you look away and look again.
-increased the distance at which shadow npc’s change to a lower vertex model
-fixed a bug with the bullet that removes the clothes, it also removed the penis from the futas
-fixed the collision of the bullets with the giants
bugs that I have not been able to fix this week:
there are some girls that are not affected by the orzasm gun because I have to make special animations for them.

Build 8
remodeled the place
added a gun in the sewers:
4 new drawings

Added a dildo with cumflation effect.

fixed a bug that when you start a new game and press the C key or change clothes and the hair and eyes change color.
fixed a bug in the 3rd animation of the night table of the house, the dildo was sticking in the back of the house
removed some floating leaves on the 4th floor in the glory holes

Build 6

Maximum level increased to 160
Ready the 16th floor, gigantism theme:
10 new animations

added penis cage option in the customization.
In the customization of the scenes added the option to always have heels in the scenes.
In the customization of the scenes added the option to always be the dominant one.
Now if you have the slime skin and receive cumflation the cum inside the player will be displayed correctly.

Now the piercings are divided in sections, Face, breasts, belly, vagina.
Added 5 breast piercings
Added 3 belly piercings
Added 3 genital piercings

Added option to make the eyes shiny with 4 levels of brightness
Added 7 eyes of two colors
Added 5 new designs

merged “freckles” tab together with “skin” tab
separated “normal skins” by “natural skins” and “fantasy skins”.
added fangs option in “Race” with 2 fangs
improved slime skin a little bit
Added 5 new latex skins
Added 1 new hair
8 new drawings
fixed a bug where you could get stuck in the vending machine.

Build 5
I am changing the UI soon it will be more organized.
Changed the “face” option to “race”:
Added 5 types of elf ears.
Added 5 types of demon horns
Added 5 types of diamonds for the forehead and 5 colors to choose from
Added the option to add 4 eyes

added 6 slime skins
added 1 dragon scale (I’m going to improve it before adding more)
Fixed the light red skin
new category “expressions”:
5 new expressions for the mouth
matched hair color with hair type
added 4 new hairs
Added 2 new hair colors
added 8 double colors
added 1 more freckle
now the breasts can be made smaller
added 7 new drawings

I didn’t realize that the npc didn’t have eyebrows xd, now they have.
fixed a bug in the main menu, it didn’t load well the quality settings

Build 4
There are already different skin tones in the makeup building!
12 skin tones
Added to eyes the option to change the Sclera color
Added eye designs !
10 new iris designs
Hair can now be changed (not all hairstyles are compatible with all hats yet).
all 8 hair models are here, more are on the way!
6 new drawings in the city

4 new animations for faster cumflation

Build 3
Now the cumflation cum bar is lowered with the V key little by little and is not timed.
Fixed weird reflections of windows.
changed house textures

2 drawings in the vending machines
Bed, with 5 animations
bedside table 4 animations
dildo in the room 1 animation
5 new drawings for the house

Build 2
Changed the menu to show the Player Character.
Changed the starting place, the city is getting bigger so there are houses and other buildings, now you will be in the character’s house, it’s in development.

now the belly increases on the 15th floor when you activate the cum animations, a bar appears indicating when you reach the maximum size, I’m testing the duration.
5 animations in the sofa of the house
2 milk in the customization in the scenes
1 makeup in the customization in the scenes
2 Cum for the ass in the customization in the scenes

Known bugs that I couldn’t fix:
There is a bug when you talk to npc’s and enter fast in a scene, the camera stays badly rotated, I’m working to fix it

Build 1 v0.9.7.6

I changed the form of the versions to make it easier, from now on it will be build 1, build 2 ect..

I’m testing the Shadow NPCs in the city to make them walk, they might get into weird places :3

removed material from startup buildings to improve memory consumption.

Added 8 cumflation themed animations.

added a new full body bukkake

i’m fixing the button to change speed, still doesn’t work in groups of 4 or 5 waifus


Customization in the scenes:
Added buttons to increase buttocks and breasts, also the one to put penis or not in the scenes.

Added new tab, Bukkake:
4 new bukkakes in customization

Added new tab, tit milk:
3 new boob milk in the customization
1 new makeup

6 new animations

Changed skin shader

Fixed a bug in the menu where you couldn’t click on some options.
fixed minor memory overflow bugs
it’s a silly thing but I had fun to add it, now there is TV in dreams city! I’m going to add more stuff little by little, don’t forget to watch the news

Increased the maximum size of boobs and ass in customization.
Changed the shadow guys, now they also look at you when you approach them.

new zelfie animation
added 3 new humiliation drawings

13th floor:
2nd version of the 13th floor
5 new scenes
You can get in the van to dance


this week i focused mostly on creating the models for the 13th floor and fixing many bugs i had pending, there is nothing new of sexual content, there are some costumes and a first look at the 13th floor.
next update will have more new animations!
thanks a lot for keep playing :3

added the first version of the 13th floor, still without animations
added 4 new outfits on the 13th floor
added music for the 13th floor

reorganized the required level in the elevator for the floors
changed the player menu to add in-game options
added volume control for music and sounds.

Fixed a bug with the girl in the car when you swapped position she didn’t play the animation properly.
fixed a bug with the NPCs flickering in some zones
fixed a bug with the climax scene that was dark in some occasions
fixed a bug that lowered the FPS in some scenes
fixed a bug with the physics not activating and the boobs going crazy at times
fixed a bug in which if you were futa the penis came out in the police suit and the second suit of the floor 9


Fixed a little bit the NPC code, now there should be less delay for them to appear on screen.

Startup area:
Added 1 animation

reorganized, all POV animations will be in the showers
Added 4 handjob animations

2 new animations with 3 clowns :3
1 new animation with 2 clowns
1 new animation

Changed the UI of the home screen

-The system that turns you into futa is already well implemented, now you can change the size of the penis and you can change the position in the scenes that you can,
you can make it hard all the time or only in the scenes, the system is still under development and will be improved over time.
Floor2 cinema:
added “spy” costume.
Floor4 bdsm:
a new animation at the entrance,PS I’m creating some machines to expand it later 

Floor 6 streamer:
a new animation
Floor 7 showers:
a new pov animation
Floor8 cow:
3 new animations
Floor9 fantasy:
added mage costume
fixed a bug in the elevator when you press the E key it stays naked with the dildo in hand
fixed a bug where the UI didn’t display correctly in low resolutions
fixed a bug with the first angel, when you enter the scene the eyes changed color

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Waifu Dreams City Download



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