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Vow Me Faeries [v0.60] [MeiLien]


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Vow Me Faeries Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – You play as Gustava mage who doesn’t know his origins but who has been well-trained by a super-strong mage.

Developer: TeamAlters Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.60
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, ahegao, animated, big ass, big tits, fantasy, humor, male protagonist, mobile game, monster, monster girl, parody, transformation, vaginal sex

Vow Me Faeries Overview

You play as Gustav (name can be changed) a mage who doesn’t know his origins but who has been well-trained by a super-strong mage, Mavis, alongside his “half-sister” Lucy. Gustav lives a peaceful life and never questions himself about things around him until strange events start to occur, such can only be nailed with seriousness and a lot of responsibility, both of which Gustav is experiencing right now!

But it’s not all about mystery… love and comedy are also at stake, as a huge variety of characters to interact with (being added little by little) and of course, the H element that we all like.

You are currently living in a different world and will eventually return to Earth (Fairy Tail world), at which point you will regain your memories! ACT I is all about a kind of “Edolas”.


There is a main event available with 4 different mini-events that lead to different scenes. You can play all 4 mini-events without losing anything, at the end of each event you will be redirected to the choice of which girl you want to interact with. Wendy now has two shapes, so I recommend playing her event twice and seeing both. We have 2 H-scenes with Mirajane and Erza.

+3 new event (Mirajane & Lucy)
+ story mode
+ 1 Animation
+ 5 new Scenes
Total of 18 new images.
3000+ words
3+ bugs fixed at the Act 1 and 2 others at the Act 2!
Starting ACT 3!
From now on, each version will advance +5 into the game’s version number! (0.50 to 0.55, and so on…)

Xmas event >>>
Fixing version to > 0.50

A total of 12 new images added
Continuation of story mode!
Hentai Scene; Erza
A total of 5,700 ~ 6,000 words!


 Wendy event / Clothing, Chelia
+1 Story mode
+ 2 new characters
Even though there are only two events, it counts with a total of +6 new images,
and 4000+ words, so there is a lot of story to uncover.


  • 24 new images​
  • 1 new gif! (s3x scene)​
  • 4 new sprites​
  • 1 new character​
  • 2 new events​
  • 14 new backgrounds, some to replace existing backgrounds that were poorly made/quality!​
  • 3 new soundtracks!​
  • Adjustments made to Mirajane’s Sprite, it was smaller in proportion than the other.​
  • Adjustments made to game switches to fix and prevent future bugs!​
  • Adjustments made to choices; All choices that give status now display what kind of status they increment on characters!​

This update was huge work! There were a lot of changes, and making gifs is always time-consuming, it demands a lot of patience to draw layer by layer, so I hope you like it!


  • +1 new characters available on map (Perma)
  • +9 new images with 28 variants
  • +3 new events (Erza/Wendy, Lisanna, Story Prog)
  • +2 new BG added
  • Now every of your choices will matter so, save often!
  • You will often chose clothes for certain characters,
  • those can’t be changed later so, keep it on mind too.
  • Some minor bugs fixed as misspellings.
  • Some new soundtracks added.

+ 7 new images
+ 2 H scenes
+ 2 Events
+ 2.000+ words

A total of 1.900+ words!
+1 new images added!
+ Erza new art rework (7 variants)
+1 animation with a toal of 10 frames!
+1 new backgrounds!

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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