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Vesper – Lust and Hunger [v0.1.15.2] [Starhound Studios]


Vesper – Lust and Hunger Download Latest Version

Vesper – Lust and Hunger Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – is our adult simulation game, heavily based on decisions with a mix of visual novel.

Developer: Starhound Studios – Twitter – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, animated, female protagonist, graphic violence, monster girl, monster, bestiality, big ass, big tits, groping, vaginal sex, oral sex, group sex, sandbox, prostitution, voyeurism,

Vesper – Lust and Hunger Overview

Vesper – Lust & Hunger is our adult simulation game, heavily based on decisions with a mix of visual novel. Inspired by Princess maker and True Love, follow your own path to the 30+ endings. Manage Vesper’s daily routine for 90 days, choose between different activities, travel to various locations and meet lots of different people.

What will you do to satisfy her craving for blood?
Vesper starts out her journey as a naïve girl from a small town. If she’ll keep her virginity, go on a killing spree or end up get gangbanged in an alley is entirely up to you. Who knows, perhaps she’ll give in to the lust and find the solution to her problems on her knees?​


N/A – bug fix


  • 1) Save/load slots implemented.
    Start a NEW GAME, do NOT LOAD an old save. Please, or the game will crash. I had to move a lot of stuff around.
    The save/slot feature has been on my mind forever. Now that we’re getting more and more routes, it’s become a necessity.
  • 2) You can close the bag/notebook/settings menu in the HUB by clicking anywhere else. (You only need to click their icons to open those tabs, you don’t need to click the icons again to close them.)




So, 18+ hour later of non-stop work… and here I am. This time I bring big changes, let me list some:

  • Witch’s shop added:
    For now you can buy blood bags, lust potions, and a… toy.
    There’s supposed to be a story behind the shop itself, and the character, but I decided to put it without the story for now, just so we have another location and the shop system implemented.
  • items no longer show on your inventory if you haven’t discovered them.
  • Lust potions added, though I think $500 is too expensive… or too cheap, … it depends what profession you choose. I have to play the game to actually balance it… I’ve been too busy developing it, lol. Please play the game and leave your feedback about prices, and bugs, it helps a lot.
  • Now you can visit and revisit places. If you forget to do something you can go back to it.
  • Extra scenes if you buy the tentacle. I don’t want to spoil where you get them… it should come as a surprise.

    *Much more to come… and of course, that background asset for the old shop is temporary just the rough sketch, it will be replaced soon for a refined one. Thanks a lot for your support. Next update we’ll work a little on the assets, and then introduce a new location and a new character. There ain’t no stopping this madness ^___^ .



  • Added flat colors to Deckard Bribe – Show your tits (one of my favorites…), refined pictures in the near future :)
    We had so many patrons subscribe today. I’d like to thank you all; it means a lot to receive recognition for our work. My lead artist is so motivated, she’s drawing like crazy.

A wise man once said: “With a lot of endings comes a lot of items.” , wait… that’s not it.
Anyway, here’s the latest update:

  • Now there’s a bag that will hold all your items.
  • You can drink blood directly from the toolbar or the item panel.
  • You can buy blood bags at the hospital (temporarily), and use them on the HUB. (So, buying blood at the hospital doesn’t do anything until you use them, saving you a lot of trips to the hospital.)
  • Bum(2) should be updated later today ^___^
    *I tried to test this new feature for common bugs, but you know… I’m just one guy. With new features there’s always new bugs. Please report anything you find on the Discord channel “bug-report”, and I’ll solve them as fast as possible.
    As always, tks for your continued support and believing in our work.


  • Study and First time stealing replaced with flat colors
  • Bum(2) almost finished, 2 assets left for the (Resist) option
  • Implementing item UI for future builds


  • Completed – The Stranger – (rendered pictures)


  • Fixed a bug where you would save the game, then load it back, and the weather would change. Now it should always be the one you got at that day, harvest moon style.
  • Set the text as instant for the instant option. I personally liked it super fast, but some players complained it had a small delay/animating text. I personally play it on fast. If you guys want the super fast option back I can add an extra button for it, just comment here.


Changelogs v0.1.1 – v0.1.11.2

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Vesper – Lust and Hunger Download



Vesper – Lust and Hunger Screenshots


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