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To Save a King Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – A mighty wizard king has been trapped between realms for centuries after a betrayal by his queen.

Developer: tsandds123 – Patreon 
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2D game, 2DCG, Adventure, Anal sex, Big tits, Fantasy, Futa/Trans, Handjob, Male protagonist, Monster, Oral sex, Rpg, Sandbox, Turn based combat

To Save a King Overview

A mighty wizard king has been trapped between realms for centuries after a betrayal by his queen. In his absence demons have overrun much of the world, tainting the source of magic and causing women to grow fat, juicy cocks. Awakening in the middle of a forest with no recollection of your past you are tasked with finding a way to free the king from his prison. So get ready, gear up, find the king’s relics, fight the demon army, and suck a dick? all To Save a King.​


-Updated Tileset (Dungeons now have their own distinct feel based on their environment)
-Part 1 of Sigrun’s Sidequest
-2 new dungeons as part of this sidequest (Note: These dungeons are missing some hidden content I had planned that I wasn’t able to get to this time around)
-A couple new items in the dungeons
-Character Dialogue art for Lilith and Sigrun
-Optional spicy scene as part of Sigrun’s quest (Text only for now)

– 2 new dungeons (one is optional depending on your choices)
– Part 1 of Lilith’s quest (both dungeons are part of this questline, if you missed meeting Lilith in the first floor of the Spider Queen’s lair you’ll have to load from an earlier point or start a new game)
– Added art for Fiolett’s anal scene
– 1 new weapon
– You can now swap party members at the camp (this will become more useful when more party members get added)

– Saves inside of dungeons are no longer broken!
– Scene replay has been added in the menus

– Added art for Amber’s anal scene
– Added art for Beastmaster boss
– Added art for Necromancer boss
– Added art for Cult Leader Boss
– Added a new dungeon to explore
– Small continuation of the main questline (Brings us up to the Highforge introduction)
– A few new items to be found (New boots, pants, tunic, and dagger)

– Added art for Spider Queen interaction + Sex scene illustrations
– Added a couple written scenes for Amber and the Ward keeper (both anal)
– Added companions (Can be found in dungeons/Through Amber’s quest)
– Amber’s companion quest can now be completed and the next part of the main quest was added (It’s pretty small and is just to get to the sex scene with Fiolett)
– The camp is now its own special type of dungeon where you can rest and interact with any companions you acquire throughout your journey (It’s fully dynamic and will change as you gather more allies)

Technical Changes:
– Sounds! Sound effects and music have been added to the game.
– First part of UI refresh (Dungeon, Battle, Map, Inventory, and Journal UI’s have all been updated)
– Slight battle system update (Added end turn button, companion abilities now have cooldowns, and you can bring 4 consumables into a fight.)
– Affection system partially implemented, your choices will now affect how characters feel about you (As of right now Amber’s scenes are the only ones that are affected by this)
– Some bugfixes for bugs that were reported when I was close to finishing this version

– Removed references to an outdated tileset which was causing some issues with some of the dungeons
– Fixed some logic on one of the boss encounters causing unwanted loops after entering another dungeon

Major Changes:
– Complete Dungeon overhaul (still working on some things but it’s mostly complete and not as jank as it used to be)
– Puzzles are now a thing (sometimes required for completing a dungeon/quest)
– Fluid movement through dungeons (no need to spam the same button over and over anymore)
– Monsters now move around the dungeon and exhibit their own unique behavior
– Players now need to press an interaction button to grab items/open chests/ interact with puzzles
– Bosses now have their own cutscenes (I’m planning for this open up some more storytelling/sexy time options)

Minor Changes:
– The inventory/journal screens will now close when you open the other (prevents needing to close 2 screens when you want to exit out of them)
– The pages of the inventory screen now cycle back to the beginning/end instead of getting stuck at one side or the other
– You can now unequip items/abilities by clicking on the slot it’s equipped in

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