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Thirty Days Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – is a heavy choice driven game, designed to have multiple play throughs with largely different experiences.

Developer: 3DRComics Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.06.10
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, BDSM, Corruption, Groping, Incest, Sleep Sex, Twins, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, Romance, Sandbox, Mobile game, Female Protagonist, Lesbian, Multiple Protagonist, Multiple endings

Thirty Days Overview

Thirty Days is a heavy choice driven game, designed to have multiple play throughs with largely different experiences.
You take the roll of either Aunt, Uncle, Cousin (Male or Female), or Family friend (Male or Female) as you spend a month with 2 very cute 18 year old fraternal twins.

These 2 have been sheltered and only attended private schools their entire life.
Over the month you will get to experience the ups and downs as you help them learn things about the world and help them become the woman they are destined to become.
Through the month you will meet many other people that you can pursue, romance, or corrupts along with Alex and Kayla.​


Expanded Day 6 Content.
700+ new images
2000+ new lines of code.
2 full new scenes as well as extensions to some current scenes.
Choices in day 6 have been implemented, as well as checks for previous day choices.


Day 6 Release.
This update contains the primary route for both male and female for day 6.
1500+ images.
20 Animations(Some better then others unfortunately, I will go back and work on the female route animations, but they already push the update back a day.)
I will be adding some more content to this day.
Including more exploration during the middle of the day (You will see what I mean)
and more choices and alterations.
Day 7 Tentatively scheduled for May 15ish.
Expect a small update over the weekend/early next to fix things I inevitably missed.

470 + new images added to finish off day 5 for female route (No new content for male route on this update.)
Honestly. Glad to be done with it 

Been wanting so long to just focus on day 6 and get back to alex 

Things are slowly but surely getting back on track.
Don’t want to give a definite time frame on day 6 at this point. not going to happen by christmas like I wanted to. I could probably get half of it ready if i really pushed, but have to do the whole “being a dad” thing for xmas 

Day 6 is not going to be like day 5 was. I’m shooting for late January to mid February for completion. its already started, got big chunks of the morning done and i’ve been excited to get working on it, kind of missed Alex 

III keep posting updates, every couple of weeks or so on how its going, Also want to get back to sharing more images and doing images just for subscribers.

70 images to complete male route for day 5, male route is now fully complete for day 5.
I am currently rerendering the roof scene for female route in day 5, Wasn’t happy with the brightness of the sky so reworking that scene.
Due to the delays with day 5, I am going to do everything I possibly can to get day 6 competed by the end of December. I am also going to be giving at least biweekly progress updates on this, ill update weekly if their is anything note worthy to talk about.
For current progress on day 6, I do have about 300 images rendered for the morning, and also have a majority of the scenes setup and ready to start rendering.
I know day 5 was kind of plagued with delays, hiccups, and issue, and I want to make up for it by getting day 6 done as quickly as I can.
Next scheduled update is December 1st, so exactly 4 weeks from now.
If i haven’t already pushed an update to finish female route day 5 by this point, this will fully complete female day 5, and should contain a large amount of day 6 content for both male and female routes.
I know day 5 was supposed to be completed months ago, and I am going to do everything I can to make it up to everyone.
I will correct and makeup for delays of day 5.

1076 new images.
12 animations
Male route for day 5 is technically complete, but marked as 95% as a few choice alterations are being added.
Female route at 50% completed.

But this is partial day 5. And as of this update we are moving to monthly updates.
Partial day 5 content.
1000+ new images.
Male route for day 5 is 60% complete
Female route for day 5 is 20% complete

Mobile will be coming tomorrow, Itch keeps zipping the file and i am not sure why yet.

We will be doing at least one update a month for now on, next scheduled update 9/12/2023

Without going into to much detail about why the change on this update, and moving to the monthly updates for the future. The short of it is I keep burning myself out and getting sick, So I am trying to pace myself a bit more, but also keep you guys with updates.
But really need to make sure I am not killing myself, It’s not helping anyone, and not helping the game.

v0.04.93 + Bug Fix

  • Second half of Day 4
  • 1500+ New images
  • 14 Animations
  • Sexual content with Alex and Ava (Male routes, Changes depending on Corruption or Romance)
  • The Ava Scene – The ava sex scene on the morning of day 4 has not been completed due to renpy issue. That will be sorted shortly.

Serenity Goes To The Movies is a short kinetic novel about Serenity’s trip to the movies with her friend Sarah
400+ Images

Thirty Days 0.035.91

  • The first half of Day 4
  • 1100+ New images for a total of over 5500.
  • An additional 30 to 50 minutes of content depending on route and your stats.
  • Major updates and changes to coding and story divergence
  • Addition settings available on ingame phone (including a guided mode)
  • Each route will have larger differences in the story which you will start to see in this update if you play multiple routes.
  • The escape room game is now skip-able

Serenity’s New Gig
500+ images.

Thirty Days 0.03.90MF
Day 3
700+ New images
Introduced to Mei and Ava
Versioning changed to make more sense.
The pacing on this day is a bit different then the previous days. This day’s focus was one major activity vs several smaller activities.
Limited growth with Kayla and Alex, But you spend some time with Misa, Her sister Mei, and Ava’s Story.

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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