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The Last Necromancer [v3.6] [Bandai]


The Last Necromancer Download Latest Version

The Last Necromancer Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – After the rise of the Holy Templars, the world has slowly been beset by monsters known as Wildspirits.

Developer: Bandai_))))) – Kofi – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 3.6
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English
Genre: 2d Game, 3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Necrophilia, Mind Control, Graphic Violence, Incest, Horror, Transformation, Male Domination, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Handjob, Creampie

The Last Necromancer Overview

After the rise of the Holy Templars, the world has slowly been beset by monsters known as Wildspirits.
After a tragedy, the player finds themselves unexpectedly thrown into a world of dark magic and violence.
Use Magic to defeat all who oppose you and the power of Necromancy to control their corpse for whatever you desire in order to save the world as
The Last Necromancer.​


-New Storyline, with several new Scenes

-New story, short part
-Added new characters
-new title screen image
Potential errors:
-memory is not being loaded correctly which may lead to several characters potentially having the placeholder sprites still.
-The Mobile Port might not work, let me know if it doesn’t I’ll see if I can make a working version.

Fixed a memory loading issue which caused the game to be stuck in an infinite loading screen
-Fixed an issue which caused the game to crash on Freya sex scenes.
-Fixed an issue that removed the quest log.

-Fixed an issue where the game wouldn’t start due to missing Actor1.png
-If you wish to continue with 3.2. Go to another rpgmaker game or an older version. Copy img/characters/Actors1.png to you img/characters file.

The Story continues.
-Added several new items.
-Adjusted the stats for Xana’s blackbook
-Adjusted several weapon stats
-Added new monster sprites
-general bugfixing.
-Changed the size of videos to fit the screen.
Note: 3.1 was only released on patreon. Basically the same stuff baring some small details.
Patreon Update:
I’ve made a patreon! If you want to help contribute to the project, just go here and help support! This could be the start of something beautiful.

The Final secret has now been completed. Finish the puzzle and you’ll get a nice bonus along with a new slave.
– The story continues, head on home to start the next part.
– Implemented Changes of day. The changes are minimal and rely more on certain transfers but there are a few different events at certain parts of the day.
– Added a new spell
– New Scenes
Known Bugs:
– The Magic option is duplicated in the Menu
– Lighting transfers sometimes act erratically.
– If it is Night and you enter the academy, it will let you in. This was a mistake I realized after deployment and will be modified in the next update.
-One image is not properly formatted. Another mistake I just realized

Touched up dialogue so that it’s more properly formatted
-Changed tilesets to reduce wall clipping.
-Reduced health of several enemies. As well modified a few stats so that combat is a little more fast pace.
-Gave most combat encounters backgrounds so that there is not a clear background during combat.
-Fixed events to reduce occasions of game breaks.
-Reduced travel options so to prevent sequence breaking.
-Icons have been added to several events to make them more visible.
-Party Members no longer show up behind the player.
-Added Objectives page: you can now track quests in your quest journal. Currently, it has the two quest of part 1/part 2 but none of the secret quest.
-Added Gallery area. To the left of the collections, once you beat part 1, interact with the mirror and get a gallery of all previous events in the game.
-Less sprites should be seen off the map.
-Less sprites should change into different sprites if you talk to them.
-Finished up the city secret. If you’ve already solved the puzzle, the path will lead you to another girl to ‘enslave.’
-Added in the final secret mission. You can solve it but, since there’s no girl yet, the quest will stop at a certain point.
-Added new map: The Academy of Light; a massive training structure where students go to become Templar knights. Currently populated with a few NPC’s with idle dialog and a few maps but if you want to see what’s coming up, then feel free too.
-Grammar fixes.

Ongoing Issues:
If you use a skinsuit while you have another party member, it will place your character at the back of the formation. Still looking for a fix but, for now, you can use the Formation option to swap party spots.
-Unconfirmed but it may potentially be possible to get an alternate ending for kinzac even if you’ve already made a choice by interacting with certain events. It is recommended you move to the coffin soon after you have Kinzac.

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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ANDROID <strong> </strong>(v3.5)


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