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The Caretaker Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – you are an employee in a very particular clinic, with beautiful girls, fun guaranteed.​

Developer: IceCreamParty Patreon – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.23
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English, Spanish
Genre: 3dcg, animated, male protagonist, big ass, big tits, vaginal sex, oral sex, handjob, masturbation, creampie, milf, gilf, teasing, groping, sandbox, mobile game, thighjob, titfuck, incest

The Caretaker Overview

“The Caretaker”, in which you are an employee in a very particular clinic, with beautiful girls, fun guaranteed.​



This is officially the closing of the first season of The Caretaker, in the global v0.23 of the game. It’s been a nice journey this far, introducing and giving scenes to each of the girls. This time, we have the debut and scene of Leslie, the character Futa, and the completion of the first threesome of the game.
Dalila and Irina also have content in wild mode, although each one is in her own way.
So, what I said: 4 lewd scenes, some pending fixes, and a gallery update for the end of the season. Hope you enjoy it!

What’s new?
*Continuation of 3 stories with their respective scenes, I’m talking about Rain, Melody, and Mom.
*First Quest + Roxy’s scene.
*New interactions in the Gym, both with Irina and Mom.
*New images and conversations with Melody, Irina, and Leah in the locker room, after reaching the highest progress with them.
*Once you get the membership in the gym, you can get the schedules of the girls that go there by clicking on the laptop located on Roxy’s desk. Initially, we know that they are Irina and Mom.
*Now, when you sleep in the MC’s bed, you will automatically jump to the next day’s morning.
*New lewd sounds for Rain, Mom, and Roxy.
*Gallery update.
*Mom’s location has been added, appearing next to the rest of the girls.
*Multishop: If you have any packages left that you did not receive, you can now go to Dalila to make your claim. On the other hand, the purchases of acting food (x10) have been eliminated. Now you can only buy (x25)

# Oh yes, we’re going to the beach with Christine to try out her new bikini.
# We will also have 2 more scenes, with Irina and Leah. In the case of the boss, we must follow the main Quest.
# Minor fixes (Melody fix, added)
# Gallery update

# 4 new scenes (Leah, Cass, Rain & Princess)
# Gallery update
# Minor fixes
# Now, when you sleep in your bed, you spend the next day in the morning.

# 2 new scenes (Azahara & Tori)
# Progress in Mom’s story
# Introducing a secondary male character
# 2 new locations (Beach & Sunny Vogue)
# Gallery update

Hope you like it!

Hi guys, this is relatively short, since I’ve made it just a few days before the end of the month.
Let’s cut to the chase:
# Blair’s progress + scene
# Progress with Simona (under voting) + scene
# Progress with Mom
# Minor corrections in the kitchen and the bug in Mom’s room
# Gallery update
Hope you like it!

What’s new:
*Progression in Cunny’s story, adding 2 scenes for her.
*New quest for Princess watching TV and her respective scene.
*Officer Harris to serve and unprotect! Watch out, or the full weight of the law will fall on you!
*Opening of the location “Police Department”.
*Opening of the eastern part of the town.
*Now you can peek into the showers when Irina is there. You will be able to see ‘when’ thanks to the location of the girls.
*The scenes gallery updated.
*Melody wears a new outfit in the kitchen.
*New item for the inventory, called “sedatives”. It will be useful for a quest and will be left for future updates.

v0.1 Reworked:
Well, taking into account the poll made with my patrons about some points related to the game, I have decided to make a new version. Finally, it was necessary to rework the game to make it more dynamic. I will detail the modifications below.
Of course, the saves of the previous game are not useful for this version.

*Opening dialogue with Princess.
*3 Scenes (Princess, Azahara, and Tori)
*Through a Main Quest, you can unlock the location of the girls.
*Solved Multishop delivery bug.
*Azahara and Tori get lvl2 in Locker Room.
*Different lewd sounds for each girl.
*Tasks and other notifications are now also in Spanish.

This is the last update before the opening of the town map and the introduction of 7 new characters.

* Opening dialogue with Simona
* Laptop unlocked through a Main Quest.
* 2 Scenes (Simona and Cunny) + a retro scene with Jazmine.
* Including “pass time” button.

*Renewed access to rooms and objects.
*The second floor is now painted green.
*Modified some audios of Cunny’s scene in the MC’s bed.
*Beginned some Quests to continue developing with the updates.
*3 scenes with animations in total (Melody, Azahara, and Cunny).

v0.02 Fix
*Fixed errors with doors on the second floor.
*The total weight of the game is 50Mb less than the previous version.
*For Android users, the problem with the latest MainQuest has been fixed.
Now you have access to the Lewd Scene when you go to sleep at midnight.

Initial Release

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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