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Tasty Curse Download Latest Version

Tasty Curse Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Nikita is a poor college student with problems.

Developer: FavoriteCat – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 2.5
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Corruption, Magic, Gender bender, Transformation, Domination, Submission, School girls, Mind control, Male protagonist, Female protagonist

Tasty Curse Overview

Nikita is a poor college student with problems. He accidentally has a run in with a witch who curses him to switch bodies with his new female roommate on a daily basis. Interestingly, no one else seems to notice the change. He has to figure out how to make enough money to survive, how to handle being male one day and female the next.

He/she has various adventures with his family, an annoying bully, a best friend who is in on the secret and others. As time goes on, he runs into a number of different situations that can change things around him. How will Nikita deal with his new life?


  • +1 club popularity – HFPFJGNSUF
  • +1 perversion – OFLFJSJDDH
  • -1 perversion – LDNFFHSIFN
  • +5 CindyPower – ZBFJSLGNDL
  • +1 Akira relationship – KFLFNSJFLF


Let’s start with mechanical changes and fixes:

  • Bug with Cindy when she broke the game’s walkthrough in Convergence mode;
  • The gambling table is now playable, all odds of winning and losing have been fixed, also new game mechanics have been added;
  • The game interface has been slightly scaled down;
  • The size of the game has been reduced to about 2GB (in this version);
  • Now the game supports transferring saves from any version of the game starting from 2.2 (i.e. now saves will work not only from the previous version of the game);
  • Character thoughts in the sidebar no longer break after page reloads;
  • Fixed all old events where videos were not displaying properly or not playing at all;
  • Removed unnecessary game files;
  • Now in certain situations the buttons don’t disappear like before, they just turn off. This is noticeable visually;
  • Now when different random events run at the same time, they don’t overlap;
  • The random movement of time no longer interrupts important events;
  • Fixed a bug with sudden “teleportation” to bed at nightfall;
  • Random events and their chances of occurrence have been very much improved. Literally everywhere, all over the game.
  • The code throughout the game has also been very heavily formatted and optimized, but you won’t notice a difference here. It will only make further development easier.
  • Research tab in new Laboratory! :
    I’m not a programmer at all, but I had to do some pretty good coding here. We now have a working base for researching new pills! What’s included?
    New pills will be divided into 3 levels based on the difficulty of research. Research progress costs daily player spending, but you have 3 options to speed it up:
    1. Work on research;
    2. Spend money;
    3. Motivate Jimmy;
    (4. Use cheats);
    Either way you figure it out, the new lab offers special button for “guidance on the research”.
  • Third point – Motivate Jimmy.
    You will be able to use this option to speed up your research while in Carol’s body. You have 2 paths Dominant and Submissive. If you have not yet become Jimmy’s Hypno-bitch, you have another opportunity to do so on the Sub path. The Dom path doesn’t mean you’ll make Jimmy a slave, it just takes your relationship with him to the next level. Who knows where that will lead? Each path comes with 4 events + 3 events in Jimmy’s room after completing the Dom path.
  • Added 3 new pills to the game available for research after opening a new lab.

    The 2 pills will allow you to increase and decrease your arousal at any point in the game. Also,
    corresponding icons for them have been added to the character portrait;

    -The 3d pill is called the Ethereal pill. It will allow you to look into the recent past of any
    character. You will be able to find out what someone was doing that day and possibly get some
    valuable information and even more. There are several random events per character. Some of them are quite important. Some events can change depending on the state of the character or player. So far I haven’t customized the system to show you the events you need to see, now it’s random, but the chance of important events has been increased.
    So I’ll spell out a bit about the events of each character.

    To make it easier to describe let’s put it this way:
    < 2” Events if this character has not yet taken a level 2 pill;
    > 1” Events if this character has already taken a level 2 pill;
    Any” Events are not affected by pills;

    Layla (GF) (6 events)
    < 2 : 2 events.
    > 1 : 4 events. (Layla has an NTR route open now)

    Carol (Roommate) (4 events)
    < 2 : 2 events.
    > 1 : 2 events.

    Olga (Mom) (4 events)
    < 2 : 1 event.
    > 1 : 4 events. (Olga has an NTR route open now)

    Dad (3 events)
    Any: 3 events.

    Anya (Sis) (4 events)
    < 2 : 1 events.
    > 1 : 1 events.
    Any: 2 events.

    Stephan (Bully) (2 events)
    Any: 2 events.

    Levi (Brother) (2 events)
    Male: 1 event.
    Female: 1 event. (the event unfolds along with Layla’s events)

    Vanessa, Jimmy and Akira are still in development, because behind them lies a whole chain of other events that need to be added at the same time.


  • All cheats have been updated + added a couple new ones. All cheats will be sent to patrons starting from “Dreamer Cat” tier.


  • Fixed and reworked a lot of text lines in different parts of the game;
  • Levi no longer shows up in the bathroom in his altered form;
  • Changed the formula for harassment in Pleasure House to a more realistic one;
  • Fixed the chance of Levi appearing in Pleasure House;
  • Fixed the edible-unedible game on a date with Carol;
  • Fixed the inability to exit random club events in some situations. (but it’s worth double-checking just in case);
  • Now you can’t turn Levi only if you have more than 130 perversion points instead of 100;

Changes list:

  • Added several button colors, as well as their descriptions right after the prologue;
  • Added handy tabs about the statistics of game characters, they can be opened via the “Notes” tab;
  • A meditation book can now also reduce perversion;
  • Added a magic orbwhich will be able to tell you what to do at the moment (it can be bought at any time in the store, access to it will be from the inventory) It’s like in-game walkthrough;
  • The game’s story and main events are now linear (meaning they follow strictly one after the other);
  • Slightly changed the “shop”, now it is possible to buy 10x of goods at once;
  • Random events on the “streets” are now categorized into daytime and nighttime events;
  • Added 15 mini random events in different locations (Shop, Uni, Cafe, Streets) with Player interaction after the spread of New Celtos;
  • Added quick gender change function after getting BodyChange Pills (click on the corresponding picture under the character icon in the sidebar);
  • Added the option to replay 3 of Stephan’s training sessions after completing his training in his room in dorm;


  • Since this update is not slick, I decided not to update the cheats in this update. They will be changed in the next one.


`-Fixed and reworked a lot of text lines in different parts of the game;
-Now time doesn’t move forward when you say “Fuck off” to Stephan;
-Levi’s appearances are balanced;
-Fixed bug teleporting from house to dorm due to anal plug;
-Fixed the infinite loop in the club. (hopefully fixed, but if this bug occurs again, let me know);
-Vanessa no longer stops being dominant (I had everything stable after the fix, but if the error happens again, let me know);
-Fixed a bug with Stephan’s training not allowing to see the next event;
-Lots of other little corrections that I don’t want to clog up this text with;`

**Changes list:**

`-Updates from the previous version are now carried over to the new version. (However, if you have older versions of the game, this will not work);
-More events with Akira;
-Stephan keeps trying to corrupt you (2 more training sessions with him makes it to the semi-final of Stephan’s storyline. Depending on the decision you make, events after class and in the dorm apartments may change);
-You’ll finally get to meet Dr. Leccto (This meeting will lead to many events and changes);
-You will have the opportunity to use 1 GC Beta Pill;
-After meeting Dr. Leccto, you will be able to discover a new laboratory;
-There are 81 mini-events added to the game. They will (or won’t) start appearing after meeting Dr. Leccto`

>>Trying to start the line on an old save can lead to unstable operation!<<


  • Fixed and reworked a lot of text in different parts of the game. (though hardly anyone will notice it);
  • The picture of the witch in the prologue now looks a little more intimidating!
  • The work of the “Sit and Wait” button in the bar has been fixed;
  • New video in Cindy’s finale after she steals the body;
  • Fixed the event when Stephan arrives at the dorm apartments with a butt plug in Carol’s body;
  • Vanessa no longer stops being dominant after a new pill;
  • Fixed the money accrual/discharge system in the Pleasure House. Now everything works correctly. (not sure if I removed the bug when $P.money $ was appearing, but in my personal tests there was no error);
  • Levi’s showing up a little less often now;
  • Now Levi’s masturbation in the player’s room doesn’t move time forward;
  • Lots of other little corrections that I don’t want to clog up this text with;

Changes list:

  • Whoa! What’s that? It’s a browser icon! Now Tasty Curse is not a little mini-game anymore!
  • A second encounter with Akira and a few small events after that await you;
  • You will be able to access the strip area of the club;
  • In the strip area, you can try gambling;
  • Now you can meet the Infomant and get information from him on the location of the mysterious lab. (The way you convince him to give you this information could affect something in the future. You will have 4 ways to do it, the choice is yours.);
  • Now, encounters with Levi will increase your “perversion“. Now the events with Levi will appear gradually depending on how much “perversion” you have;
  • Added 5 new events with Levi’s:
    – In the shower at home (60 perversion);
    – At home in the player’s room in the morning. (50 per.);
    – In the pleasure house (50 per.);
    – In the Cafe (40 per.);
    – While doing Housework at home (50 per.);
  • Your bond with Cindy has grown closer. You can talk to her before you go to bed in the dorm (even if you erased her);
  • If you choose to keep Cindy, you will be able to enter “convergence” mode with her after the conversation. In this mode, Cindy will be able to comment on many events and you will get to switch bodies with Cindy for a while. In this mode, Cindy will be able to help you with the following events:
    – Get a chance to enter the strip zone;
    – To deal with the black guys in the house;
    – Gain some popularity at the club;
    – Take care of Dad in the bathroom in the morning;
    – Work in Pleasure House;
    – Have sex with Jimmy (if Player is already hypno-bitch);
    Be careful, if you accumulate too much energy, something will happen. (4 random events);
  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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