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Sluttown USA: Hometown Corruption Download Latest Version

Sluttown USA: Hometown Corruption Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – It feels weird to be back in Woodpine after so long away.

Developer: AmusingOddity SubscribeStar – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.32
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Real porn, Male protagonist, Mind control, Text-based, Incest, MILF, Sandbox, Corruption, Anal sex, Blackmail, Lesbian, Rape, Sissification

Sluttown USA: Hometown Corruption Overview

It feels weird to be back in Woodpine after so long away. You remembered the place being small, but damn. Yesterday, when the taxi dropped you off, you couldn’t believe how tiny and pathetic the little town looked.
You’ve spent the last three years working for a small startup in New York by the name of SCAREAWAY.

The company needed a psychologist -you- to help develop a mobile app that could be used to cure people of their fears. Along with other… less noble uses as you would discover in your time there. It actually showed a lot of promise.
You have the only surviving copy of the hypnosis app.​


– Doctor’s receptionist 10k words
– Gia/Eva 14k words

– Karlee (Recruiting) 14k words
– Leah (Recruiting) 10k words

– Alex 13k words
– Gia 8k words
– Eva 9k words
– New navigation feature

– Penny 10k words
– Karlee route (pornstar recruiting) 10k words

– India 16k words
– Eva 11k words

– Doctor 11k words (accessed through jobs kiosk)
– Doctor’s receptionist 1k words
– Elliot 11k words (end of private arc)

– Fixes bug that was causing some old saves to be unable to progress with Katerina

– Romi 11k words
– Gia 12k words

– AJ (end of private arc) 23k words
– Changed math on how much charge you need to attune to girls. It now grows at half the rate once it goes over 50.

– Fixed broken link that stopped progress with AJ’s route.

– Fixed bug that caused a black screen for Khloe
– Fixed bug that caused a black screen for Jess


– Leah route (stripper recruiting) 11k words
– Hacker 13k words (end of her private route)
– Jessica private route added.

– Elliot 13k words
– Hacker 11k words

Fixed bad link in Ashley private scene.

Fixed bug stopping access to Xev route.

– AJ 13k words
– Ashley 11k words

-Minor bugfixes
-Text clean up.

V 0.21
– Hacker 12k words
– Ashley 10k words

V 0.20
– Karlee 15k words
– Penny 8k words
– Maria 2k words

V 0.19.1
– Fixed missing image for Alex
– Fixed bug that was causing a blank screen in Hacker route.

V 0.19
– Gia 5k words
– Eva 5k words
– Romi 10k words (Beginning of new solo arc)

V 0.18.1
Fixed bug that was causing loop to happen in India’s office.

V 0.18
– Veronica 5k words
– India 5k words
– Priya 2k words
– Marica 2k words
– Jen 2k words
– Elliot 8k words (Start of new solo arc)

V 0.17
– Leah 12k words
– Eve 2k words
– Sara 1.5k words
– Jen 2.5k words
– Priya 3k words
– Marica 2.5k words
– Veronica 4k words
– India 2.5k words

– Fixed bug that was causing some people to get caught in a loop in India’s office

V 0.16
– India 6k words.
– Priya 3k words.
– Jen 4k words.
– Marica 3k words.
– Veronica 11k words

– Played around with the UI scaling to get it to work better for anyone playing on a smaller screen

– Fixed Gia showing up too early and breaking her progress.
– Fixed the issue with the hacker. (But for real this time I’m pretty sure). Shout out to Matzak!
– fixed missing images.
– Shifted character buttons around to make sure they aren’t covering buttons.

Bugfix 0.15.1
-Fixed some broken image links.
-Fixed variable that wasn’t being set that stopped the hackers guide from updating.

– 13k words for Khloe.
– 11k words for Alex.
– Changed how characters appear on the map.
– Think I finally tracked down the bug some people were running into with the hacker.

– Fixed problem causing loop in Hacker progress.
– Fixed some characters not showing up on location buttons.

– Fixed over time bug
– Fixed India Progress
– Fixed Abella night scenes
– Added time skip to main map
– Fixed Broken link in Leah chat scene
– Fixed bug in Hacker guide.

V 0.14.6
– Repacked the game using webm’s instead of mp4’s.

-Fixed missing chunk of India’s guide.
– Fixed Lean not showing up in gym

V 0.14.3
-Fixed missing links for India in office once she starts working on weekends.
– Fixed missing link for Alex once she starts going to the gym.

– FIxed bad links stalling India progress
– FIxed bad links stalling Kalree progress
– FIxed bad links stalling Alex progress
– FIxed bad links stalling Aj progress
– FIxed bad links stalling Xev progress

– 14k words for India.
– Full overhaul of map
– Simplified the guide.
– Added tracker for a chosen character to side bar.
– Converted videos and reduced overall size by about half. (means that old saves will not have the dreams show up. Other than that everything should work fine. New saves won’t have this issue.)
– Fixed bug that was causing Double Or Nothing game to loop sometimes.

-Fixed bug that was causing stalled progress with AJ.
– Fixed bug that was causing Romi’s repeatable scenes to play wrong

-Romi/Elliot 14K (this closes out their joint arc.)
-AJ 12k (includes the introduction of a secondary character for her story.
-Several bug and grammar fixes courtesy of phupdup and UnwrappedGodiva

– Fixed error in server charge calculation
– Re-fixed bug that was stalling progress at Leah’s second date.

– Fixed bug that was stalling progress at Leah’s second date.
– Fixed broken link in Xev story that was leading to loop.
– Added simple inventory screen to the game.

– 13k words for Karlee
– 10k Words for Xev
– Spelling and grammar check courtesy of phupdup and UnwrappedGodiva

-12K Words for Romi/Elliot
-10K Words for Leah
-Copy edit courtesy of phupdup and UnwrappedGodiva

-13K Words for Alex
-8K Words for Leah
-Bug and grammar fixes courtesy of phupdup and UnwrappedGodiva

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

If you need the full game, download Full packs, select them together and extract. They should extract into the same folder. If you already have everything installed from the last version, all you need is the update file.

Sluttown USA: Hometown Corruption Download



*see installation tab


Save File: MEGA

Sluttown USA: Hometown Corruption Screenshots


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