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Shaggys Power Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Team Scooby’s latest investigation ends in a complete nightmare!

Developer: Fin Patreon – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: Public +Fix2
OS: WindowsAndroidMac
Language: English, Italian
Genre: 2DCG, Male protagonist, Mystery, Parody, Adventure, Mobile game, Oral sex, Vaginal sex

Shaggys Power Overview

Team Scooby’s latest investigation ends in a complete nightmare!
Left with no money and no place to live, they are forced to stay in an unfamiliar town for an indefinite period of time.
And it seems that this town holds a lot of secrets and mysteries…​

CHANGELOG Public +Fix2
Not available

0.0.8 Public+ Fix:
– Fixed the purchase of scooby cookies
– Rewritten the code for giving bonuses from a succubus, available when you have a good relationship with her.
Bonuses are now awarded randomly. Also the succubus gives different amounts of sin points.
– Fixed a bug with the quest of the man at the public restroom
– Removed traces of debugging peeping scenes
Appeared if you look into the room and get to the scene of the classic costume.
– Fixed a bug that caused Velma to wear a bikini instead of classic clothes in the evening.
– Optimized code. Now the game will work more stable and the error log will not be so long.
– Fixed a bug that made it possible to send clones to work at night in closed workplaces.
– Now if you send clones to work at the wrong time you will get a penalty.
– Fixed a bug that caused the background to not appear when peeping at girls.
– Fixed a bug that caused girls to wear classic costumes during sports and then the game would crash afterwards.

0.0.8 Alpha:

– Added 6 new scenes with the succubus
– The “blowjob” option in dialogs with the succubus is now active
There are 2 scenes with 4 ending options available.
– The dialog option in conversations with the succubus is now fully functional.
What it means:
– Added a system of relationships with this character
– Introduced a system according to which the character can be given certain gifts.
(The succubus will tell you about them).
– Added a system of character’s mood, depending on which you get a bonus for communication.
– Added quest and skit
– Segment code rewritten
So far, this is the first character with a full-fledged system of building relationships.
I am testing it on this character. In the future, a similar system will be introduced to all characters with whom skits are implied.
For now, building a relationship with a succubus will give you:
– A blowjob scene with two endings (the second one opens also depending on the relationship).
– A bonus gift before bed (sin points).
– In the Mall, in the pastry section, new items have been added for shopping
(gifts to improve communication with the succubus).
– A new scene has been added to the library
(Related to the succubus quest).
– Church location now works and has different versions for day and night
– Added two new characters related to the church.
Also added dialog and the basis for a new quest.
– Restored and rewritten the death character scenes
– Restored and rewritten the quest related to the colors for death
– Avatars of all characters increased
(47, not counting character emotions. They will be somewhere around 192 with them. In addition they are finalized (all 44 avatars of Shaggy for example))
– New visual effects have been added.
There are two effects added in total and I won’t describe their essence. I will only note that both are available in the new sex scenes with succubus.
– Fixed a bug that caused the game to display a scene of falling asleep in the offiice after working in the comic shop
– Comic shop characters are now displayed correctly, according to the new avatar sizes.
– Fixed a bug where an error was displayed when choosing to decline the offer to wash dishes in the morning.
– Fixed a bug in the toilet scene if the player selected the option to talk to the character.
– Fixed a bug in which the game sometimes hangs when trying to peek at the girls through the safe.
(This is an interesting bug, fixing which I rewrote a third of the code on interaction with girls. It turned out that because of referencing different headers the game, at some point, went into an infinite loop. While solving this problem I optimized a whole mountain of code).
– The eye icon that was visible in the scene with Velma now does not hang endlessly in the upper left corner of the screen.
(All this time it was hanging invisible on the map, but you could click on it)
– Succubus no longer appears in scenes before the quest is completed
– Fixed translation bug in English version
A bunch of other shit was fixed, but since I didn’t write it down, and there was a forced break, I forgot what exactly I was doing.
To unlock the “true” blowjob scenes of the succubus you will need to establish a relationship with her and complete the quest to find the book.
But initially I recommend you to watch the blowjob scenes while in a bad relationship.
The scene will be different and have two different endings with Daphne and Velma.
Now, in order to have a relationship with a succubus you need to…. Talking.
Conversations don’t give you many friendship points, but you can increase their effectiveness with gifts.
After a few conversations, Succubus will tell you what drinks and sweets she likes.
You can also discuss with the witch what succubi might like.
Gifts raise the succubus’ mood, and a good mood gives you a bonus to increase your friendship points.
By the way, sometimes the dialog may just go better than expected, which will increase the succubus’ mood and give you a bonus next time.
After you get your friendship to 3, the Succubus will give you a quest to buy a book.
Go to the library (you can open it by reading about it in the newspaper) and in the conversation with Ayano choose the option “buy a book”.
We watch a short scene and then place an order. The book will arrive only after three game days. After three days, pick up the book.
Call the succubus, select the option “talk” and in the menu where there are usually presents choose “give a book”.
We take a little test, watch a skit – Done.
Now the true blowjob scenes are open (two finals go in the set).
The quest to discover the flowers of death:
In order to begin this quest, we need to… Die.
Death in the prologue doesn’t count.
The easiest way to do this is to apply sin energy to Gabrielle or the salesgirl at the codebreaker.
They’ll help you quickly.
After that, watch the first death scene.
Then go to discuss it all to the Witch, who for money will start a quest to open the option with the colors of death.
She will need seven game days.
After completing this quest, you will be able to order flowers for death, which in turn will open an additional scene with this character.
So far, there is little content and it is not so important since the game does not have the option of permanent death.
Scenes with the church (night and day versions of it) are opened simply.
It is enough to visit this location.
Which at the moment is not ready:
– A number art of scenes are not finished

0.0.8 Beta:
– All draft scenes are now colored.
– In both finales of the blowjob scene, the endings have been corrected
– In both finals of the blowjob scene added a new artwork.
– Now if you undress the succubus, she will be unclothed in all versions of the scene.
– A number of images of the blowjob scene with the succubus have been corrected.
– Fixed a bug that caused the English version to not display text in the “in mouth” variant of the blowjob scene.
– Added release version on lincus

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  2. Play the game

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