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Sex Valley Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – You will be in the control of a young man living in a small village..

Developer: Zehmun Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.5.60
OS: WindowsAndroid
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, 2D game, Male protagonist, Big tits, Fantasy, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Futa, Creampie, Monster girl, Footjob, Femdom

Sex Valley Overview

You will be in the control of a young man living in a small village in a small port town in a large magical land. Being the only man in age to reproduce in the village, you shall partake on various activities with diverse types of girls! Just returning from long years of training, you will see the changes time made on the village you grew on and on the girls that live there. Are you ready to utilize your powers to help the growth and prosperity of a little village?​



EDIT: Fixed a collision conflict between Nameless and Nihil in the caves if you recruited them both at the same time.
EDIT2: Changed how characters are selected for the party. Rather than being asked when entering the caves, you now interact with the glowing circles inside the caves/forest to select who you’ll be taking.
Heya! The update is done!
Quick Overview! Two new quests, one for Nameless and one for Sophie and Eris! You now have the option to permanently get rid of Eris! Nameless companion, One new scene for Peach, and more farm upgrades!
The two new quests are both part of a longer and complex questline, but to avoid making it confusing, you’ll always get a new quest in the quest log explaining the next step. I tried not to make it too cryptic for once.
I fixed most bugs that were reported to me(I think), but there is still some non game breaking stuff that needs fixing that I’m aware of, like some of Lene’s scenes being missing depending on progress. If you find anything strange or buggy, make sure to let me know, and I’ll hopefully have it fixed!
Sorry for the slight delay, and thanks for your support! I’ll make sure the next update will be great too!
New Content:

  • Added “Investigate Bandit Activity” Quest (Recommended Level 1)
    • It Introduces the new character “Nameless” to the game, and allow the player to change her name.
    • Requirement: Introduce yourself to Sophie.
    • The quest starts automatically while walking around the north of the beach west of town. Really, just walk from one exit to another and it’ll trigger.
  • Added a new party companion “Nameless”
    • Nameless acts as a shied/taunt support with little damage and even less healing. She uses no MP, all of her skills use HP% to cast.
    • Unlocked after completing “Investigate Bandit Activity” and entering the caves.
  • Added a small schedule for “Nameless”
    • It’s a WIP while she doesn’t get a quest to expand her story, so she’ll always be by the Silo at the farm.
  • Added “Nameless” Customisation
    • Nameless can be gifted and can change clothes/hairstyles/accessories at will through the mirror in the Silo.
    • Currently, you can only really change her blindfold and choose between naked and rags… but the system is already up and only waiting for a Nameless expansion..
  • Added “Investigate Sid’s Murder”Questline (Recommended Level 10 or 13, depending on player choice)
    • Investigate the murder of the man who was promised to marry Sophie.
    • Requirements: Complete “Investigate Bandit Activity” and Introduce yourself to Eris.
    • The quest starts automatically while walking around the beach west of town.
    • This quest can affect the townsfolk depending on the player’s choice, so think well before the last choice by the end of the questline. The choice WILL affect any future Nameless quest
  • Added three new maps used on the new quests:
    • Arena Ruins/Training Grounds
    • Lene’s Office
    • Main Road Path
  • Added Peach Bathhouse Trip Scene(Futa x Male)
    • Requirement: Complete Peach’s Questline.
    • Available every day at 1800~2200 by talking to Peach in her tower.
  • Added Four new upgrades to the farm!
    • They are all unlocked after completing the first Bum-Bum side quest! The Bum-Bum quest is unlocked after completing all of the first batch of upgrades!
      • 1st – After unlocking the upgrade, there will be a wisp fishing for you in the farm’s pound and give you daily fish!
      • 2nd – After unlocking the upgrade, there will be a working wisp that’ll be used to make products and pickled food out of dairy, crops and eggs! This increases the value of the produce by something between 20~40 gold depending on the item.
      • 3rd – After unlocking the upgrade, you’ll be able to “bless” your seeds to make them become SUPER seeds, that grows crops that are worth around 30% more!
      • 4th – After unlocking the upgrade, Bum-Bum will get the fruit trees working, and they’ll start giving out some cursed modified fruits on a five day basis. They are worth little money, but they make a lot of them, and they can be eaten raw for healing! Also, they do have other uses…


  • Updated Bum-Bum’s Saturday morning and Friday afternoon dialogues after completing certain upgrades!
  • Added an alternative and easier to see path to the Naga boss in the third part of the caves.
  • Moved all “Character Quests” to “Side Missions”, and all “Caves Quests” to “Main Missions” in the Quest log
  • Forgot to mention this change in the last update, but interacting with the photo in the player’s table will show a picture of him with Lamir… and maybe someone else, depending on progress.
  • Because now it is possible for Eris to be unavailable, there is a chance the player might miss out on the Gloryhole trigger, so now Roxanne can also tell the player about the Gloryhole if interacted with inside the tavern!
  • At the end of the “Investigate Sid’s Murder” quest, depending on the player’s choice, Sophie, Roxanne, Therese, and Eris’s schedules might be affected and changed.
  • Depending on the choice made by the player during “Investigate Sid’s Murder,” Sophie will buff the player with her love during the final battle with the Goddess.
  • You can use the toilet to toggle between Sophie’s designs once unlocked.

Map Changes:

  • The Prison beneath the castle is now accessible at all times.
  • Updated the farm slightly to better fit the new upgrades and Nameless


  • Updated the code used when an event activates in “x” days.
    • Should make it harder to miss the Peach messages this way.


  • Fixed an error on the Map where Jill’s scene was displayed on Sarah’s page.
  • Fixed a problem that would make the quest “The Goddess Sacred Icon” unable to be completed if Peach’s quest was already completed.
  • Fixed an error in the farm upgrade options where choosing the “Barn Upgrade” option would ask if the player wants to upgrade the coop instead.
  • Fixed Peach staying at the party if you blacked out through lack of stamina.
  • Fixed some character errors on some older quest information in the quest log.
  • Fixed an oversight that made the sounds of crickets continue inside the clinic in the morning if you blacked out somewhere with the sounds of crickets.
  • Fixed an oversight where Eris would be annoyed that Eris(?) wasn’t working.
  • Fixed Eris serving the player instead of Sophie during the Party Bunny introduction in the tavern.
  • Fixed Roxanne’s dialogue on Monday nights not being the correct one.
  • Fixed a few inconsistencies in Eris’s schedule.
  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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