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Sex Gods Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – a guy who leads an everyday life in the company.

Developer: GuapoMan Subscribestar
Censored: No
Version: 0.36
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English, Spanish, French
Genre: Ahegao, Anal sex, Bimbofication, Body Writing, Cheating, Corruption, Cum inflation, Cunilingus, Deepthroat, Furry, Futanari, Gay, Gender swapping, Gloryhole, Group sex, Incest, Internal view, Interracial, Lesbian, Male protagonist, Mind Control, Multiple penetrations, Nipple fucking, NTR, Scat, Smegma, Stomach bulge, Trans Protagonist, Transformation, Urination, Vaginal sex.

Sex Gods Overview

Sex Gods tell you Rex’s story, a guy who leads an everyday life in the company of his beautiful and beloved girlfriend, until one day by destiny… gods, monsters, magic and a lot of sex come to his life, now he will have to fight and fuck the whole world if he wants to become a Sex God!


Changes V 0.36:

  • The second sex scene between the bear and the park’s fitness girl has been remade. It is a new sex scene that replaces the old one.
  • The special sex scene between the bear and the female bear has been remade. It replaces the old one.
  • Removed some assets with old images (bears version one, fitness girl version one, etc). This made the game lighter.

Changes V 0.35:

  • Events to save Rin – Part F2, Centaur route – events after the RPG Battle: continuation of the first part (the RPG battle content). A sex scene between Centaur and Anastasia.
  • A new feature to hide the comment window.
  • A new option to disable the animation of the experience bar after completing a sex scene.

Changes V 0.34:

  • Transition scene to connect the previous version content (beginning of the events to save Rin) with the new content (Heinrich transformation).
  • Events to save Rin – Centaur route (part 1) – RPG Style Battle.
  • Battle system – RPG Style Battle: This feature will allow you to have battles in a kind of RPG style but with the chibi version of the characters; tutorial: here!
  • Improved version of the game’s start menu.
  • Changes for the News system.
  • New options: Autosave, News alert, and Graphics quality.
  • New preference: Chibi Sexy.
  • English translation spell-checking (all text related to the fitness girl at the park).

Changes V 0.33:

  • Rin sex slave, bad ending (NTR scene).
  • Events to save Rin, part 1 of 4 (game story continuation).
    • This includes new scenarios and many new drawings like these.
    • This includes a new sex scene between Rex, Lorna, Cloy, and Heinrich.
  • The option to press the button to skip scenes through the keyboard key ‘escape’ (for almost all current content).

Changes V 0.32:

  • Conclusion of the last scene where Cloy wants to spy on Anastasia.
    • This includes two different perspectives/scenes about what is happening to Rin. One if you’re playing with NTR OFF, the other with NTR ON.
  • Rex’s thoughts on the events of Rin’s kidnapping.
    Validations and configuration of the game after Cloy’s request. Rin won’t show up at Rex’s house until we save her; oh, wait, will Rex be able to save her?
    • The events and validations that will be triggered if the player doesn’t save Rinon the same day (we’ll call it Day 0) after Lorna’s first message (not Heinrich’s) and decides to sleep more times in bed:
      • Day 1 [NTR On and NTR Off]:
      • Smartphone’s message for the day after Cloy’s request events.
      • Day 2 [NTR On and NTR Off]:
      • Smartphone’s message if you sleep for the first time instead of saving Rin.
      • If playing with NTR Off, you can’t sleep more times before saving Rin.
      • Day 3 [NTR On]:
      • Smartphone’s message if you sleep for the second time instead of saving Rin.
      • This day you will be able to watch what Rin is doing if you ask Cloy. This scene’s name is Rin toilet slut.
      • Day 4 [NTR On]:
      • Smartphone’s message if you sleep for the third time instead of saving Rin.
      • This is the last day you’re able to save Rin.
      • Day 5 [NTR On]:
      • Smartphone’s message if you sleep for the fourth time instead of saving Rin.
      • This unlocks a bad ending (game over). This scene’s name is Rin sex slave.
  • Rin toilet slut – NTR sex scene.
    • Changes/upgrades for Rex’s smartphone:
    • Now you will be able to use the mouse wheel to scroll through chat conversations and the list of messages.
    • Improved the scroll through the touch screen.
    • Now you have a scroll bar in the chat conversations and the list of messages.
    • Now the order of the list of messages is older messages to the bottom, news to the top.
  • Changes/upgrades for the credits of the game; now you can click over text to open links, the buttons were re-ordered to ‘Links | Controls | Credits | Thanks’, and music are now inside the Credits section.
    • English translation spell check:
    • In the scene, Rin meets Cloy.
    • All Cloy’s dialogues (only those displayed talking to her in her room).
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