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Project: Possible Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – After an accident turns you into a young adult again..

Developer: Leroy2012 Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Patch 14.5
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Male Protagonist, Male Domination, Parody, Big tits, Adventure, Parody, Trainer, Oral Sex, Groping, Teasing, Spanking, Handjob, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Mobile Game, Harem, Romantic

Project: Possible Overview

After an accident turns you into a young adult again, you take on the role of one of the most beloved villains from the Kim Possible series.

Coming up with the ultimate plan to once and for all destroy her, you move to her city and enroll in her school. This time, the plan is to defeat her emotionally, instead of physically. The plan is simple, but unfortunately, keeping a low profile when you’re a mastermind isn’t easy, and you slowly find yourself surrounded by both friends and enemies of Kim Possible…

How you will deal with both friends, foes, sluts and more is for you to decide as each girl has multiple routes and conclusions to reach.​



– Note: This is the second half of patch 14, but includes a bit more than it would have originally
– New Monique outfits has been added
– A very big Monique mission has been done
– 40 new unique images have been added (Patches normally have around 27)
– Fixed a long standing bug that made older saves not work
– General bugfixes
– Fixed a softlock that happened when 2 quests specific quests happened to land on the same day
– Fixed some bugs related to the new outfits
– Spelling errors fixed
– Spelling errors ignored


– A whole lot of new Kim content has been added
– New Kim missions have been added
– New repeatable Kim stuff has been added
– New outfit for Kim
– Continuation of Shegos story
– A bunch of new Shego images
– Preparation for next patch that has Shego focus
– An entire patchs worth of content for Monique (moved to 14.5 due to time)
– New small events for Tara
– New scene to show off the latest (and first) new girl again
– Idle image for Tara in the cafeteria
– New outfit for Bonnie
– Idle image for Bonnie on the footballfield
– Questlog has been updated and had some bugfixes
– More work has been done on the smalltalk rework

– Bugfixes
– Fixed a softlock bug earlier on in the game if things were played in a very specific manner
– Probably added new bugs due to the introduction of outfits
– Cleaned up the menu at home (should no longer have so many items that “sleep” is behind the UI)
– Spelling errors fixed
– Other spelling errors not fixed


– New Shego content
– A whole bunch of Shego images has been added
– New repeatable Shego content (Moved to 13b due to a bug)

– New Monique content
– Introduction to what sidequests are

– New Ann content
– Bunch of Images for Ann

– New scene to show off the latest (and first) new girl

– New map
– Entirely new places on said map
– Map now has a night version for immersion

– Questlog has been further updated and now has a section for sidequests
– (Bugfix) the sidequest thing was accidentally shipped last patch, but was incomplete

– A whole bunch of new code has been added in preparation for a smalltalk rework (and continuation)
– A bunch of code has been made for a surprise in the future

– Bugfixes made
– QOL changes made (like, a lot of them)

– Spelling errors fixed
– (Since its a new patch, then i probably added spelling errors as well)

– A lot of (important) Kim content added
– A large amount of Kim images has been added
– Shego content has been added
– Some shego content is being reworked for next patch
– New Shego repeatable event
– Shego got some behind the scenes changes in preparation for being less confined and more moving around
– A Bonnie beach event (non-blackmail route) has been unbugged and now actually works. Go check it out.
– A bunch of Tara content has been added
– Whole lot of story has been done
– Questlog has now been updated to very cleraly show that yellow quests are meant to be seen as completed.
– New stuff to buy in shop in preparation for the near future
– Made a bunch of bugfixes
– Made a bunch of bugs
– A softlock that happened if you got really unlucky with the timing at school has now been fixed – also retroactively
– Small QoL changes
– Spelling errors fixed. All of them. If you find one then you’re wrong.
– (Spelling errors will be readded next patch after a rework)

– A lot of new Kim lust route content
– A whole lot of images for this one
– Continuation of Bonnies blackmail route
– More Ann content
– Ann now as some repeatable stuff at the hospital
– Monique now has repeating stuff at school (for real this time)
– Tara content created but moved to next patch due to some issues
– New replayable events in the phone -> videos.
– Some earlier parts of the questlog has been rewritten to hopefully be easier to follow.
– I’m doing the entire thing. Just takes time
– You will now be asked whether you want to name your save whenever you create on
– You can turn this feature off to skip the prompt
– Bunch of QoL changes
– Bunch of spelling errors fixed
– Probably a bunch of spelling errors created as well

– Fixed a bug that caused 1 Kim route to be unable to progress (If you got this bug, downloading this patch is gonna fix it retroactively)

– A bunch of Kim content on the lust route
– A whole bunch of new Kim images
– A bunch of Monique content
– Like, a lot of it. I swear, it kept growing
– There’s now more repeatable stuff you can do with Monique at school
– Shego has a bit more content
– Shego has a new storyline started
– Tara has a new quest, and it turned out to be a entire patchs worth – despite not even being the main focus
– Tara has more repeatable content at home
– New replayable events in the phone -> videos.
– Kim’s part of the questlog has been updated. I wanted to do the entire thing, but its really big.
– A bunch of QoL changes
– There’s now a cheat to REDUCE your money. Since some people asked for that.
– Bugfixes has been made
– Spelling errors have been made

– Fixed a few game breaking bugs that was caused due to code changes
– Vastly improved the new game experience. The goal is to update and remove all the stupid game choices made when I was less experienced.

– A whole lot of Kim content on the love route
– Like, a lot of it. It’s over half the patch, and it turned out beautifully.
– Bonnie has gotten more blackmail content
– Bonnie has also gotten more sidequest content on the blackmail path
– Bonnies smalltalk option has been updated to be the same way as Kim’s
– The appropriate smalltalk options will also now evolve and change as you play the game
– Monique got a bunch of stuff here and there
– There’s now something repeatable you can do with Monique at school
– Shego has gotten some content that has been asked about a lot
– That content is repeatable
– The phone previously had a line that said “contacts”. It is now replaced with “videos” where you can replay events.
– A whole lot of those events have been added
– The questlog is in the middle of being updated and easier to understand… But that’s for next patch
– A bunch of QoL changes
– Passing time at night will now send you to your room instead of outside the house… As it should have been.
– Now when a quest is still unfinished but there’s not yet more of it in the game, the questlog straight up says it. No need to wonder anymore.
– Some bugfixes and spelling errors have been fixed

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