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Princess and Conquest Download Latest Version

Princess and Conquest Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – is a hybrid RPG game where you, the Knight..

Developer: Towerfag Discord – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.21.01
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, 2D game, Animated, Fantasy, Male protagonist, Strategy, RPG, Pregnancy, Adventure, Furry, Monster, Monster girl, Oral sex, Titfuck, Handjob, Creampie, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Big tits, Combat, Gay, Trap, Footjob

Princess and Conquest Overview

Princess & Conquest is a hybrid RPG game where you, the Knight, will have to decide the fortunes of a Kingdom, plunged into chaos after a certain “incident”!
The sudden disappearance of a powerful dragon is the spring for a series of events that have brought chaos to the Kingdom!

The combat is action-packed, there are unique skills for every party member, there are sieges, boss-battles, traps and everything you need to add the right amount of challenge.
You can also distribute points to your party members as you level them up, influencing the fighting and adult mechanics regarding them!
The player can interact with princesses and NPCs, gaining Affinity Points with them, that will eventually permit you to access the fluff ‘n lewds.
Every NPC race has its own set of animations, that will adapt to the NPC you’re “lewding”!
Meet monstergirls (or humans), see places, you will always find someone that wants to have fun with you!



Too many changes to leave them outside your reach! We’re also STUFFED with new animations, mechanics, events and equipment!

The Kingdom Below is getting busier, with new monsters and MOLEY new characters, but I’m sure you’ll also notice what’s happening around Clocktown. The sisters are getting buys!

Additions and changes:

  • Cat X Human Princess NSFW scene added
  • Lizz NSFW Animation #1 added
  • Socket NSFW Animation #1 added to the Gallery
  • Lola NSFW Animation #1 added to the Gallery
  • Rabbit Clerks NSFW Animation #1 added
  • Crusader Princess NSFW Animation #3
  • Replaced the Hourly Sisters in the Throne Room and Mouse quarters with the actual sisters of Mouse Princess
  • The Mouse Sisters will now take turns on the throne if Mouse Princess leaves, abandoning their duties for one day
  • All 10 “Acting Princesses” in Mouse Clocktown have new unique dialogues for greeting/chat/farewell
  • The ruling sister will also be shown in the Kingdom Status menu
  • Mole Princess has appeared in the Kingdom Below! “Use” her to travel faster between the surface and the underground
  • Added Faun Innkeeper in Harvest Town
  • The Rabbit Clerks are now managing the Bunny Garderie
  • Added post-sex bed talk for Amelie, Moss Princess, Crusader Princess, Crystal Princess, Scarecrow Princess, Mimic Princess, Chain Princess, Eldritch Princess, Wendigo Princess)
  • Added 4 costumes for Eldritch Princess (swimsuit, Spookfest, Chillbite, Bloomgaze) to be found around the Kingdom
  • New high-level enemy added in the Purplecap Forest: the Munch
  • New weapon added! Munch Gloves
  • New armor added! Kombucha Shirt
  • Reworked drop mechanics
  • Added new accessories: Elemental Tablets (Fire, Thunder, Ice, Water, Wind, Rock, Holy, Dark, Mech)
  • Added new weapons: Null Weapons, ignoring enemy resistances and weaknesses (Sword, Axe, Spear, Mace)
  • Added new weapon: Shishkebab
  • Added new weapon: Ao Storm
  • Added new weapon: Mole Claw
  • Added new sprites for Bird Progeny and Robyn


  • Fixed some issues with Plant Ruins map
  • Fixed transfer to the broken bridge map when accessed diagonally
  • Fixed infinite flight bug
  • Fixed Plant Princess in Status screen not shown correctly when replaced with a Shade or an Heir
  • Fixed minor typos in Cat Princess’ adult scene
  • Fixed Queen of Hearts and Abyss Explorer costumes for rabbits being inverted
  • Fixed Prince Knight still being able to sneak into Mouse Clocktower from the lower floor
  • Fixed Prince Knight still being able to sneak into Mouse Clocktower when Mouse Princess isn’t on the throne anymore
  • Fixed crashes while loading the game with Goblin affinity quest happening in the southern World Mpa
  • Fixed Progeny changing race with Power Pearl not having their sprite updated in the Daycare Menu
  • Fixed Guild and Undead Knight not showing the warning on their Skill Card about the locked Head slot
  • Fixed no collisions on Knight after Lina events with Wyvern Princess
  • Fixed custom Plant Princess not being able to get pregnant
  • Resized Oni Progeny and other character sizes in the Daycare Menu
  • Fixed some typos and bug issues in Dokuro and Wendigo Princess’ scenes
  • Fixed Iceberg Armor and Chillbite Crown not afflicting the player with Frostbite
  • Fixed the “Optimize” command possibly assigning unremovable armor (Knight’s helms, and Insurgent Banner)
  • Fixed some Armor items never dropping regardless of Drop stat (Apprentice Hat, Fancy Pants, Cracked Shell, Queen’s Pet Vest, Tricky Glasses, Night Cloak, Paper Shield, Fake Crown, Copper Piece, Titanium Armour)
  • Fixed Moonlight Charm not working on actors from Harvest onward
  • Fixed the “Add Princess – Plant Princess” Cheat not working
  • Fixed Princess Affinity still being shown in the Kingdom Menu after the Princess has been replaced by an Heir
  • Fixed passability issues with WEEDS in Rumble Jungle
  • Fixed passability issues in the Slums
  • Fixed wrong mermaid animation frame
  • Fixed Death Not possibly causing the addition of a 5th party member during the intro sections
  • Fixed crashes after some NPC sexy times
  • Fixed Ghost Wail causing items to drop in unreachable spots
  • Fixed low performances during Hippo Princess’ scenes
  • Fixed NPCs conjured by the Death Not causing possible issues or crashes when loading old save files
  • Fixed game crashing when trying to remove TASBOT equipment from other actors


It’s time!
A whole new Reign for you to enjoy: the Plant Ruins, ruled by the adorable Plant Princess, that will surely fill your adventures around the Kingdom with laughter (and worry)!
You can reach her Reign from the Southern Region, just past the Rumble Jungle.

⚠ Beware the Hippopotus ⚠
That’s a lot, but not everything BIG changed with this update!
Almost every Princess got a new skill, adjusted to her own playstyle, and elemental damage is finally part of the equation for those too!

Additions and changes:

  • Plant Release!
  • Plant Princess is now recruitable
  • Plant Reign questline added
  • The Downroot dungeon is not open
  • Added Plant Princess dialogues for Tavern / Campsite / Sexual interludes-
  • Plant Princess can now have field and siege battles
  • Added Plant Princess pregnancy/fertility cycles and mechanics
  • Added Plant NPCs in meeting spots around the Kingdom (Faun’s Tavern, Clocktown, Holstaur Milk Bar, Greenkin Brewery, Desert Festival, Forgotten Garden, Old Church, Hunter’s Terrace, Golden Stump, Beach, Civil Boats, Dragon Queen Castle, Bloomgaze Festival, Chillbite Blessing, Spookfest)
  • Added Plant Princess “Burrow” ability
  • Added 50+ dialogues for Plant NPCs
  • Plant Princess can now join Tea Parties
  • Plant events are now calculated in REMIX Mode too
  • Plant added to Bird Princess’ STAMP mechanics
  • Added Campsite / Tavern lines for Plant Progeny and Recruits
  • Plant Princess NSFW animation #1-2-3 added!
  • SUCC Plant Princess NSFW animation #1 added!
  • Plant NPCs NSFW Animation #1-2-3 added
  • New item added: Radish Jar
  • New item added: Leaf Pate
  • New item added: Golden Formula
  • New item added: Chopp Nut
  • New item added: Flesh Thorn
  • New armor added: Pine Cover
  • New armor added: Fast Leaf
  • New weapon added: Bambooka
  • New weapon added: Hag Wand
  • New weapon added: Bark Arm
  • New weapon added: Shisoken
  • New Campsite interactions added! Plant X Rabbit
  • New Campsite interactions added! Plant X Golem
  • New Campsite interactions added! Plant X Desert
  • New Campsite interactions added! Harvest X Plant
  • New Campsite interactions added! Mouse X Plant
  • New Campsite interactions added! Moth X Plant
  • New Campsite interactions added! Plant X Plant Progeny
  • Plant Princess Wish added: Energy Drain
  • Plant Princess Wish added: Wild Growth!
  • Plant Progeny Skills have been implemented
  • Worr now appears in Plant territory too
  • Reworked SUCC Battle-fuck! Press the L/R arrow keys to damage enemies and stop them from getting away!
  • Added new Inn in Harvest Town
  • Added new ability for Insect Princess (Sneak Attack)
  • Added new ability for Cat Princess (Felyne Dodge)
  • Added new ability for Rabbit Princess (Hammer Smash)
  • Added new ability for Finhead Princess (Skewer)
  • Added new ability for Golem Princess (X-Zap)
  • Added new ability for Desert Princess (Dark Dance)
  • Added new ability for Goblin Princess (Gunworks)
  • Added new ability for Mouse Princess (Mech Arm)
  • Added new ability for Harvest Princess (Backstep)
  • Added new ability for Harvest Princess Wolf form (Sun Flare)
  • Added new ability for Wyvern Princess (Flying Attack)
  • Added new ability for Finhead Princess Bird form (Winged Slash)
  • Added new ability for Mermaid Princess (Big Waves)
  • Added new ability for Bird Princess (Winged Slash)
  • Added new ability for Bird Princess Finhead form (Skewer)
  • Added new ability for Oni Princess (Oni Stomp)
  • Added new ability for Oni Princess Raijin form (Tengu Stomp)
  • Reworked from scratch Dog, Amelie, and Salizzie’s abilities
  • Added naked portraits for Pruna, Mouse Banker, Goz
  • Nerfed Dragon Progeny (-10 BST all over the board)
  • Special abilities now inflict Elemental damage when required
  • Added new portraits for Kheera
  • Added naked portraits for Slendergirl, Trauma, and the Lezgar+Rigbu combo
  • Traveling NPCs can again be met around Mouse, Oni, Bird, and Plant territories
  • Reworked Crystal Princess “Starry Bomb” skill


  • Fixed missing Rabbit/Mouse form portraits for TASBOT
  • Fixed Beaming Bride costume not unlocking Eldritch NSFW Animation #2
  • Replaced swimsuit icon in Dates menu
  • Fixed some crashes happening when using a character skill while equipping no weapon
  • Fixed SUCC Mermaid/Oni/Plant Princess flying sprites
  • Fixed Broodmother/Kariddi/Princess interactions with Spextacles
  • Fixed Harriet Skill card
  • Fixed short-ranged weapons not hitting anything from above
  • Fixed Plant SUCC/Shade not changing in Tavern
  • Fixed Plant SUCC/Shade portraits
  • Fixed DIY costumes not working on the Knight
  • Fixed Family Jewels not stopping Frog Princess from making eggs
  • Fixed Sneak Attack Skill not working on some Progeny
  • Fixed Hornet form Insect Princess sprites
  • Fixed Dog Princess joining after Tavern events possibly adding her as the 5th Party Member
  • Fixed Kobold Princess joining after leaving in Kobold Mines possibly adding her as the 5th Party Member
  • Fixed Sweet Water not inflicting Water damage
  • Fixed Razor Plume skill not inflicting Wind damage
  • Fixed Bumpkin Seeds item description
  • Fixed Oni Fertility score not changing with seasons
  • Fixed buggy damage calculations for Bakeneko/King Cucco/Hippopotus and other big monsters
  • Fixed TASBOT forms weapons not being removed from inventory when it switches form
  • Fixed Moth Princess leaving the party even if her Route doesn’t get initiated


  • Plant Princess NSFW Animation #3 added
  • Harvest Princess NSFW Animation #4 added
  • Finhead Princess NSFW Animation #3 added
  • Crusader Princess NSFW Animation #2 added
  • Eldritch Princess NSFW Animation #3 added
  • Broodmother NSFW Animation #1 added
  • Broodmother has been added as DLC character
  • Niu’ya NSFW scene added
  • Added Bestiary Menu, with 130+ unlockable pages for every enemy you can meet in the game!
  • Added Bestiary in Faun’s Tavern
  • Added Resistances and Weaknesses to Sharp/Pierce/Blunt damage to all enemies
  • Added Resistances and Weaknesses to Fire/Water/Thunder/Ice/Rock/Wind/Mech/Holy/Dark damage to all enemies
  • Some Weapons and (most) Skills now have an Elemental attribute
  • Reworked Resistances and Weaknesses on almost all enemies in the game, including total damage block for some (DP1 being immune to Fire, DP2 to ice and so on…)
  • Reworked Ghost Reign siege boss
  • Added portraits for Hypersonja
  • New Cheat added: “Complete Bestiary”
  • Optimized some NG+ calculations
  • Reworked how Dog Princess incursions are calculated (she won’t go for the one with the most Affinity with the Knight, but select any one of the available ones with 2+ Affinity)
  • Modified swimsuit costume icon
  • Added naked portraits for Milk Maidens, Dragon Queen (Dragon), Dragon Queen (Human), Lizz, Mary-Annette, Hammerhead Princess, Jozzlyn, Nami, Snail Princess, Helias


  • Fixed Compound Z not adding the promised Skill to the wearer
  • Fixed Golem Prince animation not unlocking correctly
  • Fixed Marie animation locking again on NG+
  • Fixed missing portraits for the pregnant alt version of Bird Princess
  • Fixed missing portraits for Oni Princess if pregnant during her Colosseum events
  • Fixed Dusk/Basilissa/Wendigo/Scarecrow and others crashing the game if talked to while wearing the Spextacles
  • Fixed Pruna selling the Cardinal Bell and thus breaking Harvest’s questline
  • Fixed Grenilla in the Sewer not giving the correct kind of Sperm item
  • Fixed sieges always involving Moths in some ways, placing them as ambassadors
  • Fixed trees outside Dragon Princess II’s castle
  • Fixed “Progeny Get!” Cheat possibly bugging by giving some Progeny the same name
  • Fixed Ghost siege weapons teleporting and getting stuck on the Knight
  • Fixed Mermaid/Finhead being unable to swim in SUCC form
  • Fixed Goddess Bandages not being wearable by the Knight
  • Fixed Goddess Knight’s prayers reducing stats rather than boosting them
  • Fixed issues with gift/switch costumes for DP1/DP2/Holstaur
  • Fixed some missing Holstaur Princess expressions
  • Fixed opening Bestiary not preventing and not being prevented by new day calculations and other cyclic events
  • Fixed Black/White Dragon Progeny having inverted Resistances (Black now has Poison, White has Cold)
  • Fixed Vashti and Sneak Attack Progeny Skill possibly becoming unusable
  • Fixed buggy transfers happening when removing Water Breath equipment right before leaving the water
  • Fixed Breeding Contract (Rabbit) and Mermaid “Flood” Wish possibly awarding a Cardinal Bell
  • Fixed Ghost Princess Courtesan costume expressions
  • Fixed Hunie (Human recruitable Progeny below the Rumble Jungle) not having a Skill when recruited
  • Fixed Princess/Harriet/Kariddi broken battle-fuck animations
  • Completely reworked how Campsite gossips are chosen, with some dialogues previously getting blocked forever if other gossips are played
  • Fixed Onyxxx NPC not blocking race/sex-changing items on her
  • Fixed Wendigo dialogues during Skeleton’s Route
  • Fixed Oni not being accounted for in some pregnancy-related Cheats
  • Fixed possible crashes while using Eldritch Princess’ skill
  • Fixed some crashes on Level Up menu with old Progeny characters
  • Fixed Insect SUCC and Asha naked portraits
  • Fixed missing Rabbit/Mouse form portraits for TASBOT
  • Fixed Beaming Bride costume not unlocking Eldritch NSFW Animation #2
  • Replaced swimsuit icon in Dates menu
  • Fixed other small bugs and typos


Heavily optimized P&C incoming!
One of the most jarring aspects of P&C *used to be* the Save/Load menu chugging slowly while being opened, closed, or navigated. That’s no more! Make sure you overwrite your old save files, and the issue will be solved!

And that’s not everything! You will find here new events, reworked HUD elements, a lot of fixes, new items, and more!
We’ve also finished working on the Plant Reign questline, the release will happen soon, and we’ve begun working on the next girl, Shadow Princess! All in all, 2024 is looking busy!

Additions and changes:

  • Save Menu navigating and saving times have been heavily optimized [after overwriting old saves]
  • The Progeny Daycare Menu now loads up immediately [after re-entering the Progeny Daycare Menu once]
  • Optimized scripts sorting Progeny Daycare for Name/Level/Race
  • Added option to sort Progeny Daycare by Stat
  • Reworked the Battle HUD
  • Added Beach Dates for Dragon Princess I and Dragon Princess II
  • Changed “Monster Killer Turbo” quest(s) rewards and description
  • New Armor added: Glasses Frame
  • New Armor added: Tricky Lenses
  • New Armor added: Rose-Tinted Lenses (craft it at Jardin’s!)
  • New Armor added: Spextacles (craft it at Jardin’s!)
  • New Cheat added: All Naked!
  • Added Merchant Princess Tanuki form and NSFW event
  • Added 4 costumes for Frog Princess (swimsuit, Spookfest, Chillbite, Bloomgaze) to be found around the Kingdom after you unlock her event
  • Added armor: “Prince Crown”, obtained upon reaching NG+ with Prince Knight
  • Added new sprite for Merchant Princess (Tanuki v.)
  • Added portraits for the Chi/m/p mechs around Clocktown
  • Added TASBOT battlesuit
  • Reworked forging HUD, it now shows reagent and forged item names too!
  • New BGM added to the jukebox! Overy Grown
  • Reworked Desert Reign siege boss
  • Added portraits for the Shadow Djinn
  • Edited some Dusk Princess portraits


  • Fixed buggy Mimic Princess animation #2 in Babs Gallery
  • Fixed crashes when exchanging gifts with Crystal Progeny
  • Fixed missing Battle Knight flying sprite
  • Fixed climate possibly changing after Beach scavenging hunt event
  • Fixed Princesses in Stone Knife brothel eventually duplicating by being sold in slave auctions
  • Fixed skipping Moth’s Forest not starting siege events correctly
  • Fixed repeated NPCs in Moth’s map
  • Fixed some crashes when conquers happen
  • Fixed Moth’s map not showing special effects during sieges
  • Increased Queen Roar efficacy
  • Fixed broken egg-laying when Fina and other DLC characters are involved
  • Fina will now correctly give offspring of her partner’s race
  • Fixed Campsite scenes possibly happening in sequence
  • Fixed Golem Princess Avatar skills not turning OFF correctly
  • Fixed Snitch Knight still asking for Queen Praline using the Queen’s Roar (on old Save files)
  • Fixed Snitch Knight not awarding Bird Stamps daily (on old Save files)
  • Fixed missing Scarecrow Princess sprite in Harvest’s Throne room
  • Fixed Knight getting invisible after being forced to leave the “boiling sea” during Moth’s Route
  • Fixed Level 10 Quest Menu bugging when refusing to take a quest
  • Fixed Chain Princess events bugging if you refuse her advances the first time around
  • Fixed possible bugs when the Knight depletes his flying juice while flying over water
  • Fixed Slime Princess’ Route not proceeding as intended if there’s a Slime Heir on the Princess’ throne
  • Fixed Undigested Bauble rewarding the random Dowry only when -refused- as a food item
  • Fixed many buggy conquer events
  • Fixed increased Swirlies gains also affecting Rattesein Bank withdrawals, leading to and endless Swirlies trick by depositing->withdrawing->depositing…
  • Adjusted some ambassador sprites and their animations
  • Fixed Skill-related States affecting the Party not being immediately checked once a party member gets removed
  • Fixed black screen if entering Oni Reign, for the first time, during a siege
  • Fixed Arrogant Skill giving decimal damage numbers
  • Fixed THICC Golem Progeny visual bugs
  • Fixed some Dragon Progeny visual bugs
  • Fixed crashes when talking to Crusader Princess in the Pyramid
  • Fixed some bugs happening when leaving the top floor of the Pyramid before defeating Crusader Princess
  • Fixed Slaver Knight not being able to use Whips
  • Fixed Plant Diary not being obtainable in the Chapel
  • Fixed Pruna not selling Fast Leaf when their Buds are in Plant Reign
  • Fixed conquered Plant Reign being reassigned to Plants upon entering the World Map
  • Fixed defeated Chopp monsters in Downroot when leaving the area as soon as they start running away
  • Fixed Bird Emissary not showing in Cat Princess’ Throne room
  • Fixed some missing Moth Progeny expressions
  • Fixed Calendar not showing correctly Moon Festival during Heatfall
  • Fixed Ghost Princess sprite bugs after recruiting/slaying her
  • Fixed Lamia Progeny spawns in Lamia Ruins
  • Fixed Robo form Mouse Princess’ portraits


Here’s your Christmas gift!!
The game never looked so nice, with the new Knight sprites and the special weather around the Kingdom! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Every Knight now has its unique sprite, also showing when he’s wearing special equipment like Fish Lungs, or when he’s flying around the world map! It was a tremendous effort for our spriter, with more than 350 sprites added !

The special weather and effects (looking MUCH better in motion) also do a great job of giving important scenes more flair and making unique views even more special! And it doesn’t impact performance at all~
Additions and changes:

  • Added 350+ Knight sprites! Now all the Knight Traits have a full set of sprites and costumes!
  • Added new weather effects for special events around the Kingdom: Conquest Confetti, Siege Ashes, Snowfall, Bird Feathers, Sky Balloons…
  • Added Festive Gifts around the Kingdom! Look for them in cozy places when the Chillbite Festival is on
  • Wendigo Princess NSFW Animation #4 added
  • Scarecrow Princess NSFW Animation #2 added
  • Mimic Princess NSFW Animation #2 added
  • Ghost SUCC NSFW Animation #1 added
  • TASBOT NSFW Animation #1 added
  • The TASBOT Unit (Tiny Animal-Shaped BOTs unit) has been added as DLC character
  • Added Chillbite costumes for all 10 DLC#1 characters!
  • Added seasonal costumes for Lina (swimsuits, Chillbite, Spookfest, Bloom Festival)
  • Added Chillbite costume for Dear
  • Reworked Bone Throw (Skeleton) and Shrapnel (Crystal) skills
  • Reworked Golem Princess event V, now ending with her entering “Conquest Mode” rather than simply decreasing her Diplomacy with the other Reigns (can’t be balanced by increasing her Diplomacy back)
  • New achievement added: Beginner Alchemist [Bronze]
  • New achievement added: GTGFAST [Bronze]
  • New achievement added: Gossip Girl [Bronze]
  • New achievement added: Witching Hour [Bronze]
  • New achievement added: Murine Sisterhood [Bronze]
  • New achievement added: Knight + [Silver]
  • New achievement added: Huge Weapon [Silver]
  • New achievement added: Wishmaker [Silver]
  • New achievement added: Knight ++ [Gold]
  • New achievement added: Premium Equipment [Gold]
  • New achievement added: Royal Slave [Gold]
  • Reworked Scarecrow Princess voice
  • Added many missing quest banners


  • Fixed most Plant Progeny portraits’ position in Dear Menu
  • Cow races fixed and balanced
  • Fixed crashes when fighting using a “Pit Fighter” Progeny
  • Fixed Plant Princess Reign events running (still undergoing development, look forward to it!)
  • Fixed Wendigo Princess’ “Random” animation possibly showing her in the wrong form
  • Fixed Knight getting invisible after being forced to leave the “boiling sea” during Moth’s Route
  • Fixed Moth’s Forest scenes freezing on some occasions during Moth’s Route
  • Fixed looped scene when escorting Zombie Princess during Moth’s Route
  • Fixed Slender event not starting correctly after failing once
  • Fixed Holstaur Princess spooky costume’s chest respawning after every cow race
  • Fixed bugs with repeated cow races
  • Fixed bugs while taking a resurrected Princess from the Putridarium when your team is already full
  • Fixed Spinel Hermits and other underwater monsters possibly giving empty loot bags
  • Fixed Scarecrow Princess recruiting eventually causing a Harvest Heir to retake the Harvest throne back
  • Fixed Desert Princess shown as a “?” in her throne room if skeletons are fallen
  • Fixed Knight possibly ending under Oni Princess during the first scene inside her tent
  • Fixed wrong class being assigned to male Banshee Progeny
  • Fixed crashes while entering Faun’s Tavern when the Goblin Courtesan is in, while in Moth Route
  • Fixed female Dragon Progeny sometimes shown with male body
  • Fixed Pine Cover (Egg costume) not working as intended
  • Fixed Rabbit Courtesan not accepting any Progeny for the “To Neverland” quest
  • Fixed Desert Princess not being shown in her throne room if she has an heir
  • Fixed wrong Costume being detected on Mannequins
  • Fixed crashes after leaving the Sky Lift after completing the “To Neverland” quest
  • Fixed Necromancer Knight from being able to get Princesses pregnant
  • Fixed Shorty Special not working on some occasions
  • Fixed buggy Animation menu in Babs’ Hut
  • Fixed Oni/Plant Spookfest Costumes not being obtainable from the Pumpking
  • Fixed locked character swap in the overworld map during Ghost Princess’ route “Tracking” event, even when Ghost Princess is not in your party
  • Fixed Scarecrow Princess Spookfest costume expressions
  • Fixed typos in Battle-Ready Skill cards
  • Fixed Drusy affecting the whole party if the Knight equips “Drusy Crown”
  • Fixed Skeleton Progeny expressions for the spooky heads
  • Fixed stray pixels on some sprites
  • Fixed broken Scarecrow Progeny expressions (Spookfest costume)
  • Fixed some broken Skeleton Progeny expressions
  • Fixed balloon position on custom knights
  • Fixed Moon Festival not being always on during (real-time) Full-Moon days
  • Fixed Feather dialogue when refusing to be recruited
  • Fixed Bird Warmonger/Bonemancer never changing the wares they sell
  • Fixed Loop End missing its description in Sonnet’s Book
  • Fixed Stud/Battle Knights switching the special equipments they can obtain
  • Fixed Champion Belt setting max HPs to 25% rather than 125% the standard value
  • Added a script that fixes broken flying sprites when using the skill in the overworld map
  • Fixed duplicate NPC sprites in Cat Reign map
  • Fixed clima effects showing in the barn when a cow race ends
  • Fixed Oni Princess showing in the Colosseum before her “challenge” scene
  • Fixed Mason Statues not working when Mason Knight tries to build them around the Kingdom
  • Fixed Muscle-Up Skill not working with some of the big/huge weapons
  • Fixed Moss Princess “Deep Creature” costume not granting her Swim
  • Fixed missing ambassador sprites on some Reign after they get conquered
  • Fixed “?” sprite being shown shortly when the Knight slays some of the Princesses
  • Fixed Crystal and Fairy Progeny shown with their old default Skills in the Level-Up menu
  • Fixed other minor bugs and typos
  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Princess and Conquest Download


Install as directed under “Installation” section




Pervert's Dash Unlimited (Minigame)


Peach Bounce (Minigame)


Pervert's Dash (Minigame)


Bab's Potion Shop (Minigame)


Somniphobia (Minigame)


Princess and Conquest Screenshots


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