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Posessing My Older Sister Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – They showed me kindness, but that’s not enough…

Original Title: 年上お姉さんを独り占めしたい!
Developer: Peony Website – Steam
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English, Japanese, Chinese, 52
Genre: Non Sexual, No Sexual Content, Sexual Implications, Voiced, Voice Acting, Visual Novel, Text-Based, Multiple Endings, Choices Matter, Dating Sim, Choose Your Own Adventure, Anime, Casual, Singleplayer, 2D, Big Breasts, Drama, Disturbing Content, Dark, Protagonist with Psychological Problems, Blackmail, Married, Cheating, Mother, Divorced

Posessing My Older Sister Overview

“They showed me kindness, but that’s not enough…” A tale of one lonely student whose jealousy and twisted desires warp the fates of the women around him.​

“Posessing My Older Sister – 年上お姉さんを独り占めしたい! -” is a novel game in which one man’s jealousy causes him to mistake his perversions for love.
A Bishojo Game released in 2017 under the “Peony” brand has been reworked for the “PandaShojo” platform for players of various ages worldwide to enjoy.

I need an older woman…someone close to my late mother’s age would do…
It’s the only way I can alleviate this sense of loneliness.
But it won’t be easy to satiate this yearning.
There can’t be any room for anybody but me…

The protagonist, Satoru, lost his parents in an unfortunate accident when he was very young.
One hot summer day, he almost passes out and collapses.
Fortunately, he is nursed back to health by Aika, a married woman living in the area.
It was a memorable event to Satoru, who had never experienced such tenderness.

After his encounter with Aika, Satoru begins to obsess over older women.
He seeks out the company of women such as the recent divorcee, Kazumi, as well as Sakura, a single mother he met at the local park.
But their attention isn’t enough for him, he wants more.
And to get it, he won’t shy away from blackmail and threats of violence.

・Aika Ichikawa
“Are you alright……? You don’t look so well.”
A housewife possessed of style, beauty, and kindness.
Satoru begins to stalk her obsessively after she tries to help him.
She bears the trauma of losing her child and the thought of having another terrifies her.

・Kazumi Yamazaki
“So, you finally recognize my charms.”
A recently divorced working woman with an outgoing personality.
She lives in the same building as Satoru and they often see each other.
As she was a victim of domestic violence, she tends to react poorly to threats of violence.

・Sakura Hijikata
“Something about you reminds me of my child……”
A single mother with a cheery personality.
She tries to look after Satoru, seeing something similar to him in her own child.
This leads to her becoming a target of Satoru’s twisted affections.

・Satoru Murakami
Having lost his parents at a young age, Satoru has lived a life of solitude.
Without a strong parental figure to guide him, he lacks the ability to control his emotions and is quick to envy.
As he has spent much of his life being avoided by others, he overreacts to even the smallest of kindnesses, mistaking them for love.


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