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Persona H: The Midnight Channel [v0.3.5 Remake] [DarkDemarley]


Persona H: The Midnight Channel Download Latest Version

Persona H: The Midnight Channel Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – The shadows have returned to Inaba to manifest the town’s deppest desires..

Developer: DarkDemarley – Patreon – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.5 Remake
OS: WindowsAndroid
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, assjob, big tits, big ass, parody, thighjob, visual novel, erotic

Persona H: The Midnight Channel Overview

The shadows have returned to Inaba to manifest the town’s deppest desires . Welcome back to The Midnight Channel.​


This version works a little bit more on balancing the Massage mini-game. I added in some more scenes for Sae Niijima, as well as increased the money available to earn from the massage.
There is some extra Yukiko dialog in there too.

* Fixed a random bug where if you obtained a alrge sum of money it took forever to increase your wallet
* Fixed a bug where Daidara’s door wasn’t triggering any Dialog
* Removed Herobrine
* Added Sans
* Fixed an issue where Maya’s sprite wasn’t reflecting the clothing laid out for her.
* Fixed bug asking for First name twice instead of last name
* Fixed Sae door issue
* Fixed Treadmill being given to ALL players
* Fixed color issue on sell items
* Fixed up Daidara text a bit when switching refine and craft
* Balanced the Mineshaft better, Makes progression feel better

* Create Gardening Skill
* Create Page Numbers for the girls sections
* Created Massage Skill
* Removed Cleanliness Skill as the mechanics changed.

* Added in some text to focus players on interaction with Characters
* Fixed some button locations

* Can click on items to use them
* Food can be used to eat, Soap can be used to clean yourself
* Indicated Items that can be clicked using a different color

* Change up gifts like/loves/hates
** Include all new items in this.

(Selfie Unlocks)
* Created Chie Selfie Unlock Artwork
* Created Yukiko Selfie Unlock Artwork
* Created Futaba Selfie Unlock Artwork

( Hot Springs )
* Added functionality to the hot springs
* Now you can use them to replenish your energy
* They are now available all day instead of only at night.

(Time and Date)
* Add in a date out of 10? maybe 15? maybe 31 holidays oin the 31st of each month
* Add in a Season instead of Month
* this allows for some things to happen on certain days.
* Holidays but also events and triggers that should happen at certain times
* This also allows for growing crops to be taken into consideration of the season

* Added in global variables and saves/loads for Cheats to function within the game.

* Completed Artwork for all of Ann’s emotions
* Work on Ann finding a room at the Amagi Inn.
* Allowed for massage to ann
* You can find ann in her room at the Amagi Inn

(Secret Room)
* Added in little bios of all the features to be available in the room over time.
* Password to the “Secret Room” in the Amagi Inn Hallway has been changed to ________
* ChangedPassword for the Secret Room at the Amagi Inn. PATRONS ONLY
* Posted Password on the Patreon to give back to the backers.
* Give player an unlocked photo for getting to that room! Yukiko and Chie
* Give second photo of Naoto

(Girls Tab)
* Turn girls tab code into script
* ensure all girls can be clicked to see mroe information
* update girls section so that it says if they can advance or not yet in storyline

(Tatsumi Textiles)
* Added in a dialog scene with Chie and Yukiko and Kanji
* Added in a dialog scene with Ann

* Created PowerUnit to Purcahse from the electronnic shop
* Now computer can be turned on and the Gallery and Cheats mode are avaialble
* Computer opens up more storyline development.

* Each time Level 7 is completed on the treadmill, you get $50

* Created scnee with Yosuke and Haru going over the new Gardening Cetner.
* Added Ingots to the list of sellable items
* Added produce to the list of sellable items

* Added some new sound effects to bus
* Startup Effect
* Made Bus cost $2 to Train Station

* Balanced the ore delivery from the mineshaft better
* Mine closes in the winter now, will need somewhere else to make money.

* Changed Secret Door text
* Changed Recipe for Refiing to X5 of the raw ore

( Bunker Light )
** By using the treadmill, a light starts to emit on the top of the bunker
** Getting the light as birght as it will go unlocks a secret.

* Complete Haru Sprite
* Complete Haru Emotions
* Haru lives at Junes with Yosuke
* Haru can be visited in the gardening center
* You can purchase a gardening plot from her for $100
* After that you can purchase seeds from her to plant either Potatoes or Turnips
* Each will take a few days to grow and need to be watered each day
* Once they grow, you can sell them for money or give them away as gifts!
* Allow player to grow up and sell produce
* Creaete up to 8 plots to purchase from her
* Create Sprite for seedlings
* Make plants slightly ‘wiggle’ back and forth to simualte a garden
* Allow gardening skill to level up
* Open up more garden plots by levelling up

** Added ability to have affections raised for more girls now
** Increased chance for wealth and number gained
** Increased curse and number of money lost

* Sae can be Available to Interact With at the amagi inn

( Yukiko )
* Yukiko hires you on to work at the amagi inn
* You can learn a new Massage technique from her
* You learnt eh MAssage Skill by helping out Yukiko.
** Add in Massage Skill and become a masseuse at the Amagi Inn

* Added Futaba variables intothe coding of the game
* Add futaba to the girls section of the game.
* Futaba joins the storyline after you discover a Hacker trying to obtain information from the PC
* Created a new purchase for the bunker through Teddie
* Allows players to have Futaba move in with them.
* Hacking Minigame, leaern hacking skill
** will play like PacMan sort of, mixed with Like a Dragon can collecting
** Map drawn out, map markers are Yu’s face and hacker faces
** Must collect the blips wathc out for the hackers
* Talking with her, you are able to start a friendship with her as she hacks into the PCs around Inaba
* Get Futaba to rank Buddy
* Unlock selfie from futuaba at rank 3
* Gifts for Futaba
* Change clothig for futaba
* Added alts and bunnatale
* Rank 3 chat
* Rank 3 Hack
* Rank 3 Unlock Secret Photo Of Ann (By Hacking)

* Unlock Chie selfie at rank 5

* Allow for advancing relationship with saki up to Buddy (Need endurance to be increased by at least 1)
* Unlock Saki Photo of BJ

* Discover photo on ground of Hitomi.

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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