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Our Apartment Download Latest Version

Our Apartment Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – is an expansion of the concepts in the popular The Couch..

Developer/Publisher: Momoiro Software Patreon
Censorship: No
Version: 0.5.2.d
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English
Voice Language: English
Genre: 3d game, 3dcg, animated, male protagonist, vaginal sex, creampie, monster girl, voiced

Our Apartment Overview

Our Apartment is an expansion of the concepts in the popular The Couch, rebuilding a lot of it’s features from scratch an adding a lot more.

Current Features (Donation Only Build):
Beautiful real-time 3D character and animations
Clothing customization of Naomi including sexy outfits and costumes like Werewolf, more coming soon
Customization of the male avatars colors, transparency, hats, face, and dick type.
Sex Sim gameplay with various speed and cumming options, groping coming soon. Sounds and moans that vary based on the intensity and Naomi arousal.
VN Style “Three Weeks” Animated and voice acted dialogue sample featuring an excerpt of the story
Modified missionary test dialogue scene and Updated Dildo Animation.

Final Game Features (Goals):
“Daily” gameplay similar to Teaching Feeling or Persona where you can choose various actions with naomi for that day
Story that takes place over a year starting from the beginning of meeting naomi
Dating sim and stats elements that affect sex sim gameplay and some dialogue
Wide range of sex positions, types, and role play scenes.
Large range of outfit options to mix and match

Keep in mind many assets mostly the environment and content here are work in progress or temporary.​


0.5.2.d – LINK
3 new sex sim positions, these are not alternate positions they should all appear on the menu! What are they? See for yourself! Sadly these positions do not have new dialogue yet.

Foreplay and Conclusion Previews: These are non-animated scenes and also lack dialogue but they’ll give an idea of what will be there soon.
Nearly 60 new outfit items, including a new valentines set!
Naomi now has a different set of items depending on Act, still needs further configuring and some other features not activated yet
Conditional outfits! Now based on various factors Naomi’s outfit options will change. Currently it’s only one thing affected and thats Naomi’s horniness
Per-Object Motion blur, the best kind of motion blur, this is off by default and can be toggled in the settings. Brings more impact to the animations.
Lots of Cloth Physics! This is probably a bad idea; I look forward to screenshots of the physics fucking up…
UI improvements to dress up, and new icons (the icons suck I’ll redo them later)
You can now hit [Tab] to hide the UI
You can now hit [P] to take a screenshot
Pose mode also has a button for taking screenshots at 2x size, among some other fixes for pose mode.
Audio for sex sim is now fixed, along with fixes for animation specific triggers
SSAO can no longer be toggled in-game due to potential crash
Other fixes I probably forgot

New positions ( against the wall, Couch Reverse Cowgirl, and On the Kitchen counter). No gropes yet.
Foreplay and conclusion previews
Per-object motion blur


  • Naomi’s skin, and hair shaders have been updated! You can see the difference here, Left is old, Middle is New, and Right is the unity default shader. Main improvements is ambient occlusion, hair and specular lighting for non-sun light.
  • Gropes and holds have been reimplemented for the first time on a basic level, unfortunately I’ve only configured gropes for cowgirl. Next update will have more. I this is functionality I literally just finished a day or two ago. Please forgive some issues with it though…

v0.4.9.L HOTFIX
Apparently rebalancing some stats stuff caused the weekend to play for I assume the first time in Act 3. And the evening dialogue for Act 3 was entirely disconnected. Apparently, no one ever encountered this before? Or maybe it was done recently.

Due to the nature of this issue I decided to fix it for android aswell. I also changed some texture settings to maybe reduce memory usage and make the game play on so

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Our Apartment Download



LINUX (0.5.2.c)


MAC (0.5.2.c)


ANDROID (0.4.9.L)


Dress Up (0.5.2.d)



Our Apartment Screenshots


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