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On Endless Roads [2024-02-10] [Greamjoe]


On Endless Roads Download Latest Version

On Endless Roads Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – you get to step into the shoes of a young Hillwood girl and take control of her life.

Developer: Greamjoe Patreon
Censored: No
Version: On Endless Roads v0.3 + Life On The Farm v0.3.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English,
Genre: Teasing, Text based, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, Real porn, Cheating, Female protagonist, Animated, Corruption, Futa/Trans, Handjob, Incest, Masturbation, Bestiality, Oral sex, Rape, blackmail, ai cg, 2dcg, 3dcg,

On Endless Roads Overview

To start off the game, you get to step into the shoes of a young Hillwood girl and take control of her life. There are many decisions to make throughout the game. You can decide which path you take, give way to temptation or stay a good girl….


Life On The Farm v0.3.3
– The story of Albert’s wonder mushrooms continues. Indeed, they will now have an impact on other elements of the story.
– The story of Billy and Lucy has also been continued. Here Lucy is faced with a new problem
– Alice and Jordan’s room holds a secret for Lucy every day (in Jordan’s case, this is where another thread of the story is introduced)
– Lucy and her crazy fan
– The update now focuses mainly on Nolan and Elsa. This is where the story really splits. This is where it matters what you decided at the beginning of the story. If Nolan and Elsa are faithful to each other, then Lucy will be part of the journey in which they try to make their marriage more interesting. If they are not faithful, then Nolan and Lucy will become closer, as Lucy feels it is her duty to put a stop to Nolan’s mad schemes.
– I tried to put the update together in a way that guides the player. Sometimes there are exclamation marks to show the way, but there are also cases where the last sentences of the event show you where to go next (e.g. if the event says “You think you’ll be back here tomorrow” then there might not be an exclamation mark the next day)
– The animal-friendly version also has its own storyline. It does not affect the basic story, but events cannot be skipped. Lucy has to work at the pet clinic. So if you are not interested in “animal-friendly” content, do not download the animal-friendly version.

On Endless Roads v0.3


– If Elsa is loyal to Nolan, then there is no change here. Lucy and Alice are talking Yoga together.

– If Elsa is unfaithful to Nolan, then Nolan becomes attracted to his stepdaughter. Either Lucy does nothing and watches from the sidelines, or she intervenes. Thus, such events could go one of two ways.

– But here comes the problem I’ve discovered. After Lucy’s weekend with Sebastian, she either wants to be a good wife again or her marriage will deteriorate even further. And that overrides some of Lucy’s choices. This is why I now have to write new parts. For example, there will be a whole new version of events between Lucy and Jordan. That’s not so much time. I’ll be in touch soon.

– For example, Lucy’s decision not to listen in silence and intervene, but her guilt makes her unable to stand back and watch. So from now on I have to take into account the events with Sebastian and adapt them to the story.


On Endless Roads

– 3 new events at the Lincoln Club

– 3 new photo shoots

– 2+2 scenes with Robert. Robert tries and offers sex. Lucy can accept this or say no, but then Robert will resort to other methods and “work it out” to get what he wants. (Lucy has to say no and meet Robert before bed.)

– A new scene “the curious neighbour” – Lucy notices something glinting in her neighbour’s window and feels she is being watched. This must be investigated and if successful you get an extra incident.

– “Shop fan” – if Lucy is a model she will have the opportunity to meet one of her fans in a shop.

– I have rewritten George’s blackmail scene.

– Messages from Emily.

These have been written and the gifs have been created. What I still want to do this month:

– Chat with Marcus

– Back in the game is the meeting with Nathan (or Nathan’s friends) – reworked.

– Simple events that don’t affect the story: inside and outside the house

Life one the Farm – 2023-08-20

What is now included in the update are Lucy’s two days Friday-Saturday and Sunday morning. All Events are related to the twins. The Lucy-Jordan path together has been introduced and the Lucy-Billy relationship continues. The app has also been updated so three new pictures can be uploaded by Lucy.

Life on the Farm

  • Tasks around the house
  • Working in Aunt Elsa’s shop
  • A day off at the farm. Reliving childhood memories
  • Camping with Uncle Nolan
  • This day is not over yet. Working on it

I remixed old events. A lot of new ones have been added. As a waiter, Lucy’s job gets more interesting. Modelling, too, is taking a new turn as Lucy is becoming bolder.

We also learn more about Sebastian. Due to Sebastian’s gambling addiction, Lucy will have a new job. Here Lucy’s personality changes even further.

In-game perks have been added. One of them is the bad luck perk. This can be obtained early in the game. You have to make a decision about the air conditioning repairmen. If you get it, three extra scenes become available.

The other “perk” is linked to Sebastian’s friend Marcus. If you check Sebastian’s laptop often, you will have access to his conversation with Marcus. This makes additional scenes available. For example, lingerie shopping.

At one stage of the game, a sex shop inside the mall becomes available. You will also be able to shop there. Purchased dildos have an effect on certain scenes.

The game has been recreated and contains 75 thousand words. That’s almost half a million characters. (Not including the weekend with the boys) So there’s plenty to read. Thank you for your patience. Unfortunately, this month has not gone as planned.

On Endless Roads: Life on The Farm
The game tells the story of Lucy’s first 6 days on the farm.

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

On Endless Roads Download

Treat On Endless Roads and Life on the Farm as two separate games. If you want to play the city life path, then download On Endless Road v0.2. If you want to play the farm path, then download Life on the Farm. Life of the Farm AF is the same, but with added bestiality.

On Endless Roads v0.3



Life On The Farm v0.3.3



Life On The Farm AF v0.3.3



On Endless Roads Screenshots


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