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Nanoverse Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – It’s the year 2050, your government chose you for a secret operation to..

Developer: JBProductions – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Build 2.2.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Anal sex, Blackmail, Creampie, Dating sim, Female domination, Female protagonist, Groping, Handjob, Interracial, Kissing, Lesbian, Masturbation, Oral sex, Prostitution, Real porn, Romance, Sex toys, Stripping, Superpowers, Teasing, Transformation, Vaginal sex, BDSM, Male domination, Spanking, Slave

Nanoverse Overview

It’s the year 2050, your government chose you for a secret operation to steal defense access codes from a neighboring country’s minister of defense. With limited resources and time you are being sent into unknown territory to make contact with your target. Your only advantage are nanobots injected into your body that transformed you, giving you a new identity and a unique approach to achieving your goal.


Choose your own path
In Nanoverse you can choose your path and make your own decisions. What you will do depends solely on your judgment. The final goal for the game is to have 6 unique paths that will satisfy the player’s unique preferences. Regardless of the chosen path, the player will receive access to a variety of activities and locations.

Meaningful NPC’s
Build relationships with unique NPC. Each has a different personality, kinks, and motivations. Establish the type of relationships of your choosing. The final goal for the game is to have a variety of NPCs with the possibility to establish sub/dom/swing/classic relationships. Life is complex and I want every player to be able to experience a different kind of relationships.

Character customization
Control the way your character looks, which influences the game. The final goal for the game is to have the ability to change appearance, and clothing, and get new accessories, apartments, and tools. Each of these will have a meaningful impact on the game by unlocking new content so it doesn’t feel like you are spending in-game money just for the sake of spending it.

Random events
In order to make the game more exciting, the player will occasionally run into random events and dialogue options that will let him react in a variety of ways. The final goal for the game is to have as many random events and meaningful dialogue options as possible to give back control to the player while constantly introducing novelty.

Community driven
Finally, and most importantly, I am developing this game with modularity in mind. The goal is to create a game that is modding-friendly and allows players to propose or write their own events, locations, characters, and dialogues and have them added to the game. The most important goal this game is trying to achieve is to let the community decide about Nanoverse’s development.


Build 2.2.0- 2024-04-14

  • (Art)Karla hookup scene(6 panels)
  • (Skill) Lone wolf
  • (Skill) Chad
  • (Skill) Gallant
  • (Skill) Incel
  • (Writing) Karla hookup event
  • (UI) Roadmap(accessible from main menu)
  • (fix) Beta skill now plays properly

Build 2.1.3 – 2024-04-01

  • (Quest) Quest #2 is now available in the mission room
  • (Art) New date scene for Karla(5 panels)
  • (Art) Club dress for Karla
  • (Skills) 5 new skills
  • (Writing) Added flirt option for Karla
  • (Writing) Added date option for Karla

Build 2.1.2 – 2024-03-15

  • Side job, with 25% to be a sex scene
  • 5 panel Side Job scene
  • Delivery guy outfit for MC
  • Silhouettes for male and female micro NPC
  • New skill – Side Job
  • New quest – Q1
  • Power mechanic

Build 2.1.1 – 2024-03-01

  • New character – Karla
  • New outfit for Karla – casual
  • New Skill Trees for male path
  • New skill [Pandora Personality]
  • Interaction with NPC – Meet Karla
  • Interaction with NPC – Small Talk with Karla

Build 2.1.0

  • Reworked intro
  • New characters have been created
  • The plot is now explained more in-depth
  • Character names are stored in variables for future customization
  • Character outfits are also stored as elements for more customization
  • A new difficulty system has been implemented that will adjust the grind to the level you prefer

Build8.1-8.3 – 2023-09-30

  • 3 new toys to buy in sex shop
  • Added Tooltips in locations
  • Refined the looks of acquiring new skills
  • New skill [Sexually Submissive]
  • New skill [Sexually Dominant]
  • New skill [Sexually Depraved]
  • New skill [Glory Adventures]
  • New skill [Single Lifestyle]
  • New skill in relationships [Home Wrecker]
  • New skill in relationships [Cougar]
  • New skill in sexuality [Group Eater]
  • 3 new events at Streets [Walking the streets]
  • 3 events at Pub [Use Bathroom]
  • 3 events at Pub [Hide]
  • 2 events at Mall [Arcades]
  • 1 event at Mall [Parking – ground]
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  2. Play the game

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