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Monster Girl Dreams Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Monster Girl Dreams is a text based BFRPG made in Ren’Py.

Censorship: No
Version: 26.1a Alpha
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English
Genre: Text Based, Male Protagonist, RPG, Monster Girls, Femdom, Turn Based Combat, Rape

Monster Girl Dreams Overview

Monster Girl Dreams is a text based BFRPG made in Ren’Py. (The BF stands for Battle Fuck.)
The game is currently in alpha and is in active development, and while primarily text based there is character art for many of the lovely ladies in game.
Erotic content contained withing is primarily vanilla, M/F, femdom, and of course monster girls.

In Monster Girl Dreams you play as a male adventurer, freshly graduated from the adventuring school, Adventum!
Now you must venture across the home continent of the monster girls, Lucidia, in an attempt to get rich, or get fucked into submission trying. Also defeat the Demon Queen. Maybe.

At the start of the game you create your character and define their combat stats and weaknesses in a point buy system, and must choose at least one fetish for the monster girls to exploit with their temptations.
Gameplay functions similar to many standard turn based rpg games, but you utilize numerous sex techniques to defeat your female opponents, all while not trying to give into the enticing pleasures they offer.
Monster girls will have an array of status effects and temptations to throw at you, as well as the ability to put you into multiple sexual stances. They will probably also use their numbers to pin you down and fuck you silly!
But you’ll be able to get the edge of your opposition by leveling up and choosing perks to help define your play style as well as equipping various items to boost your sexual powers even further, or to help make up for a weakness.
Or you could just say screw that, running forward without any planning, and get ravished into unconsciousness by the lewd monster girls.

You can also spend time getting immersed in the games whimsical setting and (usually) upbeat tone as you get to know some of the monster girls.
They might even hold your hand instead of trying to fuck you silly.


v26.1a Change Log
Remember to load your save from the town square.
Also be sure to always install the game into a fresh folder unless it’s patch data to avoid weird issues. Saves are kept in a separate location so they’re safe.

  • Fixed ticket variable using the old one and not the new one causing a crash if you’ve never played the slime parade game. By feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • Mod menu drag and drop now copies rather than moves files to improve file permission compatibility. By feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • Repeat Beris brothel visits now properly swap to an inn room BG.
  • Order a Shot Glass of Angel Ambrosia. scene now properly swaps from the bar BG to the player room BG.
  • Small typo fixes.

v26.1 Change Log
Remember to load your save from the town square.
Also be sure to always install the game into a fresh folder unless it’s patch data to avoid weird issues. Saves are kept in a separate location so they’re safe.

  • Sofia’s third fight’s second phase now has an ass focused follow up to enslaving embrace, similar to the kiss and breast focused versions, including a specific loss scene if you lose to it. By Threshold, edited by Valentin Cognito.
  • Ceris now has a ‘I feel like I need a shower or a bath…’ option/scene in the third phase of her sex rotation in her room when you’re winding down. By Threshold, edited by Valentin Cognito.
  • If you have Stella’s Bag with you, a scene can now occur in the player’s room whenever you sleep there until morning. By Threshold, edited by Valentin Cognito.
  • Nova now has a Thighjob scene. By Threshold, edited by Valentin Cognito.
  • A long shift at Venefica’s now has a new scene called ‘Milk me with your mouth!’ as an ending option. By Threshold, edited by Valentin Cognito.
  • Lovol now has a pussy eating scene in the arcade if you’ve done her handjob scene at the kiosk, the new scene triggers at a random chance when you leave. By Valentin Cognito, edited by Threshold.
  • Lovol now has a titfuck scene in the arcade if you ask her for it if you’ve done her handjob scene at the kiosk. By Valentin Cognito, edited by Threshold.


  • The inn’s lobby with Vivian now has its own background. By Houra.


  • Added save sync feature, allowing transfer of all saves between devices in one pass code, including between desktop and mobile platforms. By feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • NOTE: Ren’Py Sync is a new feature for MGD, and so the game might not gracefully handle switching between desktop and android in some situations. You may want to wait a minor patch or two before using it. If you do try it, please report any issues you run into.
  • Downloading in the mod menu from a URL has been improved with responsive step-by-step feedback through its interface. By feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • You can now drag and drop a mod .zip file from your desktop onto the game window while in the Downloads section of the mod menu. This will place it in your mods folder. You still need to press ‘Install’! By feltcutemightcleanlater.

Slime Parade Minigame

  • Completely overhauled how the slime parade minigame internals for better performance, also removing the jarring stutter. By feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • Fruit in slime parade now have an animation when appearing. By feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • You can no longer input your parade into the opposite direction you’re moving and cause a game over. By feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • Tweaked the speed intervals for progression, and as the game progresses it now overall moves faster.
  • More fruit now appear on screen as the game progresses.


  • Added IfDifficultyIs function, checking if the difficulty matches the given value. By feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • Added NoExp Perk Type, which disables all types of exp gain from winning and losing. Use it carefully. By feltcutemightcleanlater.


  • Fixed input persisting to the map menu while viewing the character menu on Android. By feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • The tooltip for defense down and up effects properly reflects increases/decreases.
  • Fixed an incorrect call for the imp’s guy silhouette layers.
  • Berri Cherri Jelly now actually heals your energy instead of your arousal.
  • Fixed a call for a random shuffle in the menu command using an outdated version of the function causing crashes.
  • May have fixed an issue where gridmap inputs were still getting registered after leaving the gridmap eventually leading to an overflow in the system and crashing, requires you to go into a grid map again or just in and out of town square.
  • Small tweak to Venefica’s phase transition that should make it so the song swap doesn’t get skipped, and should also be more dramatic for the scene.
  • Fixed an issue that a character image could linger on screen when using a shortcut on the power side of the temple.
  • Mobile has the ensured capability to rename saves again after an oversight. By feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • Fixed status effect text not being sent to the character menu dialogue box on hover. By feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • Fixed assorted typos and editing fixes.

v25.8a Change Log
Remember to load your save from the town square.
Also be sure to always install the game into a fresh folder unless it’s patch data to avoid weird issues. Saves are kept in a separate location so they’re safe.
Notice from v25.6 : Due to changes, your text History will be cleared when updating an older save. Do not panic, this will have no effect on your save.


  • Fixed an issue where the game could crash if you went straight to exploring after skipping the intro.
  • Fixed a crash when starting the gridmap if you’ve never been on a gridmap prior.
  • Fixed a crash related to enemies struggling out of stances.
  • Fixed a crash related to the player struggling out of stances.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking/tapping anywhere on a gridmap would proc a tile event if you were on one, such as a trap, which could lead to a number of accidental lewds.
  • Tabitha’s silhouette no longer has bits of her normal art peeking through in her initial intro.
  • Fixed using gridmap interact actions [like triggering a trap intentionally, or the door] not making the npcs move after that.
  • Fixed mods adding new victory scenes to monsters through additions to monsters who have 0 scenes not actually playing the added scenes.
  • Assorted typo and editing fixes.

v25.8 Change Log
Remember to load your save from the town square.
Also be sure to always install the game into a fresh folder unless it’s patch data to avoid weird issues. Saves are kept in a separate location so they’re safe.
Notice from v25.6 : Due to changes, your text History will be cleared when updating an older save. Do not panic, this will have no effect on your save.


  • Ushris now has a few new fluff conversations (accessible via the “Ask more about her.” talk option), one of which unlocks a footjob scene. By Valentin Cognito. Edited by Threshold.
  • Ambrosia now has a number of fluff conversations, a Slippery Sixty-Nine scene, and an option that unlocks a chance to fuck her while she’s sleeping upon visiting her. By Threshold. Edited by Valentin Cognito.
  • Scenes for Ambrosia called ‘Lazily lie together and let her slime suck you off.’ and ‘Languid Lovemaking.’ added. By Valentin Cognito. Edited by Threshold.


  • Ceris now has a CG of her pressing her breasts against glass for her pink tile temptation event. By Elakan.


  • Tuned up how the auto save logic works a bit. Given MGD has a lot of choice pop ups, it no longer triggers during those every time, and should instead do it on its own every 150 interactions, or whenever you close the game.
  • Added the ForceAutoSave function [Modders can use this too!], and added one call to Rika’s convo scene in order to ensure players have a backup save for reasons.
  • Save and Load screen confirmation prompts now clearly state you are Overwriting/Loading instead of vaguely saying Yes/No, in order to help avoid accidentally being on the wrong screen. By feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • The Quick Menu “Toggle” behavior, found in the Quick Menu settings (via Options), has been improved. It will now automatically close the Quick Menu upon pressing a Quick Menu button (excluding skip). By feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • The Quick Menu toggle button has been visually updated, primarily to be less distracting on mobile, in order to better fit its purpose. By feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • WASD can now be used as an alternative to the arrow keys anywhere. By feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • You can now use a dpad and joystick on the gridmap. By feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • Character menu confirmation prompts have been revamped to grab focus, have less vague names for buttons, and use more consistent styling that is also easier to press on mobile. By feltcutemightcleanlater.


  • Nara’s no-stance loss scene has been gone over with a tune up editing pass by Valentin Cognito.


  • Evasion now caps at 50%.
  • Beris can no longer spam her restraint Skills while you’re still immune to restraints… excluding her super rush moves which can still occur in unfortunate situations.
  • Deep Fish traded in to Seafoam are now only worth 200 instead of 300 so as not to break economics if you buy a bunch from Silver and then give them to the village.
  • Monsters are now able to try and escape from single stances in situations where they are adverse to that one stance for some reason.
  • Spank is now available against monsters in the titfuck or blowjob stance, cause why not.


  • Auria’s Perk now properly tells you how much money it’s taking in exchange for its benefits. By Valentin Cognito.
  • In rare instances where you’re restrained, Ushris no longer dodges attacks you can’t make.
  • Fixed an issue where the very first .json event file loaded in would do weird stuff when using certain functions related to the call scene and return stuff. By feltcutemightcleanlater+Thresh.
  • Berri Cherri Jelly now recovers 50% of your energy instead of 100%.
  • [DamageToEnemy] can no longer double print crit and weak/resist text in some instances.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes [SexWord] and [SexAdjective] would not display anything.
  • Fixed various scenarios where the in-game mod installer couldn’t download a mod from Github and other websites, most notably by allowing for unknown file sizes on download. By feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • Fixed a bug where, if you had a skill or equipment confirm open in the character menu, you could go back at any time to use it, even in situations where that would be unavailable, such as mid-combat, allowing you to get a free heal.
  • When the player is in multiple stances against one monster and chooses to struggle against only one of them, that one’s stance’s hp pool will be correctly damaged instead of damaging all the stances.
  • Fixed an issue where the player being afflicted with Stun, Restraint, and similar effects didn’t let monsters escape stances instantly when they tried.
  • Fixed characters with Perks that make them adverse to certain stances being totally fine with being in the stance if it was ordered differently, eg [Sex, Making out] ok, [Making out, sex] escape! So now they always do it.
  • Overlimit’s debuff now refreshes properly whenever you use it, instead of the prior debuff staying with its duration if it was active.
  • Fixed a crash in the blowjob from Imp scene (the one happening during the Ancilla cleaning stuff) if you had low Virility.
  • When fighting the Imp den in separate groups, the proper song now plays the entire time for each battle.
  • Shizu’s Punishment Training now clears Arousal and such with an orgasm call.
  • The little hovering thing for the Labyrinth now resets when you trigger an event, so it’s not being highlighted when your mouse is no longer pointing at it.
  • When in the grid map, tile events will now properly trigger even if you triggered an npc event, meaning you can no longer run into Beris or Ushris on a tile that would restore your line of sight, leaving things dark when you should be able to see in phase 1.
  • Tuned up a bunch of movement animations when event triggers are involved while on the grid map.
  • Fixed an issue where StanceStruggleFree, StanceStruggleComment, and StanceStruggleFail lines were not being called correctly when the highest priority stance for dialogue wasn’t first in the monster’s current stances, leading to some weirdness like the blue slime CG staying on screen, as well as weird lines, when struggling from all stances.
  • Minor touch ups to some of the character bubbles on the main menu to fix small errors.
  • Trading in a lot of item fish (like over 700) to Seafoam should no longer cause the game to detect an infinite loop. Probably.
  • There should no longer be a niche crash situation when a status effect misses a monster that is resistant to the effect.
  • Assorted typo and editing fixes.
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