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MonGirl Conquest [v0.1.7] [Yeehaw Games]


MonGirl Conquest Download Latest Version

MonGirl Conquest Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Staging in the same world as Yorna, MonGirl Conquest takes place after Yorna’s original history.

Developer: Yeehaw Games Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.7
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, 2d game, male protagonist, sandbox, turn based combat, vaginal sex, oral sex, big ass, big tits, monster girl, monster,

MonGirl Conquest Overview

Staging in the same world as Yorna, MonGirl Conquest takes place after Yorna’s original history. Humans and monster girls learn to co-exist with each other, but everything is far from ideal. Humans start to expand and create settlements close to monster girls’ territory. This calls for a new job – monster girl hunter. You will be one of them. Catch monster girls, seduce them, and teach them that not all humans are dangerous or evil.

Features: fully animated and voiced sex scenes with monster girls, naming of your own character, dynamic exploration, and management system. Build your own Mongirl bar and reap the profits!

Expand your camp, fill it with monster girls, and mount expeditions to different islands and biomes with various girls. Find different monster girls with their own characters and have fun with them in animated and voiced sex scenes. It’s up to you how you want to approach each encounter.



New features and activities

Added an option to switch story scenes like Catarina’s to animation-only. This is an option and you still can view the full scene if you choose to do so. The choice is per scene playthough, not global.

Added an optional quest line where you’ll encounter one of the familiar faces if you played my other games. Just visit the bar after progressing the main quest far enough.

Bar management overhaul. I had to rework a lot of inner logic, but now you can manage girls through an equipment-like menu. Will be extra handy to have with the upcoming upgrades to the bar and associated activities. You don’t need to actually do anything, your active girls will resume working in the new system once you’ll visit your camp.

Small fixes and improvements

Fixed a problem with vanished and misplaced HP bars for some enemies. Namely, the skeleton and bear encounters.

Fixed a bug that crashed the game if you tried to delete a saved game. This change won’t affect any of your current saves, just remove the problem in the future release. At the moment, you can safely overwrite saves without any problems.

Fixed a problem that sometimes showed Android/mobile buttons in desktop releases.

Fixed a problem with lighting during some camps returns.

Fixed a pack of typos and grammar stuff both in dialogues and H scenes.

Fixed an incorrect height level in the new player’s house zone. Now, you can’t walk over the roof or trees.

Removed an option to back out from the main combat menu and see the greyed-out option to escape. Since there’s no escape from encounters, it was redundant and could cause misunderstandings.

Changed the gallery screen a bit. Now, it has some free space at the bottom for easier arrow tapping on mobile devices. Since all elements of the gallery screen are tied together, I couldn’t just increase the arrow’s hitbox. So, this will be a temporary fix until I will think of something else.

Turned off all background sounds, including nature sounds during the safe puzzle in exploration zones.

Fixed a bug that cut off all background sounds if you declined a stranger’s offer to play the coin game with him.

Fixed a pair of jump points in exploration zones that were obscured by overhanging objects like trees. No logic/jump changes, just visual stuff.

Fixed a black screen if you hit the escape button during bunny’s pose selection in the evening/home visit.

Fixed double-playing sound in Catarina’s cowgirl scene.

Werewolf no longer talks while her mouth is busy during H scenes.

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