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Landlord Girls Download Latest Version

Landlord Girls Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – A game of competition and card collection.

Original Title: 斗地主少女
Developer: 七彩绘色游戏/Colorful Painted Games Steam
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Voices: Chinese
Genre: 2D game, 2DCG, Big ass, Big tits, Cardgames, Fantasy, Teasing

Landlord Girls Overview

1. Added Easy Mode: Difficulty now can be set. Normal Mode remains unchanged, while Easy Mode all the enemy’s maximun HP is 20. However, no achievement can be unlocked under Easy Mode.
2. Memory check at first time running the game, the game will automaticly adapt the Effect Button in game settings. (Only at the 1st time, you can change it manually later)
3. Added Shop, Items, Settings shortcut to the result interface.
4. Added confirmation for the Back to Menu Button at the result interface.
5. During the game, player’s points will be calculated and viewed at the status bar, you can also read the hint about damage calculation by mousehover.
6. Modified the price of speciall card hands, now the enhance effect is permanet.
7. In Practice Mode the enemies HPs set to 200, you can also update your HP in shop so that can extend your autoplay time in this mode.
8. Update the Settings interface.
9. Always view the result interface when the player is defeated.
10. Achievements of “Meticulous Farming Expert” “Epic Spring Sensation” “Legendary Casino King” are repaired, now can be unlocked.
11. Repaired the Practice Mode players selection bug.
12. Repaired the managed bug.
13. Repaired the welcome vocal bug.

Cruise 54,the Best Casino At Sea.

A man nicknamed “Migratory Bird” board the luxury cruise to protect his sister,and his job is hunting girls.Keep them here,make them good dealers,and protect them.
Their fate will be in your hands

【game Features】
◆Rich stories, 8 plots for 8 girls.(The latter four will be release after updated.)◆Use Live 2D animation technology to make our CG move
◆Support multiple game and language( Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese,English,Japanese.)
◆Interesting game play and various game modes.
(Single-player mode and online mode.They are independent and have no influence on each other.)

【Instruction about the Patch】
FREE adult patch is supported. To obtain the patch dlc, please focus on our posts and news forwarded.To install the patch:
1. Purchased the main game and download the patch pack.
2. Find the local folder, unzip the pack file to overwrite the ASSET folder.
(For example, game installed at
D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Landlord Girls
Then unpack and overwrite the folder of D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Landlord Girls\asset)
[Level 1 or Level 2 broken clothes] is enough. (Closed is a welfare close)
3. Activate the functions from ingame CG mode.

【Notice Board】
1. The game process will be automatically saved. Manual saving is not supported in current version. You can resume the game from the automatic checkpoint after failed or quit.
2. We are still working on the dub issue for Chapter 5 and the rest of the game. Will update as soon as possible.
3. No ingame payment in current version. Gold can purchase all the items. (Farm for it)
4. Online version is still under construction, will be available after all the chapters (6-8, the Final) has been updated.
5. Estimate game period is above 4 hours, for the current version.


1. The seventh chapter of the new character Xue Wen is officially launched. Including new stories, CG, dubbing, store skins and more.
2. The eighth chapter of the new role Bauhinia is officially launched. Including new stories, CG, dubbing, store skins and more.
3. The final chapter is officially launched, including the final ending of the 8 female lead lines.
4. Optimized and improved some logic problems of AI. (Become smarter)
5. Amended the content of some known bugs.
6. Officially support card background drop!

– Update record (for everyone’s Valentine’s Day gift)
1. The sixth chapter of the new character Gu Haiyan is officially launched. Including new stories, CG, dubbing, store skins and more.
2. Most of the missing dubbing in Chapter 5 has been completed.
3. The re-recording of the first chapter female 1 Liu Yue is completed.
4. Optimized and improved some logic problems of AI.
5. Amended the content of some known bugs.
Note: If the game version number is not 1.1.06, please update the latest version as soon as possible. Please install version 7.18 for the social security patch. If the game has an old patch other than the version installed, please delete all folders under json and verify the version file again. If it is not deleted, it may affect the operation of the game and cause problems such as stuck screen, flashing back and black screen.

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Landlord Girls Download



To Change to English:

1. Hit the bottom option on starting screen.
2. Then the right most button on top.
3. Finally the last button on the bottom.

It`ll give you 4 options to choose: The second one is English.

Landlord Girls Screenshots


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