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Katia and Dungeon Quest [v0.13] [Tentacles san and art]


Katia and Dungeon Quest Download Latest Version

Katia and Dungeon Quest Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Welcome to the world of sword and magic..

Developer: Tentacles san and art – Patreon 
Censored: No
Version: 0.13
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: RPG, 2DCG, 2D game, Female Protagonist, Fantasy, Vaginal Sex, Anal sex, Oral Sex, Group Sex, Masturbation, turn based combat, Tentacles, Seduction, Animation, Sexual Harassment, BDSM, Monsters , Monster girl, Rape, Humiliation, Interracial, Groping, Stripping, Male domination, Lesbian, Spanking, Voyeurism, bondage, Mind control,

Katia and Dungeon Quest Overview

Welcome to the world of sword and magic,
where elves and orcs live side by side with people and dwarves,
where gods bless their followers,
and Great Heroes selflessly fight hordes of monsters and Demon Lords!

this is a slightly different story.
I want to tell you about the girl farmer Katia.
She, by the will of fate and her character,
was thrown into a whirlpool of incredible events!
Chases and battles, friendship or not friendship, pain and love,
all this will have to be experienced by our young girl farmer,
or will not have to be experienced to save those, who are dear to her heart!”
Well, get down to bedrock into the mind-blowing adventures of Katia!”


● The first time you visit the spirit abode, you can now get a quick tutorial on the interface.
● Fixed a bug that caused the background from another vacation spot to overlap with the background when you refused to entertain yourself before bed.
● Fixed a delay in body sprites disappearing when moving between locations after some encounters with goblins.
● Fixed a bug that caused the battle-trial to not end when encountering zombies, giving you no chance to win.
●Reworked the sprite of Katya lifting the barrel in the Tornado quest.
●Reworked some sprites in the “Goblin Capture” event.
●Reworked sprite of Katya sleeping in the mushroom camp.
●Edited the sprite of the goblin hunter having sex with Katya.
●Enlarged and finalized two locations in the caves of fear.
● Enlarged and finalized the inn in the fishermen’s village.
● Remodeled the farmer’s costume.
● Redesigned the scout costume.
●Improved the logic of some enemies’ actions after winning the last chance challenge.
If an enemy has used up all its stamina, it will rest for a few seconds and then chase Katya again.
● The logic of skills and states has been reworked.
Skills now remain active as long as the attribute associated with them is active.
For balance, attributes now stop being active after any combat.
● Redesigned Kati’s model for trials.
● New quest.
● Selecting a new hairstyle at the beginning of the game.
97% of all looks work with the new hairstyle.
● Lots of new – old edits.

● New quest : Sweet roll
● New sex scene : Rin
● Recycled : Rin’s house
● Recycled : Kay’s house
● Reworked : Moira Twix – 8 new emotions.
● New dialog (lots of it)
● New music
● New sex animation
● New sex scene 1: Masturbation before bedtime
● New mechanics: Sexual fantasies
● Added: Stage 2-3 voyeurism.
● Added: Ability to resist stage 3 with a mind crystal in the spirit abode.
At the expense of a mind unit.
● Katia will no longer run around the dungeon naked, but will now try to dress herself.
● Changed the logic of entering a visual battle with the ghoul girl in the basement:
It is now sufficient to activate either power or perception.
● New sex scene 2: Masturbation while peeping.
Some differences between 2-3 scenes depending on the degree of depravity of the voyeurism.
● New visual evasion when applying Perception in visual combat.
● New: use of Charisma in visual combat.
● Ability to regenerate stamina using Charisma in visual combat.
● New visual use of Charisma in stage 1-2.
● Enemies can regenerate stamina in visual combat
● If Kati’s Charisma is above five, enemies in visual combat begin to experience increased arousal.
1 point of Charisma = 1 point of arousal.
● Each time she sleeps, her arousal increases by one point.
● Katia’s arousal now increases in many sex scenes.
● Many edits.

● New quest : Candles and Bridge.
● New scene 2 : Samnta and Katia
● New location : Bridge
● New location : Witch’s House ( in development )
● New event in the cave
● New character : Hunter
● New character: Moneylender
● Fixed – improved – reworked: Mechanics of characterization work.
● Reworked: Enemy interface
● Added: Lust Scale (test)
● Finalized: Quest “Dead Guests”.
● Fixed – improved: Several transitions between locations
● Fixed: Moving after being defeated in a battle with zombies in a fort location now.
● Fixed: Being defeated by arachnid worms causes the game to end.
● Fixed: Ability to view the goblin sex scene after a few times.
● Fixed: Several logic errors in the “Fight to the End” mechanic.
● Changed combat logic in scenes: Defeat by zombies 1
● Changed logic of zombie actions (test)
● Improved: Veteran Goblin
When the number of lives drops to 50%, the veteran goblin triggers one of three random events.
1 Veteran Goblin restores a portion of the veteran goblin’s life and stamina
2 Veteran Goblin Summons Minions
3 The veteran goblin summons a staggered slave.
All scenes are visually adapted.
● Many minor edits

● 6 new small locations
● New cave exit system has been redesigned, now you will appear in the location where you entered the cave.
● New events in the caves
● New characters: Young adventurers (iron rank)
● Reputation parameter for adventurers with iron rank (for future quests).
● Encounters with iron-ranked adventurers.
● Changed fort transitions, now without dexterity activation.
● Restored goblin in mushroom locations.
● Fixed glitch when retreating with a rat with mushrooms (I suspect somewhere else missed).
● 2 New eroge scenes
● 1 New sex scene
● The first addiction is lust, voyeurism (stage 1).
When Katya, confronted with certain events:
watching – peeking at a medium or long sex scene, the latent scale of voyeurism is triggered.

● New logic for moving through dungeons
● New map
● New large-scale visual event system
● Visual interface of enemies
● Redesigned Posey quest
● New music
● Editing the text of a sexual event with a zombie
● Several important bug fixes.

● New location: Fort Braveheart.
● Adventurers Guild
● More than 15 new characters (both in stats and quests)
● 6 new quests
● Attribute highlighting during their active phase.
● Extensive redesign of the Spirit Abode
● New location: Edge of the Mind.
● Additional attribute or stats point when visiting the Spirit Abode for the first time.
● Increased some stats when improving attributes
● Fixed a bug with level ups.
● Fatigue system
● New music
● A large amount of new text (text not yet fully edited)
● Two new sex scenes.
● 40 new images (only half of them are active)
● Some dialog and events start to change from previous decisions.
(at the very beginning)
● Fixed a bug that caused Katya to be captured by goblins in some locations without being bound.
● New enemy (which will explain that you were pitied before ;D )
Don’t be afraid, he won’t kill you, he’s not even “bad”.
● New tag: Mind Control
● New character and plant sprites
● Changed getting experience in some places,
Fixed a bug where experience was not being gained (example: “Troll Woman” event – Arrow).
● Blessings
● Minor and major fixes.

● Project transferred from RPG Maker MV to RPG Maker MZ
● New title screen saver
● Full redraw of Kati’s 40 faces, editing Kati’s body
● Editing Kati’s face in the zombie sex scene
● Light edits to Kati for the goblin defeat scene.
● Redrawn all of Kati’s strength exercises
● Continued development of Kati’s interface system and characterization usage.
Characteristics have three levels of use.
Activation of a trait to use it in combat or in a possible event.
The classic RPG system of characteristic level ceilings, on which the activation and passage of various events depends.
Your stats are consumed during their application both in combat and in the open world.
You can’t use stats and combat skills if they have dropped to one.
● New level up system (in development)
You can level up while sleeping in the abode of spirits.
● Completely redrawn Katya’s sex scene with the warrior in the prologue.
● Event sequel: defeat by goblins. Katya is captured by the goblins.
● Four new locations for the Goblin Capture event.
● New costume: rope shackles.
● More than 20 new Goblin Capture events.
● New sexually erotic scenes in Event: Goblin Capture.
● Several refined scenes with outfitted rope shackles
● Rocky Soul.
● zombie capture.
● rocky obstacle
● disgruntled skeleton
● meat bug hunt (in progress)
special tasks with goblins
● Rope release mechanic followed by running away from goblin enemies.
● Forced event checking in dangerous tunnels:
● Ability to escape from goblins during goblin fights with enemies.
● New Enemy: Evil Ent.
● New opening sex scene after defeat in battle.
● Edited quest: Dead Guests.
● New quest: Morning Surprise.
Wizard’s Tower.
● New character Posenfull.
The Wizard’s Tower.
● New location: the necromancer’s basement laboratory.
Wizard’s Tower.
● Two new sex scenes.
Wizard’s Tower.
● Continuation of Samantha’s events in Mushroom Camp.
● Opportunity to improve the combat dexterity skill. Dexterity 6 is required.
● Dark Caves visually redesigned.
● Dark Caves event system redesigned (caves under development)
● Several old locations visually redesigned
● New events in the Dark Caves
● Forest of Shadows: redesigned event triggering system. (in development)
● New events in the Forest of Shadows
● Fisherwoman Rin character: 5 redrawn emotions
● Redrawn Aunt Jenny’s character in the prologue
● Redrawn Warrior Character in the Prologue
● Leia’s character: 8 emotions redrawn.
● Ryan character: 16 emotions and redrawn body
● Samantha: 10 emotions redrawn
● Added 6 random sexual-erotic events in Kayashi the Magnificent’s house
● Fixed event glitch: Arrow: Troll Woman
● New combat background in dangerous tunnels.
● New enemy: Arachnid Worm.
● Woman Gulch.
● New music
● 60-70% text editing
● Initial crafting system (in development)
● New book in the Wizard’s Tower: Requires the Mind of Six
● Old Book: Requires the Mind of Seven.
● Increased number of events caused by characteristics in different locations. (In development.)
● There is a system of seeing enemies in some locations.
As long as you don’t get close to an enemy, he won’t see you.
So far works with arachnid worms and some goblins in dark caves.
● Changed the combat model of kathi for combat scenarios.
● Added characters: goblin swordsman, goblin picker, goblin marauder.
● The standard combat interface has been specially redesigned to make combat more convenient. (The standard interface took up almost half of the screen).
● Many minor improvements and fixes.

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  2. Play the game

Katia and Dungeon Quest Download



MAC (v0.9)


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